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“5 star promise with a 2 star follow through”
Review of TRS Turquesa Hotel

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TRS Turquesa Hotel
Ranked #46 of 112 Hotels in Punta Cana
GreenLeadersPlatinum level
Montreal, Canada
Level 2 Contributor
3 reviews
common_n_hotel_reviews_1bd8 11 helpful votes
“5 star promise with a 2 star follow through”
Reviewed August 19, 2013

Aug. 7 - 14, 2013
This was our first trip to the Palladium resort in Punt Cana and unfortunately will probably be our last. We ended up going for our wedding Anniversary and were expecting the " royal " treatment. Since that is what we paid the big bucks for right, but other than a few glimmers of 5 star service we were extremely disappointed. In response to most of our issues, management simply said that we came at the wrong time. As you can imagine this just added to the disappointment. To be fair, the resort obviously has the potential to be a five star resort, but with the construction going on, the lazy staff, the poor upkeep, and worst of all, the lame excuses. We paid almost as much as a Sandals resort to be treated as well as we would at the motel down the street that charges $59.99. Now for the breakdown..... If you're still reading. Sorry if this turns out long, but there is a lot that I feel people should know before booking.

In all honesty the service we received was for the most part 2 star, but we did have some really amazing staff that bumped it up to a 3. I strongly recommend that if you are going and expecting to be treated like you would at a Sandals or something to lower your expectations. For one.... You are in Punta Cana where staff is still a little more laid back than other travel destinations. Two....Unless you are waiving around big, and I mean big tips you are not going to get the "royal" treatment that you paid for. The worst part of all was the excuse that management gave for this. The staff are tired because normally they take vacations this time of year, but because the resort was so busy still the staff couldn't get as much of a break as normal..... Really????? Than hire and fire. Tired or not. Slow season or not. People pay for a service and expect it year round. I'm going to break service down into some sub-categories for ease of explanation.

Royal Suites Lobby

For the most part this was good service with the exception of a few. When we arrived, we were not greeted until we were sitting at the check in desk. Ok not a big deal, but kind of strange that we didn't even get a smile or a welcome by the staff standing at the door. The young man that check us in was great. He was actually more than accommodating for our entire stay. He was the only one that actually got things done when we asked. The rest either picked up a phone and left it at that when nobody answered or didn't even try. There was an older fellow as well that offered good service, but was a little more difficult to approach due to the unhappy look on his face all the time. But to give an example of the tipping mindset. There was one girl who was always sour. When explaining something she would pick up the phone to call someone and shhhh you. Or would simply just not put in any effort at all. After many visits to the front desk/ check in and making her work we felt that we should give her a tip. Something that the front desk usually doesn't get. After we gave her $5 her whole attitude changed and was willing to bend over backwards for us. This theme tends to stay with almost every area of service. With the exception of a few, like the young man I mentioned at check in. The service that the lobby bar was more than great. The girls working were always on top of things and although not all smiles, they were always pleasant.

Private golf carts

These are a very convenient thing to have on the Palladium resort. The four sections combined make for a lot of walking. And with only one ATM on the resort being in the Bavaro section on the other side of the resort they are almost needed. If we didn't use them it would be about a 45 minute walk or more from our lobby to the Bavaro lobby and sports bar. On the resort in total they have one train, a double cart ( half the size of the train ) a few spa carts, a few non specific, and a couple for Royal suites only. Unless you feel like waiting for a half hour or more ( with the exception of leaving the royal suites lobby, which is fairly quick ) than try not to rely on these. There are far from enough carts running for the amount of guests on the resort. The drivers are usually accommodating and will stop for you if you waive them down, once they know you will tip them that is. There was one driver though that was phenomenal. His name was Thomas. If you go he is the older fellow with all the pins in his hat. He is always pleasant and just seems to love his job.


