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“Watch the Great View of LEH City”
Review of Leh Royal Palace

Leh Royal Palace
Ranked #14 of 87 things to do in Leh
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Reviewed February 6, 2014

Leh Palace the Beautiful Place to Visit & relax. During Relax you can Enjoy the fabulous View of LEH City. There are two way to go there. One is thru trek just from the Jama Masjid, Main Market Another one is by Road towards Khardungla. Its worth to see in historical and archiological angles. Try to Visit in afternoon so that you can Enjoy the Sunset...

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Reviewed January 25, 2014

Visited this palace during our day tour of Leh. It overlooks the Leh town. Good view from this place. The place is run down but a must visit for those who like visiting historical places.

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Reviewed January 18, 2014

If you climb up to the palace the most interesting thing may not be the palace interiors but the fabulous view of Leh city. Dont forget to take the photo of the ariel view of the city. Ofcourse, the palace and its remnants are really worth to see in historical and archiological angles.

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Reviewed January 2, 2014

The Leh Palace overlooks the Leh town. The view of the Palace from outside is magnificent with great photo ops. As is the view from inside, looking out towards the town. But for you go see the palace from inside, you should take a torch light as it is very dark inside here and is 9 storeys with steep stairs to walk around. It would take a lot of imagination to even consider that the Royal family used to live here. Today, some of the rooms are used as exhibition rooms and explain about the history of Leh and the palace itself. It is amazing that it has stood in its place for 400 years!

