Anguilla is unique in the fact that it is a great place to visit year round.  So when planning a trip, weather should not be the only consideration, unless a few degrees will make a difference in comfort.

            The average high temperatures on this East Caribbean Island remain in the mid 80’s throughout the year, with the hottest month being August.  The average low temperatures remain in lower to mid 70’s year round, with the coldest month being February.  With an annual rainfall total of only 35 inches, Anguilla is a fairly dry island.  Even during the rainy season (also knows as hurricane season), which lasts from the beginning of June until the end of November, the area can still be quite nice.  Tourists in general tend to avoid visiting during these months.  For detailed information visit Anguilla Weather .

If you visit the island during Carnival week (the first week of August) be prepared for many businesses, including restaurants and grocery stores, to be closed on Monday (August Monday), Thursday (August Thursday), and Friday (Parade of Troupes).  In fact, some restaurants close entirely for the months of August and September.

            If scuba diving is on the agenda, consider visiting during the summer months, during which time the water visibility is at its highest.

            The high season for tourists on the island is from mid December until mid April.  The cold weather in the northern hemisphere spurs many people to come during this time. 

            Searching for a bargain?  Plan a trip during the off season (mid April until mid December), when prices on the island become noticeably lower.

            Visit Anguilla Festivals for information about annual happenings.