Turn off Highwy 17 onto Highway 563. Drive down to the old government dock for a view of Batchawana mountain and Batchawana island. Pass by the old Catholic Church, brought down by logs from a great distance in the early 1900's-no longer in use. if you are going east to the Sault,stop at the Batchawana Bay day park, just past the Highway 563 turnoff. Miles of beige sand beach. Keep going on 17 to Chippawa Falls, just a few miles from the park. It's right on highway 17. There's a rest stop there and hiking trails. If you are going west towards Thunder Bay then stop at Pancake Bay Provincial Park for a view of a spectacular miles long white sand beach. This is about 5 miles from Batchawana. Stop at Sunset at the Batchawana river for a great breakfast and fish fry on Fridays nights in the summer. Trout and whitefish, right out of the bay.