For each building you have a private butler service and this review is only based on our personal service at building 53. For the most part our butlers were great. But there were some major issues that occurred. Our fist issue happened our second day in. We booked a romantic dinner the night we arrived on the gazebo for our anniversary which was the following night. ( We took the gazebo because the beach, although beautiful, would include a lot of sand in our food due to the wind). The next day ( day of the dinner) we came back to our room to a piece of paper saying that they had a wedding and we couldn't do our dinner. After 5 hours of chasing people around and nobody giving us any information of what else could be done, we finally got a hold of management. I should note that none of the staff seemed to care about our situation and just simply said he's not around without any attempt of fixing the problem. On the up side. Once management was tracked down, they more than made up for the issue and we had a fabulous dinner at one of the restaurants. Sadly though this wasn't the only issue. We also had a major issue with one of our butlers that we asked to fill up our hot tub while we were out since they take about an hour to fill. After explaining to fill it with hot water and asking for candles for the aromatherapy we gave him a fairly good tip and went on our way. My wife came back through the night to change, to find our door wide open, with the water running ( which was warm at best), an exposed candle burning, and no butler to be found. After about five minutes our butler returned with nothing but excuses. Sure we have a safe, but we cant put our clothes in a safe and on the weekend there are lots of locals who come to the resorts for the purpose of finding things to sell. If you get my drift. They tell us to lock our doors, but staff are allowed to leave them open??? These are major issues that in my opinion should never have happened. With these major issues and the fact that the butlers are hiding in their office that isn't marked more often than sitting at their desk out front I have to admit that I would almost rather cut the cost of the trip and not have them.

Room service

Don't waste your time with room service. That simple. They say it's about a 20 - 30 minute wait when in all reality it is anywhere from 1-2 hours. And if you have dietary restrictions like our friends did, it can take up to 3. Another thing that we are paying for in the cost of the resort that was useless. I will hit the quality of it in the food and beverage section.


Another place where service is lacking for the most part. Bohio and Chantrelle were immaculate service with Sumptori not far behind. The rest of the places we went simply fell flat. Especially Marenostrum and the Royal buffet. The buffets were horrible too, but at least you can have a meal without servers there. unless you want alcohol or coffee that is. A lot of the staff only speak Spanish and really don't seem to care who is seated first. They do take care of the people they know first though. So if you make friends with one of the servers or are a person of notable status ( palladium addict, travel agent, repeat customer, high tipper, or a critic of some sort) than they will be all over you. If not than just hope you get someone who is in a good mood. Or understands that tips are earned. There were glimpses of 5 star resort service though. The three places I mentioned at first are them. Especially the head server at Bohio and the personal server they gave us for our anniversary dinner at Chantrelle. His name was Pedro. Once again. No English. But he was so awesome it didn't matter.


The rooms as a whole were nice with the possibility of being amazing. We started in a Jr. Suite Deluxe Swim-up and ended in a Romance Suite Swim-up. Both had beautiful setups but in need of some real maintenance. Once thing to remember is if you are wet, walk with extreme caution. The floors are deadly when wet. Another thing. The beds and pillows are rock hard. Luckily though they do have a pillow menu that allows for on pillow each, free of charge. This definitely helped. Also, the swim up patios were getting in really bad shape and in need of some board replacements around the edge.

The Jr Suite Deluxe was great for your " standard" room. It had more than you could ask for. The major downfalls with the room though were. #1 No real separation between the bathroom and the rest of the room. Fine for a shower, but with nothing but a glass door for the toilet, it's far from romantic. Especially if your stomach isn't used to the food. #2 The shower. There is not seal around the door so if you try to use it like a real shower it floods your room. You need to take it in one hand and turn sideways so the water doesn't go near the door. Not a major issues, but if you're used to showering with the use of both hands than it's a little inconvenient.

The Romance suite was almost twice the size of the Jr Suite Deluxe and simply had a lot nicer feel. The bathroom was its own room with a door which was nice, the patio was double the size of any others, and the hot tub was massive. There were downfalls though that simply come down to maintenance. #1 the jets in the hot tub hardly worked with the exception of two of them. And the darn thing leaked water from the faucet all the time. #2 the hydro massage shower cabin was the pits. Don't get your hopes up if you are getting a room with one of these. The steam cabin setting hardly worked and the jet settings would only work one set of jets at a time. It was actually harder to shower in this than the Jr Deluxe shower. Minus the flooding. 3# If you want to use the funky purple mood lighting on top of the bed than don't expect to use anything else. In order to turn on the light you lose power to the rest of the room except the tv. This includes the bathroom lights and the ceiling fan. It was cool and all to see, but far from practical.

