The following url is page one of a review of the Maine coast. This first page briefly covers many stops prior to Acadia National Park. At the bottom of the page are links to ensuing pages that describe ten separate hikes in Acadia in much greater detail. A map and scenic thumbnails accompany each trail review. A number of the reviews include trail pictures as well.

Spectacular view from Valley Peak

Listed below with brief mention of their difficulty, are the loops and mountains reviewed.   

Most Challenging:

Dorr Mountain via the Ladder Trail – by far, the toughest hike in the review. More able hikers can go right up this monster, though fewer tend to come down the same way. 

Moderately Challenging:

 Acadia and St Saveur- Beautiful views of the Fiord from both mountains. Up Acadia 600 ft then  down and up St.Saveur another 600 ft. So total elevation gain about 1200 ft aprox. For average hikers, maybe 3 hours.

Sargent Mountain via the Hadlock Brook Trail – this one is about attrition, its length (over 4mi) and elevation are what place it at the top of the list.

Valley Peak and St, Sauveur Mountain via the Ledge Trail – the entire loop is easy to moderate except for the ledges. They’re steep and it’s easy to lose the trail. 

Gorham Mountain and The Bowl via Ocean Path – one of the longer loops in the group, what makes it tough are the Cadillac Cliffs and a spur trail down the south side of the Beehive, both of which can be avoided.

Mansell Mountain via the Perpendicular Trail – it’s steep and through a rock slide, but they’ve made it very manageable with the construction of this stone staircase. What’s the trail like from the Mansell summit to the Great Notch Trail? The review provides a first hand account. 

North Bubble and Connors Nubble – climbing two separate peaks, total distance, and footing in a few areas would bump this hike closer to the top if easier options were utilized in the three aforementioned hikes. 

Schoodic Head and the Anvil on Schoodic Peninsula – same thing, a climb up and over two small peaks, just not as long a hike or as difficult.

Easy to Moderate:

Jordan Stream, the Cobblestone Bridge and the Stanley Brook Bridge – the only issues here are footing along the stream trail and at the very end, the spur trail that supposedly leads to a carriage road is difficult to discern.

Bargain Bin:

Beech Mountain via Valley Trail – Without a doubt, the easiest of trails reviewed yielding the greatest reward. 

Day Mountain and Carriage Roads – same here, beautiful scenery and the toughest part was finding the trailhead.