Catlaina Island is surrounded by ocean and it would only make sense that this would be a great place for whale watching.  Many say that this is one of the premier destinations for whale watching as the whales are numerous and the calm waters are unlike no other location in Southern California.

Currently there are two whale watching providers providing whale watching trips to and around Catalina Island.  One provider Catalina Ocean Rafting uses an inflatable boat  (only be recommended for the more adventourous) and the second is Newport Landing Whale Watching located in Newport Beach which provides whale watching day trips to Catalina Island .  For more information on whale watching in Catalina Island.

Catalina Island's geography makes the waters surrounding the island very deep and it is not uncommon to see whales almost on the beach.  Along with whales, dolphin of at least 6 species as well as sea lions, harbor seals, and even bald eagles are regulary seen.  Catalina Island whale watching makes you forget you are in one of the largest urban centers in the world and is a experience of a lifetime. Have fun.