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“What a great time, definitely not to be missed!!!”

Wilderness ATV Tours
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Reviewed March 23, 2007

Let me start this off by saying that we very highly recommend Wilderness ATV Tours. This is a very professional organization and they will take very good care of you.

We were on Royal Caribbean’s “Mariner of the Seas” and at Ocho Rios on February 28th, 2007. I had looked on the Internet and through Trip Advisor, I found the Wilderness ATV website. I first emailed with a couple of questions and then reserved a couple of spots.

Wilderness ATV Tours offers two times for their combo tours, the first is at 9AM and the second is at 1PM. Our ship wasn’t scheduled to arrive until 9AM so we figured there was no way to make the first tour so we opted for the second tour. I was very concerned that we would miss our ship leaving since it was scheduled to depart at 5 PM. We got off the ship and spent some of the morning walking around Ocho Rios, we grabbed a soda at the Hard Rock Café and then headed back to the dock to get in touch with Wilderness Tours.

We did have a little trouble getting in touch with them, no one at the dock wanted to call but we finally got in touch with Chris and they said they would be there at about 1:20. Actually earlier than that the van arrived with another couple from one of the hotels and we were on our way. It was just a few minutes from the dock. Actually, the base location is just behind the Bauxite Works and Dock area that you can see from the Ocho Rios Bay. When we were sailing away, I took a long distance photo of the base camp.

Once there, we met Chris, Damien, and Joseph and took care of our paperwork. I race off-road motorcycles so I was pretty familiar with signing release forms but I was not quite prepared with what happened next. Chris gave a familiarization/riders course that was second to none. My wife is not mechanically inclined at all and has only been on an ATV once in her life and I was very concerned that she was going to have problems. My concern was unfounded as Chris gave a great presentation and covered every part of the ATV in depth.

Also, the ATV’s that they use are great for beginners or novice riders. They are Yamaha Breeze 125’s that have full floorboards and an automatic transmission. Both brakes are on the handlebars, no foot brakes and no foot operated gearshift. Place the transmission in “F” (for forward) and away you go. They had more than enough power to run at a nice pace.

Chris placed the girls first and then the guys, I was last in line with Joseph riding behind me. Chris led the excursion up and back. As an off-road Hare Scramble and Enduro rider, I was really hoping that this would be fun and little challenging and I wasn’t disappointed. It was easy enough for beginners and fun for veteran riders. Most of the trail was pretty easy on older and unimproved roads but some was over a little bit of terrain, no hard riding and nothing too rough. I have attached a map of the trail that we traveled on and you can see quite a few switchbacks. On the ride back, we got off the road for a while and rode right beside the Bauxite Conveyer Belt. Don’t let Joseph tell you that it’s the Jamaican Bobsled Team practice track.

Once up at the top of Murphy Hill, we had a few minutes to enjoy the view, take some pictures and have a drink. Joseph let us know of the some of the history of the area and showed us around the buildings and fish tanks. Don’t let Joseph tell you that the fish in the tanks are Piranhas. He will. Hey, we are gullible tourists. While we are resting and relaxing, Chris is checking out and getting the ATV’s ready for the trip back down the hill. Two of the photos are of Chris hamming it up.

Heading down the hill was just as much fun as going up, maybe more fun because I had Joseph behind me screaming “C’mon Mon” and “Whooo, let’s go”. We would hang back a little and slide around the switchbacks. It was a ton of fun!

Once we got back down, I again asked Chris if we were going to make it back to the ship by 5 PM and he said that he would be sure to get us back. Actually, Chris assured me many times when we were at Dunn’s River Falls that we were on time. He was great about all this.

It took just a few minutes to get to Dunn’s River Falls and when we got there, Chris sat us all down and told us how to go up the falls. He wasn’t getting in the water with us but would be there all the way, just look up and to the left and there he was! One of the nicest things about going into the park with Chris was that we were not bothered by people trying to sell us souvenirs. My wife decided to not try to climb the falls but I had a great time. Water shoes are a must!!! Climbing the falls is really something that everyone should do at least once in his or her lifetime. At the top I had a true feeling of accomplishment. Much more than the six-year old kid that passed me on the way up.

