The Pumphouse, located in Sandy Ground is the most hoppin' place on the island on nights it has live music. Usually Thursday and Saturday nights. The music starts around 10pm and goes to maybe 2AM. The crowd is a mix of locals, and vacationers.

The place is truly something to see. Its a wooden building, a step back in time with the big Lister diesel engine in the back that used to pump water out of the salt pond. The band sets up around the machinery. Notice the table made of an old rudder, the snow skis on the walls and the old cannon on the floor out back. The breeze flows in from the wooden windows propped open in the back and out the over-sized front doors. Just before sunset the light blasts in the front door and showers the bar. The place has got real soul. A unique and rare spot for food and music. 

One of a few places that serves beer on tap. Stella Artois and Hoegarten white as of this writing in Feb, 2007.

Please, Sara, don't change a thing ever.