Preah Vihear temple was built over 300 years (889 AD to 1152 AD) devoted to Lord Shiva and home to those hindu pilgrims. it served as a sacred worshipped center. it has quite unique feature, sits on top of a mountain some 600 meters hight offers a great surrounding views over Thailand and Cambodia. you can almost touch the clouds as you reach the top. .

To see Preah Vihear at its best, go on an overnight trip. A day is possible, but there is  a lot of traveling time on good roads. There is a good range of accomodation at Sra Em half an hour drive away. The road up is very steep; only 4WDs and  some motor bikes are allowed up to the top. Bring ID preferably passport, as you will need to show this at the ticket office. After Preah Vihear it  is an easy drive now to Koh Ker ancient city.