Santiago Castle


The Santiago Castle is located at Calle de Luis de Eguilaz, 0. The castle was constructed by the Second Duke of Medina-Sidonia (Enrique Perez de Guzman y Meneses) between 1477 and 1478. The style of the castle is late Gothic. The materials used were stone and masonry. The form of the castle is rectangular with towers around a central patio. There is a hall with a rectangular shape and with a vault made of bricks that has mural paintings that show the emblem of the Duke. There is another hall that is hexagonal in shape. There is also a homage tower. There is an elegant door that joins the patio with the barbican. This has an image of a triton whose tail is flanked by the coat of arms of the Perez de Guzman and the Mendoza families. The door has been called the Door of the Siren. Between 1989 and 1991 an archaeological study was done on the castle and many medieval pieces were found and studied.