Our friend who had a deluxe suite swim up wasn't pleased as well. They had a waterfall coming through their ceiling because the maintenance staff hit a water line upstairs while working. Our ceiling wasn't far from leaking either. The ceilings above the hot tubs are all in pretty rough shape from what I have seen. Also someone traveling with my friend who had a Jr Deluxe Suite Swim-up like us has a major incident with the huge 6 or 8 ft mirror in bathroom part of the room. Just after finishing up washing their hands the whole mirror cam crashing down. Sure a rare occurrence, but this could have easily been prevented by using mirror screws and clips like all the other rooms. For some reason the Jr Suite Deluxe mirrors are only cemented on the wall. I should mention that the staff didn't really do anything to comp them except offer them a different room. If that happened anywhere else they would be treated like gold the rest of the stay. But here customer service rules don't seem to apply for some reason. Maybe because they have all kinds of return customers and don't need any more. I don't know. All in all though. If you go to RST take a swim up or don't go. The convenience of a swim up was one of the only things that made the trip enjoyable. The pools for swim ups are usually a lot more relaxing that the main pools. Usually anyways. Sometimes you get some party people, but nothing like the main pools.


Overall the resort is clean, but that's due to the great work of the grounds keepers. They do an amazing job at making the resort look beautiful. The pool cleaners are a little too relaxed. There was always a cup or two floating around the swim up pools. Yes its due to the guests being dirty, but staff should still be on top of it.
The bali beds and beach chairs around the pool area are in horrible shape. The bali beds were either torn or stained and the cushions for the wood beach chairs were badly stained as well. Stick with the canvas ones if you go.
Our maids were great. They did an amazing job cleaning the room and leaving flowers. So long as we tipped enough. $2 gets you a clean room. $5 gets you a towel sculpture, extra towels, and flowers all over. Once again though. No speak English. It was very difficult to communicate. Plus they, like the butlers, leave your room open and unattended.
Also if nobody mentioned it. There are cockroaches. We only seen one our whole stay, but I know others have had big problems.
Another major problem to throw in here are the Swim Up pools. The tiles at the bottom are coming off and cutting peoples feet. Every day we were seeing tiles sitting outside of the pool. We ourselves had a stack of 4 or 5. Management is aware of it, and give the same old relaxed answer. We know we need to fix it, but we just need to find the time.
Currently they are renovating the Bavaro side and at least half of the place is walled off with black mesh. Not very attractive. And even though its on the other side of the resort, you can still feel the affect that it is having on the staff and other travelers. Hopefully the pool will be next.


Other than the swim up, this is what made our stay acceptable. The location is great. With the exception of the beach developing a bit of a cliff ( due to the natural progression of wind and beaches ) it was amazing. Yes they could comb the beach and make it flatter, but we still loved it and would recommend that stretch of beach to anyone. Because the beach is in the Atlantic and not the Caribbean, the water isn't as clear, but great none the less. The resort is also right beside a local beach market that you can get loads of local items for a decent price. The downfall. As soon as you cross the resort line you are hounded to buy. If you want to walk the beach without being bothered, wear a swimsuit only. If they think you have money, they will hound you. Not so much of an issue, but rather a heads up. We knew the market was there before going, but nobody informed us they were that bad. Also if you are looking for cheaper items, the resort allows people to come on sometimes and set up tables to sell. A great thing to have if you want to buy but don't want to leave the resort. Most aren't too bad either for hounding you, but I did have an encounter with one who grabbed me after I said no. A rarity I'm sure, but something I did not pay money to have to deal with. Managements reaction to this was simply " Oh, we Dominicans are just touchy grabby like that ". Sorry for the bunny trail, but I'm sure some would like to know that you may still be hassled while on the resort. But to be back on track. the location is a definite 5 star. The grounds are beautiful, the beach is amazing, and you are fairly close to everything, but far enough away to feel like you are in your own little world.


Food was a big thing for me and to be honest, I am probably a lot harder to please in this section than most, do to my history of being a chef. To start, we are talking the Dominican and not Mexico, so food quality is far from comparable. It is extremely hard to find good milk, coffee, tea, meat, and other staple foods that we are used to. With that being said. The coffee and milk were horrible. It didn't matter which restaurant. It stayed the same.

A La Carte
We didn't do many, but from our experience and the experience of friends we can give some ideas. The biggest issue is that the descriptions depict a dish that is different than what you get.

