If you're renting a villa, or simply just staying somewhere you will find that food shopping is more expensive than back home because just about everything is imported.  Alcohol, however, is not expensive and you will find a wide selection in just about everywhere you go. There are now several supermarkets on the island.  Credit cards are accepted but there are times when the machines do go down so do go down. Here are a few and they are not in any particular order (1) BestBuy. There are two locations. The one in the  western end of the island is newer and more spacious. The one in the east also has a deli. (2) Ashley and Sons in The Valley; good selection of groceries and some fresh produce. Plus there is Larry adjoining and he does lunch and catering.  (3) J W Proctors, in The Quarter is favorite. Better for vegetables, fruit and fresh meat and fish. The people here are super nice (4) Lake Marketplace in the Valley is pretty good. Large and spacious. One time I dropped some cash and the cashier came running after me to return it. 

There are also some smaller ones around the Island like Ashley's in Blowing Point, Romcan and Anna in close to the South Hill stoplight. Syd and Pete in George Hill.

Now there are others whose names are elusive at the moment but they can be found in West End, South Hill, George Hill, Little Dix, and Island Harbour.

So whether you need to eat or drink or just get some stuff you can also check any of these places. And if you don’t find it in one then there is always another.