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Reviewed December 28, 2013


To start with my tale of my great adventures to leh, I will have to take you back to the time when I was in college and leh was one of the places I really wanted to see. Being in the same country India I was keener on seeing it before I ended with college and went back to Doha to start my career. Having friends from Kashmir and seeing pics of that place made me want to see it more desperately, you should see the pics if you have not been there…it’s hard to believe that something so beautiful is out there or someone just photoshopped some image.
During college my friend shahid and I planned a trip to go on bikes from pune to leh. Most of my friends back then did not quite agree to it saying that it’s not a good idea and we should take our bikes by train till Delhi and then ride it from there. But we knew that a life time experience would only come without the help of a train so we were keen on riding our bikes all the way to leh which is 1807 kms. Being in college everything was prompt so we planned to ride it down taking all documents and information necessary to do it but due to some reason or the other this plan didn’t work out which was quite disappointing, so I left to Doha-Qatar to start my career leaving behind something undone…
After a few months of starting my career and having a proper full time job, I got a holiday for a good 10 days to which I went to my country – India. Now that I had started working and money wasn’t a concern but the short vacation was. That’s how life is…sometimes you have the money and sometimes you don’t have the time. Now that I was in India my friend and I planned to go to Delhi by road in a car, Leh not being my objective this time…it was just the road trip to Delhi I was looking forward for. So we head out on my so far The Great Indian Road Trip starting form Pune moving to Ahmednagar Jaipur and finally Delhi. It was a nice trip and quite fun. We stayed one day in Delhi and some more friends joined us and the next day we went to Manali and kept moving towards the top of India until we reached Rohtang a 52 km run from Manali towards inclined mountains and some breath taking views at an altitude of 13,050 ft... We couldn’t continue any further as we were low on fuel and we hadn’t planned for anything more than Manali. Manali is a place where one should top up his fuel tank before moving ahead. Being in Rohtang I was back in the stage where I wanted to go to Leh so badly, the very same road which I should be using is right in front of me and we can’t continue on it. With the breathtaking lovely view that Rohtang has to offer I just couldn’t understand that if this place is so beautiful how beautiful would it be if I rolled further on?
So I decide that I have to go there no matter what!! With my vacation coming to an end and I am back to my working cycle in Doha. Now that I had made up my mind that I have to go to Leh I sit with my friends over sheesha telling them about this place and one of them knew about it and other was also in the plan, so 2 of my friends and me decided to go on this trip in the month of August combining our annual holidays with the Eid Holidays to get a good number of days. Being in a sales organization you have to fight for your things to get done…coz when they want sales the management pressure’s you and when you want something from the management then you literally have to be a pain to get it done. Hence eventually after all the fights to get my leaves approved I finally got it. All the planning and discussion was done since December for us to make this plan happen the next year in August. We had planned to take a flight to Delhi and from there rent a car and head to Leh. The tickets were booked. I am all excited and secretly waiting for august to come…though I am waiting for the time to come “Jab tak hai jaan”, “Bhaag milka Bhaag” “yeh jwaani hai dewaani - Manali shots” (Hindi movies) released one after the other in different months and shots from Leh making me more mad to visit that place as soon as possible, before a lot of people head out to that place making it a crowded tourist place and more like any other city. For your information there is a tunnel being built which will make you miss a good amount of breathtaking view which I was aware of and wanted to make this trip before this tunnel was made, because then it will be easy to go to leh but you will miss on some of the beautiful views that you witness towards rohtang. So sooner or later many of them going to leh would be compromising on the view for a shorter and better road. What’s your choice a better road or a road that’s not all that great but has one of the most beautiful views?
Now that August had approached and the dates were close for us to fly. The excitement was getting too much to handle. The tickets were booked for the 9th of August and on the 8th of August the day of Eid me and my two friends who are flying with me meet me over dinner and one of them shocks me by saying he cannot come as he would be having his career break and would be getting a good job which will increase his salary by more than 50% and he was getting an opportunity which would not come every time due to which he was backing out of the trip.it was so annoying that all this came to his notice now a day before our flight but eventually I accepted that he is getting a good job and he will have to stay back, though I was disappointed and frustrated but at some point I understood the importance of him staying back. My friend and me are left now and he is thinking it would be no fun if it is just us two going for it and I was not bothered about it, telling him that it’s okay that the other friend can’t come we both will go since we have made the plans since a long time, to which he agreed and we parted ways for home.
I am sleeping and I hear my phone getting some messages, its 3 in the morning with my flight at 5 in the evening, I see my phone with messages from my friend and he is telling that his mom is creating all scenes and being scared about him going to leh and is not wanting him to take this trip, which frustrated me so much that I asked him to tell me if he is in or not and end this discussion. When we were planning there were all the pros and cons taken into consideration, back then everything was fine and understood…now he was telling me that his mom is not wanting him to go due to security reasons and so on…but I know his priorities had changed and he wanted to spend time with his to be as he was going to meet her family after the leh trip, now that one of my friend had already backed out due to genuine reasons the other took this as an opportunity to back out and being happy about getting more days to spend with his to be and her family. After all the months of trouble, waiting and excitement an approx. 10 hours before my flight I find my friends backing out on me, I have bought tickets for Doha – Delhi and my only reason to take a flight to Delhi was this trip. Now that my tickets are booked and I have to head to Delhi disappointed and frustrated with my friends backing out on the plan at the very last minute leaving me to my own. If it’s not for this trip then going to Delhi has no point for me. I am lost, wondering what I should do now.