Chantrelle- Great service and good food overall. Don't get the crepe suzette. It's almost all alcohol. Get the Chateaubriand. Best thing on the menu. Lamb was decent but far from a good quality cut of meat. Lots of bone and grizzle. Duck was good but over cooked. Onion soup was great. Boullibaise was fair. Cheese cake is different than what I'm used to, but very good. Ceviche was to die for. ( not sure if it was regular menu or specially made for our anniversary)

Bohio- Good food and good service. The cesar salad was alright, but far from a real cesar. Lobster bisque was great, but very strong ( would only recommend if you love seafood ). Striploin steak was alright. Definatly not AAA but it was ok. The only downfall is that they butcher it on site and you may get a tiny piece of bone that you can't see, like we both did. Cheesecake was great.

Royal Gourmet- Food was iffy and service was bad. Breakfast items are nothing to get excited over. We went twice and it was the same. And if you order from the menu the food is usually cold when you get it. The hollandaise is nothing but melted butter pretty well. Don't try it. Lunch was alright. My wife got a burger. Which if you are from Canada it was under cooked, but still pretty good. I got a fish burger. Great flavor, but severely under cooked.

Marenostrum- Horrible service and horrible food. The only thing that we enjoyed was the ceviche that was on the buffet. The steak was tough as nails and so was the lamb. Something to note. The lamb is seared little pieces in sauce, not a big piece. Staff knew nothing about the menu. Cheesecake was good. If you didn't figure it out, the cheesecake is all the same ;)

Sumptori- Decent food and great service. We went for the tamiyaki show and it was well worth it. The only reason I say the food was only decent is because our chef was new and burnt the rice on the bottom of the pile to the point of being rock hard. If it wasn't for that it would have been great. The sushi app was great and looked beautiful. ( We did get sick after and thinking possibly the sushi, but its hard to know for sure. Either way it was worth it ) The show was a little lack luster, but once again, he was new. So with that in mind, the chef did great. For dessert we had deep fried ice cream. Although the batter was a little soggy the flavor was good. I would probably go again.

The Steak House- We had to cancel our reservation do to not feeling so well, but from what we were told it was a huge mistake. Our friends said it was delicious. One friend had the 5th ave steak and he said that if was cooked great and the cut was a real treat. Unfortunately that's all I got.

NOTE: Although most site say that Royal Suites guests don't need reservations this isn't 100% true. The Royal guests do not need reservations for the Royal suites restaurants. So the Royal Gourmet and the Chantrelle. You do need them for every other a la carte on site.

Buffet- We mostly went to Las Torres buffet across from the palace lobby when it came to buffet meals. Breakfast was always good. Minus the horrible service we got from the wait staff. Lunch and dinner meals weren't too bad, but some items I wouldn't recommend. You will know them when you see them. Or smell them. We also went to the Bohique once. And the service and food were far worse than Las Torres.

Room Service- DON'T DO IT. That simple. The food was nasty. The wait was pathetic. And the food came on plate covered in plastic wrap. Which means. Ice cold.

Beverages- They have a great selection, but your in room fridge has a limit to the amount per day. Not good if you enjoy rum and coke or any other mixed drink. Outside of those limits they did have a decent set up. Two major problems. #1 if you want top shelf liquor you need to go to Hemmingways in the Bavaro side. Which right now is horrible to get two because there is no lighting on the paths at night due to construction. #2 unless you specify, most drinks have so much alcohol that you feel like you're in a frat house party. Far from enjoyable. Other minor problems. Mint in mojito's is half black. Orange juice is almost like Kool Aid. Milk is like water. Something I really enjoyed though. Outside from each lobby having a bar. The Bavaro and Palace lobby had juice machines that you could fill up a glass at anytime you want. Great when you are waiting for a ride somewhere.

I do need to give a thumbs up to the food and beverage manager Armando. He heard of our issues our second last day and was mortified. He was extremely apologetic over the issue and he showed real concern. It didn't mater if we were being " picky " or not. He showed real concern and class. The best thing was unlike the resort management, he didn't try to give excuses. He was upfront and honest about how things were. Something we really appreciated after all the issues we had with the rest of the staff. Armando was by far the most professional person there.