Once back at the van we headed back to the pier. The Mariner of the Seas was supposed to sail at 5 PM and Chris had us back at 20 till 5, just like he said he would. All in all it was an absolutely fabulous time and the highlight of the cruise for both of us. I just can’t wait to do it again. Thanks Guys!!!

Please contact me with any questions - martinb1 at earthlink.net.

15  Thank FTMFactoryRider
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Reviewed March 11, 2007

After reading all these good reviews we decided to "book" a tour with ATV. During my emails with them everything seemed to be OK and we thought were set. They asked us to call ATV from the information boot at the pier and they would pick us up. They knew the time and day we were arriving. When we arrived at ocho rios we called them and the guy that answered the phone told us that the tour had already left, that if we wanted to go we could go at 1 pm (instead of 9 am), we obviously said no since our cruise would leave that same afternoon and did not want to take the chance to miss it. Terrible experience with them. We ended up going to the falls with the shuttles outside the port, for $8 usd round trip + $15 entrance fee they would take you to the falls. At the end we saved money by not going with ATV. Don't count that they will stand for what they say they will do!

1  Thank Vagando
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Reviewed March 7, 2007

I would highly recommend Wilderness ATV tours if you will be visiting Ocho Rios, Jamaica. We recently spent a day in Ocho Rios when we took a Cruise with Royal Carribean. We had heard so many bad things about the beggars and cab drivers in Jamaica that we thought an excursion was the way to go. We were right! If you book through ---.com you will have an awesome day in Jamiaca. When we left the ship we had the woman at the information booth (just off the pier) call Chris and he came to pick us up. Then we had to say "No, thankyou" to the other 100 cab drivers that wanted to take us somewhere. One driver quickly through his van into reverse to talk to a man that had made eye contact with him and the driver almost backed over the car behind him and came up on the curb. Yikes!

Chris and his team are very professional. They take you to a dusty parking lot and they operate out of a shipping crate, but don't be alarmed. This is only the beginning. They give you instructions (thankyou Joseph and Damien) and help you learn how to operate the 4 wheelers in their parking lot. Then you get to drive up to the top of Murphy's hill and look down over the ocean. It's beautiful. At the top you get to use restrooms and relax for 15-20 minutes with a cold drink of Coke. Then they take you back down over rough pavement and some dirt/grass to their home base. It is pretty challenging and fast paced. We all loved it! You don't get too dirty and dusty and the path you take is mostly shaded. It was very cool and refreshing to speed along the road. We only saw two vehicles on our road so it is very safe.

I would also recommend climbing the Dunn's River Falls with ATV tours. Chris walked along side the falls and gave us instructions as to which path to take. He took lots of pictures with our cameras and we were very happy. If you go with Chris you get to stroll past all the vendors, guides and receptioninsts that try to shame you and guilt you into giving tips. It costs $15 per person to enter the park , but this fee is included with the cost of the excursion through ATV tours. Our friends entered on their own and after they paid $30 for the two of them to get in, the receptionist snapped at them, "well thanks for the change!" because they didn't tip them to get into a NATIONAL PARK! My husband and I and one other couple were not bothered by these people because they could clearly see that we were with Chris. I would not recommend joining a line because then you can't use your hands to climb up the falls. We loved the challenge of climing, but needed our hands, knees and feet to traverse the rocks. Most rocks are not slippery because they are climbed everyday. But if you choose the most difficult paths, (which we tried just for fun) they are slippery because people avoid them.

Please give this tour a try. It was worth the money and it gets you out of the hassle for the day. Thank you Chris, Nate, Damien and Joseph for a wonderful day in Ocho Rios! We hope to visit you again some day!

