Marajó Island is actually a set of islands located at Pará state, near Belém. It has an unique environment, blending Amazon forest with large flooded fields and great Amazon beaches.

The main touristic cities are Salvaterra and Soure. At Salvaterra, you will find the Camará Port, where all ships and ferry boats coming from Belém arrive (another option is getting there by small planes of regional airlines), and Joanes beach, a peculiar river beach. Driving a litle further you will get to Soure (after crossing the river with a little ferry boat), where you will find Pesqueiro and Araruna beaches, where, depending on the time of the year, the beaches may be bathed by the sea or by the river, which is characteristic in the Amazon.

Joanes beach

 Pesqueiro beach

In both cities you will find farms to visit where you can get in touch with the Amazon wildlife, as well as a Marajó peculiar inhabitant: the buffalo. It is said that in the end of the 19th century, a ship taking buffalos from India to Guyana had sank near the Marajo coast. The animals that survived have adapted pretty good to the climate, and became part of the Marajó sightseeing. They are everywhere. In the strees, pushing cart loads, in the police force and in the typical dishes (you should try buffalo steak and buffalo cheese). But don't worry, they are really calm.

Amazon forest and buffalos at large

Marajó Island offers two basic options for tourists: a relaxing trip, through its beaches and calm cities, and an adventure trip, for those who want to get in real touch with the Amazon wildlife.