So with all of this I have to say that our stay was far from 5 stars. Sure it may be better when they are in peak season. And it may be better when there is no construction. But when the price of the stay is the same as all the other 5 star resorts who don't have these problems, I expect to have 5 star service. What really disappointed us was managements approach at dealing with this. ( Hotel management not food and beverage) His argument was simply " well we have many return clients who love it here so it cant be that bad ", " well the staff are tired ", or my favorite " well you came at the wrong time ".

So. If you want a five star resort with five star service. I would recommend going to the Palladium in Mexico or a different choose a different chain. Or you can follow managements advice and simply come at a different time. Would the resort be nicer at a different time?? It probably would be. But would managements poor mentality of how to deal with issues be the same. Most likely. Octavio, the one we spoke with didn't seem to want to be bothered with our issues. I mean really. What would a chef and a travel agent know about how a resort should work. He did great fixing the anniversary issue, but from there things just went downhill. We had a half hour meeting with him and we also and we also had a half hour meeting with Armando the F&B manager. Needless to say. Armando was a lot more receptive. Octavio seemed very bothered by our conversation, but more so bother by what we were saying about his hotel than the fact that all this stuff happened. There was no sincere apology or attempt at making things better. All we got was a " come back again when the resort is 100% and you will see how nice it is ". Too bad we had to pay so much to find out how bad it is right now. Armando on the other had as I mentioned previously was great. Not just did he make up for the bad service by offering us an amazing last meal, he was sincerely apologetic, took our issues seriously, and went out of his way to see us off the following day and make sure dinner was good. He didn't comp anything, or give the typical bottle of champagne that this resort seems to think fixes everything. He simply did what he could to accommodate us and make us feel like valued guests. Will I go back? I highly doubt it. Would I recommend to anyone to go? Not my first thought, but all these good review cant be false either. I think we did go at the wrong time. And if management were a little better at handling our issues than I would recommend it to others and probably go back myself. But the unprofessional approach that we received was enough to turn us away. If you go. lower your standards. That way if it's good like I was told it was, you will be blown away. If its bad like our stay was, at least you wont feel like you wasted your money.

  • Stayed August 2013, traveled as a couple
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4 Thank Jeff B
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Rsegarra, Manager at TRS Turquesa Hotel, responded to this review, November 3, 2013
Dear. Mrs./ Mr.Jeff.

On behalf of Royal suits Turquesa by palladium: we are tremendously thankful for dedicating your valuable time to comment your experience with us.
We have noted your expectative was not satisfied on your recently staying, so we are extending you an apology for the inconvenients you faced and invite you once again to our complex to see our improvements.
At grand palladium hotels and spa: we effort with devotions to assure to our guests delightful memories back home.

Kind Regards.
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Montreal, Canada
Level 2 Contributor
1 review
common_n_hotel_reviews_1bd8 4 helpful votes
Reviewed August 16, 2013

We were at the Royal Suites Turquesa from August 7th to August 14th 2013, we arrived on the site without any problems.

Check in was a bit confusing until someone show us where to go. We got our glass of champagne and a nice refreshing towel which was really appreciated. Our room wasn't ready yet, but usually your check in is due around 3pm and it was only noon. They sent us to the Royal Gourmet to have lunch and we had to come back later to get our room key. The butler was great to show us around and the room was amazing.

Room Junior Suite Deluxe swim up:

The room needed some update for sure, paint missing at some place, couch with dirty spot on in, and the bed was hard as a rock and the pillow too. The Jacuzzi was really small, pretty much like a regular large bath but the jets were pretty good, good pressure in them. From the faucet of that Jacuzzi, water was spraying out and making a mess around it. As for the shower, you have to be careful, the shower head cannot be use normally because it will spray under the door and create a river on the other side. The floor get really slippery with water, also they don't have any carpet or anything to prevent it. The outside balcony (swim up) was out of shape, the wood was old and soft at some part and missing paint. One of our friend who was travelling with us had a really bad experience, her mirror fell and break in pieces. Lucky she left 5 seconds before the crash, because she would be severely injured. At the same time, her butler just cleaned the mess saying they were sorry and ask them if they wanted to change room. Nothing has been offer to them, like a massage, bottle of champagne... anything to make the situation a bit better. They were afraid to change room and that the mirror fall too. Nothing hold this large mirror, no clips or anything, just some glue or so who obviously doesn't hold it well. Nobody decide to make a round to check other mirror in the same category of room to make sure everything is fine. That was disappointing.