Its 9th august and I am up in the morning thinking what to do with my flight in a few hours and the time ticking…my friends who backed out tell me to take a domestic flight to Pune ( My base in India ) after I reach Delhi. I am calling a few friends in India to see if anyone is free to join me and on such a short notice no one is ready to come as they have their commitments and things to do. Me being asthmatic and my health not being in the best was another concern I was facing while making this decision. This trip being a main reason for me to go to India was apparently turning out to be disaster. I am using my laptop and checking flight rates to different places in India, when my mum walks into the room and hesitantly I tell her about my friends backing out at the last minute and the flight being in a few hours.so she asks me what am I going to do now? to which I didn’t know what to say…I said I am still thinking about going to Leh or not…After telling her the stories of why my friends backed out and having a discussion with her over this topic she tells me “since you have made your intention to go, then go ahead” and I was shocked and surprised to hear that from her as I expected her to say no don’t go, going alone won’t be safe in that place as any concerned mother would do…she said GO! I was happy and shocked that she told me to go as I have already made this plan since a long time….I am really happy to have her as my mom coz she is always supportive and in any situation that would make you sad, she finds the good in it and gives you a positive ray of light.…I am so happy and a lil boost from my mom made it perfect but to which there were two conditions…the condition 1 she had given me was that if my health didn’t support me or I wasn’t well then I should head straight to the airport and get out of there heading to pune and the second condition was not to do anything “too” crazy…she knows I am crazy so she warned me not to go for extremes…to which I agreed but still not sure of going for the trip or not…Another sweet friend of mine from pune whom I was chatting to also didn’t want me to go so she tried to tell me not to go but I didn’t feel like backing out so I didn’t listen to her and she ended up being mad at first but eventually ok about me going (without having a choice) giving me the 2 same conditions that my mom gave. What co incidence!!
It’s time for Friday prayers and I went to pray with a decision to make. Once I got done with my prayer and I am heading out to my car I got a feeling that I shouldn’t cancel my plan because these guys ditched me at the last minute…so I decided to go for it and if I was having any problems I would go to Pune from leh…I came home and tried to book my tickets to leh through my new Indian ATM Card but I wasn’t able to do so….I called my friend who ditched me and told him “dude I want you to book me a ticket, a domestic flight”…he said ok..And he says Delhi Pune... “No!! do a Delhi - leh” is what I said which shocked him and though I was disappointed in him I dint give him any information apart from asking him to do my ticket.so my tickets done am all prepared and ready to roll, I meet my friends brother who has ditched me, he tells me “tu jaa ke hi maanega” (you will go there then only you will be fine) and am off to India feeling happy about going there..
I am in my flight with my friend who isn’t coming with me to leh but coming till Delhi, I have a chat with my friend in Mumbai. As the flight is being taxied I call him and he says he will be joining me and he will meet me in Delhi and asked me to wait for him there….it was a short 2 minute talk…I told him to reach Delhi and I will be there…A last minute show up.
I reached Delhi cancelled my leh flight and was waiting for my friend – Asif to reach Delhi. Me and my other friend who isn’t going to come took a cab to go to his house, as soon as we sat in the cab, its 6 in the morning and early morning news is being played on the radio and it is said that there are threats that there might be activities during the independence day 15th Aug. in Delhi kargil and areas near to it…kargil being close to leh my friend looks at me asking if I still want to go…I think for a while and answer him that my journey has started.. Now I will only be happy until I reach my destination and accomplish my mission and strike something off my bucket list.
We reached Delhi, Asif joined us…we went to Jaipur to pick up my friends car and at Jaipur I checked if my new ATM card is working or not as I was relying on it to a very large extent so I withdrew 200rs to check if it’s working. And woella it was working.. I reached Delhi by next day in the morning had a good sleep and was ready to head out for Manali, that’s when I checked my wallet and realised that I have lost my ATM card.. I think I was so happy in Jaipur that my ATM card was working that I seemed to have forgotten it at the ATM machine…I realised that we rely too much on our ATM card for money which is quite risky…I called up my bank and got the card blocked. Having limited cash on me and my bank could be found in kullu an hour’s drive from manali where I was heading to...I am again thinking whether I should call it off or move ahead….My friend tells me …read the signs. They are all against you. But having come all the way to that point I wasn’t taking No for an answer and I was determined to reach leh and do what I came for…so that piece of plastic couldn’t stop me from accomplishing my trip. Hence I decided to move ahead….
Asif and me went to the metro station at vaishali in Delhi changed trains at rajiv chowk got off at vidhan sabah and head to manju ka tila using a cycle rickshaw…the metro system in Delhi is very nice and impressive but I dint know the train would be so crowded that there are people stuck like glue all around you and I was holding my bags and one guy says “ mobile sambhaal k rakhna” ( keep your mobile safe) and says you guys have bags you won’t know when someone takes your mobile and your wallet…the train Is packed and you can hardly breathe its filled with people and the smell of hard work….it’s worse than a Mumbai local train, the Mumbai local trains are open and wide with less smell of hard work..So there is lot of air coming into it and if you are feeling suffocated than you can stick your head out of the boogey for some nice fresh air or maybe sit on top of the train: P
We reached majnu ka tila found a bus that goes to Manali after a nice cycle rickshaw ride from the station to the bus stop. We took the bus at 5pm for Manali with the group sitting next to us playing the song ilahi from yeh jawaani hai dewaani making me in the mood and energised for the trip looking forward for an awesome adventure which was just waiting for me to reach there and explore it..We reached Manali at 8am and very tired as it’s been a lot of travelling since the past 2 days. Doha ->Delhi->Jaipur->Manali All in 2 days with plane, car, train, cycle rickshaw, bus…using majority of the modes of transports.