7  Thank Moofer
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Reviewed January 10, 2007

My friends and I stayed at the RIU Ocho Rios from Nov 25 - Dec 3 for our friends' wedding. Before we left for the trip, I did a little research on things to do in Ocho Rios and I found the wilderness ATV tours site here on tripadvisor. I was impressed by the site and it sounded like something our group of friends would really enjoy. From the reviews I had read, it sounded like a pretty wild ride on rough terrain.
I emailed the tour group to see if they were available to take 8 of us together on the tour and to see if they could arrange transportation for us. (this tour was not available through our hotel) "NO PROBLEM MON!!" Marie took care of all my questions and concerns, and gave me the contact info for when we arrived in Jamaica. When we did arrive in Jamaica, I called the cell # Marie gave to me and I spoke with a very accomodating gentleman named Niel. He arranged for a van to bring us there and back and to Dunns River Falls (we opted for the tour package that includes the Falls - SOOOOO worth it!!!!) and back at no extra cost to us (we made sure to leave a generous tip for them at the end). I happened to mention in one of my emails to Marie, that the bride and groom would be coming with us on the tour. At the end of the 4 wheeler tour, they surprised us and cracked open a couple of bottles of wine for them. It was not at all expected but soooooo appreciated that they actually acknowledged them and gave their congratulations. I couldn't believe HOW nice and accomodating these people are!! This tour was not offered at our hotel, so I am really glad I found it on this site!!
We first got a briefing on the machines we were riding from Chris and the other guides, then they put us on them and observed our driving in the parking lot to see if we paid attention and to correct anything we were doing wrong. After we were OK'd to go, away we went, single file (ladies first of course) up the mountain. There was a tour guide in the front leading us and one in the very back incase of any problems. A beautiful and scenic ride, but ROUGH riding none the less. (My triceps were killing me for about a week after that!!) They do not putt along up the mountain and over the bumps, when there was the opportunity to drive really fast, they took it!!!!! We were laughing and smiling the entire time. There were even a few mud puddles due to the rain, (you could go around them, but not us) we went FLYING through them so it would soak the person behind you!!! It was SOOOOOOOO fun!! The groom was right behind me, and he got COVERED in mud!! At the top of the mountain, we got off our machines and the leading guide (I'm sorry I forgot his name) brought us to a bar and gave us each a pepsi. There he told us a little of the history and geography of Ocho Rios. Verry interesting facts and a VERY funny guide!! He showed us some of the plant life around the building too (the one that looks like a "female" hahaha). After our little rest we went back down the mountain, as fast and as furious as the way up!! Surprisingly, we all made it back in one piece, unharmed (except the cactus that I walked into, those things don't move for you, you know!! Haha).
We had the wine that they so generously arranged for us, then our awesome van driver took us and Chris (our Falls guide) to the falls and waited for us there until we were done. Chris asked us if we wanted a guide to physically assist us up the falls (they have them available at the falls) but feeling adventurous, we opted to climb it ourselves. Chris gave us a quick briefing on the falls, took our cameras for us, and away we went!! He climbed up the falls beside us on land to give us guidance if we got nervous or stuck. He would stop us and pose us in the most picturesqe spots and he got a lot of really awesome pictures with our cameras!!! What an exhillerating climb!! We were all really happy we did the tour and it was TOTALLY worth every cent! It was $60 without the falls or $80 with the falls. The extra $20 was a minamal cost to go to the falls. The memories we have from that tour alone are priceless! BIG UP!! to all of the wonderful, nice and accomodating people at Wilderness tours!! Thank You so much for making the tour SO great! "Everyting was irie"

Much Love From CANADA!!!
"Binkles Rule"

14  Thank leci
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Reviewed December 31, 2006

We went on these quad bikes last year ..... first thing i got to say is the staff are really amazing. They will look after you alot, drop and pick you up from hotels even. The guy who picked us up said he was from Canada, so if you ever read this, you're a cool guy!

Maybe it's because i've never been on a quad before ... but it really didn't particularly grab me. They are quite heavy, and it's quite hard work going up.

You begin by driving around in circles for a bit to get practice, then you go up a road to some high peaks, probably takes about 30 mins to get up.

However, a few gripes, the road was soooo amazingly badly dusty and loads of broken roads. You wear googles, but i'm telling you this thick white sandy dust was everywhere man, all over me, in my face.

Also because they have to be safe, the quads go up in a liner format ... so you can't really chill and talk to people or go up at leaurley pace , it's a mad rush to get up there. And like i said the track is pretty bad, wit bumps everywhere. And the bikes aren't easy to handly if you never used em before!

However, gots to admit if your a fan of quads then go for it.

The views were amazing, and you get a drink at the top. But then after about 20 mins your on your way back down again. So there really isn't any time to do your own stuff.

However if was nice ... and i'm sure if they could solve the bad white sand and have a better track it would be a better experience. But the people there who work are absolutely amazing and nice people.

You'd enjoy it ..... it's quite expensive though too, lol but then again all of Jamaica is a rip of for tourists!

5  Thank DollyKaur
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