Room Romance Suite swim up:

We got an upgrade of our room as we requested the second day. The romance suite is the way to go if you want a bit more privacy and more space. The room is spacious, quiet if you don't have noisy neighbor doing party on their balcony swim up at night. Glad we didn't have any neighbor on the other side. The super shower with the radio and jets was so bad, half of the jets wasn't working properly, the drain wasn't draining..., and we request a technician to fix it and did what he could but didn't fix all of it. At least the toilet was in a close bathroom not like the Junior suite deluxe where you have no door to close. Picture will follow. We didn't have any cockroach until the last night we found one running across the living area. The couch was so hard and the bed was too. If you have neck and back problem get ready to suffer. The Jacuzzi take up to an hour to filled and the jets are not powerful. The swim up balcony was great, double size compare to the Junior suite, but might have some people wanted to take some picture from your swim up chair to show off like I experience couple time. Really to have someone sitting down right at your balcony that you paid to be private.

Swim up pool:

They are great, some tiles was broken, well I should say lots of them was all around the pool, some people cut their feet in the water because of this. I could find at least 5 broken tiles in a day if it’s not more. We spoke to the responsible of this and they told us they were aware of the problem, when they built the pool they used the wrong cement so now everything is falling apart.
As for your balcony, everyone can walk on them to get to their room, so don't be surprise to see people walking on them or even taking your chairs. One morning we found a crab, he was alive in the swim up pool, but that happen once so I wouldn't worry about that.

Restaurant Reservation

We had to make some reservation to get to eat at a la carte restaurant. If you don't book the day you arrive, just too bad, you get horrible hours. Most reservation are between 6pm to 10pm.

Buffet / Restaurant and the service:

My husband is a chef, so he know about food and I’m a pastry chef/travel agent. We had some great food and some really bad. We went to the buffet and the food was almost better than the a la carte one. Every day you had a theme: Spanish, US, Italian... so it was various food which was great. But for the Royal gourmet, when you order from the menu, you expect to have a perfect breakfast. My husband asked for hash brown and it came in his plate greasy and ice cold. He ask the server to get another one warm and she came back with another cold one. I can go on and on about that kind of situation. I order a crepe Suzette at the Chanterelle and it was horrible, it was concentrated orange juice with lots of booze and it’s was so mushy... I’m maybe picky but if you said you are doing French cuisine do it right. Japanese restaurant, amazing time but the food wasn't wow, the rice was hard and burned because he never moved the rice from the flat top for at least 15 minutes. The shrimps wasn't deveined so you could taste it....


At the restaurant, the servers seems exhausted or even cranky. They didn't have their vacation yet and you can tell. Couple time we didn't get any water offer to us but the table beside us had the royal service. You can tell who was tipping big $$$ or not. That's so sad because you paid for the Royal services but if you don't wave $$$ in the front of your server you get nothing really. For sure the staff didn't have the best training ever, don't understand English or French. Kinda hard to get something if both of us cannot speak same language.

Room service:

This is a major issue, we ordered at 7am when room service open, the women said 30 minutes wait. Ok I’m fine with that. 1h30 later received my breakfast and was cold. I never receive a phone call from room services saying we might have a longer delay or anything. Nope just wait like an … in your room and you might get your food. We did a different time of the day to see... same thing, 2h30 later food arrive cold and no flavor. My friend order a special menu due to her food allergies, we can understand that will take some times, but 3 hours later... wow and missing some stuff.... I can keep going. So yeah if you plan having a snack at night, ask yourself if you will be sleeping or awake 2 hours later because your food will take that long. Some of the odds the food arrive 15 minutes later but it was around 2am. So if you are hungry around 10pm ask for a kart and go to the sport bar which is so far away from the turquesa and good luck to get a kart back....

Royal Suites Turquesa private shuttles (golf kart):

If you are at the royal suite turquesa lobby you will get the kart inside 5 minutes and less. One of the best services we got was from Thomas, he was amazing man. If you are at the bavaro you may wait for that kart for at least 30 minutes and more, the staff down there don't care if you are Royal guess or not. Same from punta cana, palace site. Sad to say but it’s true.