Its 8 in the morning and we reached manali tired and exhausted we took a room in Manali got a cab and head out to Kullu... An hour’s drive from Manali, we went to the bank, a beautiful girl who attended me and through my cheque book I was able to withdraw cash…Thank god I was carrying my cheque book. We had planned to ride a bike from Manali to leh but when we enquired there were not much bikes available at that time and there was one that was coming in but with the calculations we did…it required quite some cash for deposit and we would have to come back to manali to return the bikes so we planned to use the bus to reach leh. We have 2 days in Manali the 12th and 13th of august until we take the bus for leh on 14th of August. We went around Manali and it was a nice calm time we got after a lot of travelling since the past 2 days…I woke up late on the 13th morning to the noise of the rain and you can hear someone playing a flute which sounded so magical and beautiful…A lovely view of mountains around you with the noise of rain and someone playing a flute…it felt lovely…a wonderful start to the morning. We were in Manali and had a day to waste so we went for a movie which I hate doing in any new city and I do not recommend travellers to do but since we had to waste that day we went for it followed by dinner where the hotel guy tried to cheat us by adding an extra 100 rs to our bill. To avoid altitude sickness I had a tablet recommended by my pharmacist friend 12 hours before the start of the journey to high altitudes and am off for a good sleep.
Its 14th morning and we have a bus waiting for us to leave for leh at 6 in the morning. I got up and went to have some breakfast and the bus is there to take us to leh with a one day stop. We start the journey towards leh which is filled with foreigners and we were the only Indians on board apart from the driver and another guy. The journey was incredible...it’s filled with beauty all around you…we crossed rohtang at 13,000ft it is a small road mostly damaged due to landslides surrounded by beautiful tall mountains with their peak covered with snow with green mountains near you with different wild colorful small plants on them. You’re in the midst of clouds and it takes you away to a different world with its breath taking view.. With landslides at some intervals because the mountains are made of soft sand which slips on and off and small waterfalls crossing the roads that you use…it’s just beautiful. Every time you fall asleep and whenever you open your eyes you are lost in the view …as soon as you are up you are like wow…this is soo beautiful and amazing that you can’t stop looking around...i tried to stay up but I eventually fell asleep and whenever I got up I was lost looking at the beauty around me..i had to make sure I wasn’t dreaming and I was really awake. A route has been made for vehicles to pass and the army does a very good job in keeping the roads clear and clearing the landslides as soon as one is being known of.
At one spot I got off the bus and was enjoying the view when a guy came down offering me a cigarette assuming he wanted a lighter I asked my friend to give it to him and he goes no I got a light. And then when I see the cigarette it wasn’t a cigarette that he was offering to smoke. It was manali ka maska.
During the trip I got to know this French guy, Dodo and became good friends with him…whenever we stopped at a tent for snacks tea coffee we used to sit and chit chat. There were small bridges we had to cross during the journey it was like the bridge is 4 inches bigger than the width of the bus. And the roads were small that basically it’s meant for only one vehicle but it’s a 2 way road.
We reached tandi were there is a last petrol pump after manali and until we reach leh that is 380 kms away. The mobile network has stopped working…I tried 4 different sims but none of them. I tried my Qatar’s prepaid, Qatar’s postpaid, Mumbai’s prepaid and Delhi’s prepaid none of the cards worked.
There are a few army camps around along the way and a very few tents for snacks and tea at certain places but most of the time for many kilometers there is nothing you can find than natural beauty and nature. I spotted some brown small animal which was next to the road while the bus was moving I don’t know what exactly it was but it was the size of a big squirrel and a little smaller than a mongoose. As we proceeded we made friends with an Israeli gal – Rona …she’s fun. And we all were always together after that. We made quite some good friends.
We reached sarchu where we were stopping for the night. At 14,000ft – sarchu, there were tents all around us we had one tent accommodating 2 people including a toilet in the tent. It’s pretty good the way they have set it up.it was beautiful with mountains around you a few tents clear sky and the sound of nature. There were mountains next to each other but both had different colors on them…it was strange yet beautiful. Rona made us Black coffee as she was carrying a mini stove and all necessary things to make a coffee. She is always equipped,thanx to the mandatory army training she received back in Israel. It was dinner time and all preparations were made by the tents organizers, we reached there and had our dinner and had a long chat with people from different countries talking about different things, we went to our tents to sleep.it was quite cold so we went to sleep with the jackets and gloves on. After an hour of trying to fall asleep finally I fell asleep and I got up around 3:00am where I saw asif sitting on the bed idle I asked him what’s wrong? He said that something bit him and his feet are scratchy…it was funny but there was nothing in the tent that bit him…
15th August - Bhaiyya Bhaiyya is what I hear someone screaming from out of my tent and I get up to realise that it is dawn and time to get up have breakfast and head towards leh again…as soon as you get out of the tent…you will be struck by the beautiful view that you need some time to realise that you are somewhere majestic.by 6:30 we left from sarchu towards leh crossing naka lee at 15547ft ,lachulung la at16,616ft ,moore plains reaching to the second highest pass in the world at 17,582ft at tagalang la with a monastery at the peak and beauty all around it. We head to leh with beautiful mountains around us and lovely views below us and mountains as far as you can see…some covered with snow and some plain brown mountains with a lake flowing next to us. We entered Jammu and Kashmir reaching leh crossing thiksey and shey monasteries.
It was around 3 in the afternoon we reached leh and 4 of us took a cab and head out to find a room for us to stay. We found some hippies kept our luggage at their place and split out searching for a place to stay. After a little search we ended up finding a room which was fine and quite cheap. Rona was in a different hotel as she had found some people whom she knew. This place is filled with Israeli people. I didn’t know Leh would have so many people from Israel. We had a good sleep and went out in search for bikes to rent where more adventure waits: D. We found two beauties – Royal Enfield 350 Classic – A black and a maroon one. We had made a plan to go on bikes to nubra valley so we went to look for rona in her hotel but she wasn’t there so we left a note for her with her friend.it feels really nice to be away from your phone. Your phone doesn’t have network and it feels different and nice to go to someone to meet and not just talk over the phone for anything at all...it was a great time being disconnected from phone calls and internet. We took the bikes on rent parked it and went out to the leh market and ended up going for dinner at la terrace where I found a newspaper dated April 16 1912. It is the front cover of the New York Times telling about the titanic sinking! That was wonderful to see.

