Often people who have never been to the Oregon Coast think that it consists of nothing but quaint, tiny fishing villages.  Although there are no huge metro areas along the coast, there are many towns that have most of the conveniences of bigger cities.  Yes, there still are a few quaint villages as well :-)

For those looking for "one-stop shopping" at large department stores, here is a list for the Oregon coast:

FRED MEYER - This large department store was started near Portland, Oregon in 1922 and is the third largest group of supercenters in the USA. Although now owned by the Kroger Co., Fred Meyer is a staple of communities throughout the northwest. Every store has a department for clothing, shoes, hardware, automotive supplies, housewares, bed-n-bath, garden and more, in addition to a pharmacy and full grocery section. Several also have fuel.  Fred Meyer stores are located in the following towns along the coast. From North to South:

Warrenton (Astoria) 




Coos Bay 


All coastal Fred Meyer stores are located directly on Hwy 101 and are easy to find.

BI-MART - This is an employee owned, northwest based membership department store. A membership application takes only minutes to complete and the cost is just $5 for a lifetime! Bi-Mart has been in business for over 50 years and offers a wide variety of items with limited groceries. There are four locations on the Oregon coast, from North to South:

Lincoln City - on Hwy 101, west side

Florence - on Hwy 101, east side 

North Bend - on Newmark St; turn west off Hwy 101 

Coos Bay - on 4th St, turn west on Golden off Hwy 101

Brookings - on Wharf St, turn west off Hwy 101

COSTCO - This massive membership store has only one location on the Oregon coast.  Costco is located a few miles south of Astoria, in the town of Warrenton. It is very easy to find as it is located right on Hwy 101. The entrance is on the east side of 101 off Ensign Street.

There is another, smaller, Costco located about 80 miles south of the Oregon border, in Eureka California.

WALMART - There are two Walmarts on the Oregon coast:

Newport - This store has just been expanded into a "superstore" although it is smaller than the average superstore. It's located on the north end of town on the west side of Hwy 101 at the traffic light. 

Coos Bay - This is a huge "superstore". To find this store, turn west off Hwy 101 on Newmark Street. This is the street located near the Mill Casino, so it's very easy to find. Drive west up the hill, then continue for about 2 miles and it's on the left (south) side.

Crescent City, California, a few miles south of the OR/CA border, also has a recently refurbished "super" Walmart located on E. Washington Blvd off the freeway.

In addition to the large department stores mentioned above, there are of course many many privately owned small stores located in all towns along the 365 mile stretch of the beautiful Oregon coast.  Happy shopping :-)