Alhama de Granada is not one of the places that most people would see on their first trip to Andalucia. True, it lies on a beautiful route between   Malaga and Granada - but its not the one the bus uses and a brief search might lead to the belief that is not possible by bus from Malaga. Obviously it is easy enough by car but again it's unlikely to be what is given in suggested routes and the road signs would indicate the bus route. For anybody staying in Granada and wanting a day trip, it's easy enough but it is competing for the visitor's time with the better known Alpujarrasand the coast around Nerja. However it can be done by bus in a round trip from Málaga but the times only fit in one direction as below, Monday to Friday only.

 Why bother? At least partly because it makes for a beautiful drive through the Axarquia part of Malaga Province. On the route from Alhama to Velez the view laid out below on reaching the top of the pass is breathtaking. Then of course there is Alhama de Granada itself. It is very much a place of its own. It has a similarity to Ronda in that the main scenic wonder is a steep drop into a gorge rather than the more normal hill or mountain top. However it is quite unlike Ronda in other ways.

In winter the route below does not allow for entrance to monuments as they are only open in the morning - though a stay of at least one night would have much to commend it. However at least a walk round the monumental quarter and a gaze down the gorge is guaranteed to give enjoyment. Another treat is to walk down the road as ar as the river bridge and then turn left to reach an area of hot springs. These form pools beside the river and it is strange to see naked bathers staying in water that looks joint with the river, when the river has clearly flowed down from snowy mountains!



    at             To
 Malaga 10.00  
 Earlier bus possible
 Granada  12.00 Alhama de Granada
 Alhama de Granada 16.35 Velez Malaga
 Velez Malaga 18.30 Malaga 19.40 Later bus possible