"I think that I shall never see, a poem as lovely as a tree"

The above lines are from a poem by Sgt Joyce Kilmer, and whilst all of us may not be moved to write poems, most people enjoy seeing interesting or grand trees!  

Oregon honors distinctive and historically important trees and groups of trees by including them in the Oregon Heritage Tree Program. The following Heritage Trees are located on the Oregon Coast:


Astoria - Captain Flavel Trees    Planted by Captain Flavel, this grove of trees is next to his historic home, now a museum. Unique variety of trees, planted about 1900.


Klootchy Creek Park, near Seaside - Giant Sitka Spruce    This huge tree was once the largest Sitka Spruce in the USA, but the top was snapped off during a hurricane force storm in 2007. Although it no longer reaches 200 feet, the tree is still impressive with a 56 foot circumference.


Cape Meares, near TillamookOctopus Tree    A multi-trunked Sitka Spruce tree that is shaped similar to an upside down octopus. It's unknown why the tree grew this way, but it's a unique and interesting tree. It's estimated to be about 200-300 years old.


Cape Perpetua, near Yachats - Giant Sitka Spruce    Standing about 185 feet tall, this huge tree is estimated to be 600 years old and is accessible via a one mile trail. 


Shore Acres, near Coos Bay - Monterey Pine  Recognized as the largest Monterey Pine in the USA, this tree was planted early in the 20th Century on the Simpson Estate.  It stands about 100 feet tall.


Brookings - Monterey Cypress   Planted about 1850, this is the largest Monterey Cypress tree in Oregon, and second largest in the nation. The massive tree is about 100 feet tall with a greater than 100 foot large crown. 


There are two additional Heritage Trees which are located slightly inland, off the coast:

22 miles east of Tillamook - Student Planters' Grove  This grove of Douglas Fir trees was planted by groups of schoolchildren in the 1950's to help reforest the hundreds of thousands of acres destroyed in the Tillamook Burn. The total reforestation project spanned 20 years and was the largest in history.


19 miles east of Brookings - WWII Bombing Site Redwood Peace Tree  This was the location of the only aerial Japanese bombing in the continental  USA during WWII. This redwood tree was planted as a symbol of peace in 1992, the 50th anniversary. Note-  requires driving miles on gravel roads, no services, no cell phone reception. Also requires a one mile hike.


There are additional Heritage Trees located thoughout Oregon. For more information and locations: