Deniyaya,Its only 120 miles away from colombo.Surrounded by sinharaja heritage rain forest.Population of this town is about 15000.Climate much similar to nuwaraeliya. Main source of income is tea cultivation,it has about more than thirty tea manufacturing factories under low grown scale.People also engage in vegetable cultivation as well. This village has many historic temples such as Getabaruwa devalaya,which contain belief and huge reputation among the srilankans.This temple located before deniyaya, at a top of a mountain with vehicular access up to top.This temple has annual ceremony on every year august for seven continuous days, with an aspect of a carnival.When reach to deniyaya by passing the temple,its amazing that,it feels the exact climate change just like entering the forest.Town full fill the most of the day today requirements,there are about six hotels. Found a hotel call Shani Residence which had comfortable rooms,Its a family hotel,there was no out side interference.the place was perfect for family or honeymoon getaway,the sound of a nearby small water fall completely make you feels that your not in the town even though the hotel located at the heart of the town.Foods are really delicious,it has the real srilankan taste.Hotel has a large area where even a large group can enjoy,they even have village music bands (Pedura) that can brought on request. 

With in few minutes time can reach the rain forest,this has one slightly large hall where people can spend the night by prior reservation.Vehicle can access for a certain extent rest of that by foot or motor bike.There are few water falls in the jungle.Other that that hotel people took  to some other water falls one of them call sath mala ella (water flows down by seven natural rocks) others are hidden places.There is a historic temple which constructed and donated by the one of the King who rule the country.

Advice is on your visit to deniyaya, contact this hotel you will find what you looking for at a reasonable price.