The Hermit Trail is not a trail for beginners.  It is very steep in places and the trail is easy to lose while you are crossing a couple of rock slide areas.  Also there is only one water source which is a couple of miles down the trail.  The rest of the eight mile trail is rocky, dry and very hot in the summer.  Aside from that it's a great trail with spectacular views and a lot of history.  It was originally built in 1911 by the Santa Fe Railroad as a way for tourists to visit the camp near the bottom of the trail on the Tonto.  You can still see remains of the camp today.  Bring plenty of water especially in the summer and lots of salty snacks.  When you are crossing the rock slides take your time and make sure you are on the trail.  If you get to a point where you are thinking that you are not on the trail because it's too steep, you're probably not.  Go back and find the real trail.  Don't start trying to "rock climb".  The trail is not that hard.  Plan on at least five or six hours to make it to Hermit Campground unless you are in extremely good shape.  Be sure that you have a way to protect your food.  There are no food storage boxes at the campground and the critters are hungry and smart down there.  Good luck!