Anguilla is a sleepy little island named after an eel due to its shape. Twenty years ago, it began to open its eyes and realized it had no industry to promote and less to do. Locals could barely grow any crops. They had beaches and blue water, but they always had that and took it for granted.  Not until outside interests were searching for virgin beaches, did Anguillans discover what was right under their noses: unrivaled beaches and ocean that surpassed any in the world. Resorts soon began to invade the shoreline: Cap Juluca, Cuisinart, Malliouhana, all five star resorts. Meanwhile, the rest of the Caribbean was building on every square inch of land with no limitations and became very commercialized.

Fortunately, Anguilla has remained a sleepy island, but now the locals have jobs, employed by the resorts and their friendly demeanor reflects their gratitude for tourism.  It is the ideal place for a quiet retreat, tranquil, serene, and private.Although the general dictum for an island hotelier is "don't leave the beach", Paul Alegria followed his heart and built the newest villa on the top of a mountain in the form of a castle.  Although the island is only 16 miles long and 3 miles wide, GRAND OUTLOOK CASTLE  is a secret. Ask anyone on the island where it is and nearly all will crunch their brow in consternation and claim they never heard of it, meaning it doesn't exist. It is an adventure to find it because there are no signs, but you can see it in the distance proudly jutting out of the mountainside.  It is a contemporary castle with a tower, a dungeon and 80 foot ceilings. Four large bedrooms open to balconies with a 180 degree view of Anguilla's horizons. But the most stunning part of the castle is the   infinity pool that hangs over the ocean. Dive in and swim in the clouds.