16th August – Its 9 in the morning after some breakfast we went to the agent to get permits done for us to go to nubra valley as permission is required to go to those places because it is close to the borders of India Pakistan. At one side it’s the china’s border and on the other it’s the Pakistan border. After giving the necessary documents for the permit to be done we meet rona and told her about the plan which she said she will see, we told her to get the permits done for herself. We took our bikes and head out to thiksey and shey to see the palace and monastery discovering the area of leh and what surrounds it. We went to the shey palace and climbed up high on it. It has amazing views from this place. On the way back to leh from thiksey dodo was told to take a right turn at a short notice to which he braked hard and we skidded off the bike. Though it wasn’t anything major as we were at a slow speed nothing happened to us or the bike. We reached back to leh and prepared to go to nubra valley. We got ropes, petrol cans, dried fruits, jackets as it was raining. We filled those cans with fuel and met rona and she said she is going to join us which was astonishing. We told her to meet us by the bridge by 6am. After all the preparations we met some Korean guys and went for dinner with them and these guys had their smoking session going on before we could have dinner.

17th August – We got up at 7 and left the room by 8 to head out on the journey. We were supposed to meet Rona by the bridge by 6 but we overslept and she had gone to the bridge at 6 in the morning and she eventually dozed off waiting for us there until someone woke her up asking if she is alright...it’s raining and we went back to our room to tie our luggage’s properly on the bikes with the petrol cans tied at one end. Its been raining continuously and people are saying not to go as the roads would be closed. We had breakfast in the market and as the rains stopped we started our journey. The most beautiful route I have ever ridden a bike on. It is majestic and beautiful. It is hard to put in words. There is so much beauty all around you that you just go crazy with the journey. The roads with green mountains around it at a distance there are mountains with snow covered peaks and nice cool breeze with a little bit of drizzle. The sky is clear and blue; a very nice blue which I have never seen in any other place…it is all natural and beautiful. Later the roads become quite challenging to ride on as they are not proper roads with lots of trucks and cars using them and it’s a small road with one Side Mountain and the other side a cliff of the mountain one should be careful while riding along this cliff. The bags kept moving and the petrol cans kept moving so every time we had to stop and tie the ropes properly, I recommend you make sure you use some time in tying the ropes properly before you start your journey. With a cliff to climb and efforts being taken we finally reach THE HIGHEST MOTORABLE ROAD IN THE WORLD AT 18380ft.
Now it feels I have accomplished what I came here for and happily I can strike it off my bucket list. Woooohooo….after all those drawbacks I finally made it..This trip feels more like an achievement and a great task that I have completed. I felt so happy to be at 18380 ft – Khardungla. To reach this place we had to come across heavy rainfall cold weather riding along the snow covered mountains dangerous roads with great chances to slide and fall off. Small paths for 2 vehicles we were finally there at the highest motorable road in the world baby!! And what is it that awaits our arrival?? SNOWFALL!! Yess….it started to snow. We had to go through a bright sun, drizzle, rainfall, cold winds, snowfall, and rainbow and believe it or not…we experienced all these weathers in 1 day!! Yes 1 day!! I know It will be hard for you to believe.. After we had completed most of the photo shoot. Lot of photo shoots and nice stop at a place for snacks and tea made it refreshing. We continued our journey towards diskit where we saw yaks. As the petrol cans was moving a lot on one of the bike we topped up our bikes and continued our journey with the view being amazing at every moment of this journey. As I was riding the bike and every turn I took I used to get lost in the view and I had to make myself look back on the road as I was riding. It is so beautiful that it makes u get lost in it...
There was a time that was truly magical out of this whole trip was a short time for 2 mins while riding the bike right in front of me I could see a mountain which has snow covered peak and sunlight falling only on its peak on its left there was a mountain which was green and dark as it was under a cloud and to the right of snow covered mountain there was a mountain that was shining bright as the sunlight was falling on it completely. A view my eyes couldn’t believe. The view touched my heart straight. Riding a bike on these roads was so beautiful that I will never forget…it is so natural and lovely and suddenly we found other bikers wanting to race with us and you can pretty much guess it the race is on between the mountains and those turns and curves.it felt like I am one of the riders shooting for the start of the movie Torque. As we moved forward there was a rainbow. And finally by sunset we reached hunder a place where there are sand dunes and double humped camels. We reached hunder and split up again searching for a good tent or hotel to stay in and finally found a place with tents where we took 2 tents which were beautiful and were there for the night. A lovely dinner and we are off to sleep.it wasn’t pretty cold.

