Thanks very much to poster "Oregon_Coast_Duo" who live on the coast in Oceanside, Oregon. They kindly provided the following updated information.

Information is correct as of October, 2014.

The Three Capes Loop road north of Cape Meares continues to be closed. Visitors should consider this a *long-term* closure.

If you are coming from the north or east of Tillamook you can take Hwy 131 to Netarts and then north to Oceanside and continue on to the Lighthouse at Cape Meares (which is a worthwhile visit with many beautiful view areas and many views of birds as well as the rugged coast and ocean views). Cape Meares lighthouse is open regular hours. The road is closed just north of there.

Following your visit there you can return to Oceanside and then on to Cape Lookout by following the east side of Netarts Bay and then continue on to Pacific City and Cape Kiwanda or any other destination. This route cuts out about 7 miles of the original Loop but you can take the 3 or 4 mile drive along the south side of Tillamook Bay and then return to 131 to continue on to Netarts/Oceanside.

The one good thing about this detour is that it eliminates most of the bad road between Tillamook Bay and the Cape Meares Lighthouse!