Construction on site:

Bavaro site was under construction, pretty bad too. Most of it I would say. They work really early in the morning to late at night. All around the site you can see black net blocking the view and the construction. Trucks coming and go, drills and loud noise is normal right now. Building half walls due the construction. The restaurant and the theater is shut. Only the sport bar, shops, lobby, kids club is open. For people who know Hemmingway bar is still open but if you go at night, no light around to get there and its surround black nets too. You cannot hear the construction from turquesa but you can feel the staff annoyed and tired by long hours of work. They are moving most of the people from bavaro to another site: palace, punta cana or turquesa which is at his full capacity and creating some pain in the ... in the low season.

The beach:

The beach is amazing, nice white sand. Long of 1km. Its look like it’s starting to have a cliff a bit but its natural, nature create this. Water clear at moment but we got most day with yellow flags.

Shop at the beach:

If you pass the line from the beach turquesa and the shop, get ready to be pull toward each shop down there. Some can be aggressive at some part. Bargain with them, best tip: 50% of what they want you to pay.


They are great!!!! But make sure to get the right information. They told us that for Dolphin Explorer would take only 3 hours but it took 5 hours. (If you want to have the picture they take when you are there that give you 2 extra hours) which we didn't know.

Our major problem:

This vacation was for our 5th wedding anniversary, on the day of arrival on august 7th, we book a romantic dinner in a gazebo at the front of the beach. Give my credit card get my reservation coupon, add some goodies to make it perfect. (Which btw I took the time to specify when booking this trip have to be the best for our anniversary and want this and that). The day of our anniversary, we came back in our room, a letter was at the door saying please call your butler at this number ASAP. I gave a call and she said this: We are sorry but we cannot do your anniversary dinner because it was already book for a wedding today. Whatttt.... they offer me to do it on the beach but we didn't want it there, we book it at the gazebo for a reason. They only thing they were saying is: sorry, we can do it tomorrow instead. What a joke, I knew some people from the management and I did complain a lot. But for some reason I couldn't talk to them they were not around.... butler was telling us to wait until 5pm to know if they can do something somewhere else. So basically we were stress out, not knowing what was going to happen and being stress at the same time. Great timing for enjoying our anniversary. 5pm arrive, we still didn't get any answer, we went to see the main butler and complain to him, he was saying we are sorry we can’t do anything. I urge him to call the manager but never did it. Almost 6pm I saw the manager arriving and he came to me and apologise. He did save our night by making up something wonderful BUT we miss all the good day of fun for stress instead. Glad I knew him, what would happen to someone who doesn't know the manager???? No service, nothing just take it that way. Sorry we did a mistake but can’t fix it. That it’s not acceptable.

Butler: 2 days later we ask our butler to fill to Jacuzzi for us by the time we were out. Yes the Jacuzzi take over an hour to fill. So we paid the guys (tips) to do so. Just basic, fill the hot water in it at around 9pm.

So around 9h20 pm I was getting bit by mosquitos pretty bad so I decide to go get change. My friend decide to come with me, so we walk from the palace and arrive at the hall of my room. My door was wide open, the bath was running but nobody around it. Nobody was at the butler desk either, I was so mad. So I went to the bathroom to get change and my friend was in the room. The butler showed up what 4-5 minutes after we got in the room. I was still in the bathroom and the butler said to my friend, I’m doing the bath for miss... my friend reply that the bath wasn't hot enough and he start explaining what he told to my husband.... but he never ask who my friend was and what she was doing in my room without me. It could be someone I didn't know getting in my room and stilling some stuff. So Thankful that most of my value stuff was in a locked safe. Anyway, that shouldn't have to happen at all. He should have shut the door and come back to check on the bath not leaving the door wide open. We didn't know for how long before we showed up the door was open.

Many thing like this happened in our trip and this is not acceptable low season or not, tired staff or not....


If you leave 5$ US tips they will do amazing towel decoration but under than that good luck to have some flowers on your bed. The maid leave you door open as well when they clean but can leave the room to go on the 3 floor to see something. Your room is free for people who want anything in your room. We watch that maid leave lots of room like that... sad isn’t it?