18th August – We are up in the morning and after breakfast we go off to the sand dunes where the double humped camels awaits us which I have seen for the first time in my life. Coming from gulf being born in Qatar I am used to see the single humped camels. Seeing a double humped camel was something different. There are so many things in this world that are to be seen which could be in opposite side of globe to which you are and we have no idea to how it could be. Taking a ride on the double humped camel with a beautiful background on the sand dunes was nice. My friend wanted to go to turtuk a place close to the Pakistan border but as we had limited fuel we couldn’t risk going to turtuk so we had to cancel that plan. After a ride on the camels we left for leh after teaching rona how to ride a bike – she’s a quick learner. We left for leh and after an hour of riding Rona realised that she had forgotten her iphone at hunder so dodo and me waited for asif and her to go back to hunder get her phone and come back while we sat there eating dried fruits enjoying the view and got so bored that we put up a board saying rocks for sale and sat next to it waiving at passerby’s asking them to stop and buy some rocks :P lol They came back with her iphone after an hour an half and we left for panamik a place where hot springs are. It’s a place where you get hot steaming water from the mountains and it is said it is good for your skin and joints. Though it was not very appealing. That place was a little disappointing. And we met our racers from the previous day. We went to panamik checked out that place while we had coffee enjoyed the sunset and left to khalsar where we stayed for the night and all the dogs in that town are friendly. After a nice dinner, sleep it is…
19th morning and we are off to leh going through the highest motorable road in the world once again. On the ascent to the cliff my bike started giving problems and it wouldn’t go. It used to slow down and I tried to get the best out of every gear but the max I could do is 2 gears I tried to make it go as much as I can but then the bike wouldn’t perform it would jerk almost stopping and moving very slowly. It had stopped once and wouldn’t move and a labour working there had to come and give the bike a push for it to get a start. The reason was less engine oil in the bike so we had to stop on the side of the road before we reached the top and wait for my bike to cool down as it is a air cooled engine we had to wait for the engine to cool down. Waiting for the engine to cool down we guys almost slept around the bike and on the stones nearby. After 30 – 40 mins of waiting me moved on to find a landslide a few kms away which was being cleared. My bike being in the front followed by a car behind me, my friends’ bike and the rest of the cars behind him. As the landslide is being cleared in the front of me..the sand starts slipping on my right. There is a little panic amongst the people about the land slipping from our side as they were clearing the road ahead. It was a scary scenario to be in and the scariest part of this trip, with the slipping sand a few stones started to fall creating some chaos among the people.to my right there was this slipping sand with stones, my friend left his bike and went a bit far from the scene and that’s when they signal to take your vehicles and move as soon as possible.as I looked back for my friend and shouted bikeee !! I sat on my bike and was trying to start it with the car behind me honking asking me to move with the sand slipping next to me with stones falling.i managed to start my bike and was climbing up the mountain hoping my bike wouldn’t stop as it was having issues…I somehow managed to get on top with the help of releasing clutch after accelerating to gain me more momentum and not stop or slow down. A falling rock hit the side of the car that was honking at me...I have reached the top and with a sigh of relief and exctiment…my heart pounding fast, we made it…such a relief, but fun also :D..my friend also made it.After this we are at the top of the mountain once again.the highest motorable world :D with less photo shoot this time there was another land slide ahead of us and a long que of cars waiting for it to be cleared. So we sat in the café ate snacks had tea and it took around an hour so I ended up sleeping in the café dodo slept outside and asif and rona were just wasting time.
Finally the roads are cleared and we could use them. Since it was a descent my bike didn’t give any problems and 1 hour of resting my bike had cooled down to quite a good extent with the help of the surrounding temperature.we finally reached leh and we are back to our hotel after a good hot shower and nice dinner we removed fuel from the bikes and returned the bikes back.
It was a beautiful experience specially the bike trip from leh to hunder and back,the people are friendly and they will wave at you everytime you pass a vehicle coming from the other direction and there are small kids who would put out their hands and run towards us bikers expecting us to hi5 them.
20th – After a good long sleep and getting ourselves refreshed we went out for lunch and were making plans to go to a lake which is said to be very beautiful but dalai lama was going to come to an area near leh where he was going to deliver some speech and it was THE buzz of the town hence we did not go to the lake.

