Phan Rang City is adjacent to Ninh Chu Bay, a 10 km strip of beautful beach.  When discussing the area as a tourism destination, most people stay at one of the seven "resorts" that are in the bay, rather than actually in the city of Phan Rang.

 The seven resorts range from 2-star to 4-star. 


 #1 - Relax on the beach.  Wake up early for sunrise to see thousands of locals exercising, gossiping, and fishing in traditional round boats.  These locals suddenly and mysteriously disappear at 8 am, leaving you a wonderful, nearly private beach for the rest of the day.  The ocean is clean, warm and safe (although in Dec/Jan, the waves can get big).  No vendors, no jetskis, no motorboats, and no thieves.  Unfortunately, usually no beach lounge chairs either.

A great new spot is Ninh Chu Bay Beach Club & Bar.  It is about 3 km from the rest of the resorts and has a great, private beach that is very safe for children.  At night the bar is probably the best place for foreigners. They have there own vodka and sangria. 

 #2 - Water sports - Ninh Chu Bay has strong, consistent winds every day and is a paradise for wind sports.  You will need to bring your own equipment for now.

#3 - Visit the new monestary complex that is near the Saigon-Tourist Hotel.  Less than a kilometer from the resorts, there is a hill with walking paths, new pagodas, and statues.  Make it to the top to have amazing 360 degree views.

#4 - 16 April Park in the evenings - A very large, new park with a beautiful modern museam and a huge monument, at night the locals gather here to eat street food and enjoy the cool evenings.  It is about a kilometer from the bay.

#5 - Visit the Cham Temples - Two, 700 year old Cham Temples are near Phan Rang.  They have just been renovated and cleaned, and are kept in better shape than most the Cham ruins in Vietnam.

 #6 - See traditional fishing village and Vietnamese culture - Despite its location of being in the middle of the Tourism Triangle (Phan Thiet, Dalat, Nha Trang), the area is still undiscovered and unaffected by western tourists.  Get off the beaten tourism path and experience a bit of true Vietnam life, while not being diverted too far from other locations or away from modern conveniences like high-speed internet and metered taxis.

#7 - Day trip to Vinh Hy Bay - Vinh Hy Bay is located about 30 km north of Phan Rang.  From the village, you can rent a boat or join a tour that takes you to the unspoiled and undeveloped beach along the Ninh Thuan coastline.  The Aman Resort Vinh Hy Bay is going to open in early 2013 and will become one of the most prestigeous resorts in SE Asia.  The road from Phan Rang is currently being widened to reduce the drive time, and a new road is being built from the Cam Ranh Airport along this coastline.  Once completed (early 2013), it will be one of the world's most spectatular and scenic drives.  A tourist attraction all by iteslf.