We booked our tickets for Srinagar and next day and by afternoon we left for Srinagar. It was a beautiful and scenic drive. We were stopped at quite some check posts by cops and in another car where there were a couple who were smoking up at every place. We were stopped at a check post and the river was asked to give some stuff by the cops. It was a shocker!! It was 4 in the morning and we are stopped at the check post and the cops who stop us ask these guys to give some stuff to them for getting high.
We Reached Srinagar in the morning by 9am and after a drive around the city and a ride on the dal lake we left for the domestic airport at Srinagar with our flight being at 3pm and we are off to Mumbai where I take a car and head to pune.
With Ending my journey, after all the travelling and visting the beautiful place called leh going to the highest motorable road in the world with many things going against me I still went there and now in pune at my place with a sigh, feeling a sense of achievement satisfaction and happiness !! It makes me feel a sense of achievement and a very different kind of happiness..going back in my thots as a flashback it feels great to against all odds just because of the determination I had…This trip made me learn a lesson in life that I would want to share with you..
“Determine on something, stick to it…
You will get hurdles, face it...
No hurdle is greater than your determination,
Coz in the end the feeling of Achievement is worth so much more
That you can just look back and smile at the hurdles”

I have left the album for the public to see and you can have an idea about I am talking about…Hope you enjoy it ;)

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