So in resume, it wasn't the best vacation we could have for sure. This hotel have the potential for sure to be a really amazing experience. I would suggest to everyone to wait before going there. The construction, staff tired.... make a whole bad experience unless you really don't expect the 5 starts hotel and all the stuff promised to you. I would maybe give a try in a year but seriously the staff need training and some English course. Some of the management need to take off their head from the sand and see where is the problem and fix it. Not finding excuse but fixing the problem.

I want to thank personally Armando Gonzalez, Food and brewage manager who really care for the guess and the resort. Great job Armando! Thanks for taking the time with us and acknowledging what need to be fix for the food part and services for room service...

Will try the Palladium in Mexico, hopefully this one will be better.

Hope these info help you guys.

  • Stayed August 2013, traveled as a couple
    • Value
    • Location
    • Sleep Quality
    • Rooms
    • Cleanliness
    • Service
4 Thank Maevabora
This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
ltajes, Manager at TRS Turquesa Hotel, responded to this review, August 20, 2013
Dear Maevabora,

From the staff of The Royal Suites Turquesa we want to thank you for dedicating your time to share your experiences concerning your stay.

Thank you for choosing The Royal Suites Turquesa for your vacations, also, thanks for highlighting these details; we are working to improve and satisfy your needs.

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Atlanta, Georgia
1 review
common_n_hotel_reviews_1bd8 5 helpful votes
Reviewed August 15, 2013

This was one of the best vacation we had. we knew it would be good once we enetered the gate. The checkin and checked out was smooth. Jose was very patience with us even when we wanted to change room. we only wanted the change because we wanted more space. Claudia is an asset to your team, she was very attentive and she is one of best I have meet in customer service(outstanding).Thank you Nikalus and Jorge , we will be back in Feb 2014. We are telling all our friends to visit The Royal. My new word Mama Juana. Thank you...we will be back...

Room Tip: We like the cabana suites because the bathroom has a door for privacy. especially if you are travell...
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  • Stayed August 2013, traveled with friends
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    • Sleep Quality
    • Rooms
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    • Service
5 Thank charmaine s
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ltajes, Manager at TRS Turquesa Hotel, responded to this review, August 20, 2013
Dear charmaine s,

We are really thankful for the precious time you dedicate to share your good experiences in the hotel with us.

It is a satisfaction to know that you enjoyed your stay at our resort, thanks for highlighting these details.

Thank you very much.
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Charlotte, North Carolina
1 review
common_n_hotel_reviews_1bd8 7 helpful votes
Reviewed August 10, 2013

This was our first and last all inclusive trip and if we weren't with a group of friends we would have left early.

*Nice spacious swim up rooms- that's the only way to go.
*Great housekeeping staff but don't plan on sleeping in, they start early knocking
*Nice Beach/View
*Pretty Property

*The food is nasty at every restaurant, worst I've ever had, ALL 8 of us got sick during the trip and 50% went to the doctor when we returned home and still 4 days after returning home, not back to 100%.
*The mattress is rock hard, plan on waking up with back and neck cramps
*The check in staff is rude, not willing to help you and not accommodating at all
*Practice up on your Spanish, many of the staff don't understand English and lots of them do understand but pretended to "no comprendo"--tips $$ help and then they all of a sudden understand
*Be prepared to be sold on lots of excursions- we always felt like we were being hustled to buy jewelry or art or some sort of souvenir
*We had to beg lots of the cart drivers to take us back to Royal Suites
*The gym and towel huts were always out of towels- "come back in 30 mins"

Room Tip: Definitely go with the swim up rooms
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  • Stayed August 2013, traveled with friends
    • Value
    • Location
    • Sleep Quality
    • Rooms
    • Cleanliness
    • Service
7 Thank ID30
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ltajes, Manager at TRS Turquesa Hotel, responded to this review, August 13, 2013
Dear ID30,

Received a warm greeting from the staff of The Royal Suites Turquesa by Palladium, we want to thank you for dedicating your time to share your experiences concerning your stay.

We would like to apologize for the inconvenience you had during your holidays, but I assure you we will consider your suggestions, we are working to improve our services.

Once again thank you very much, we invite you to return in any season of your preference.

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Level 4 Contributor
23 reviews
14 hotel reviews
common_n_hotel_reviews_1bd8 48 helpful votes
Reviewed August 9, 2013

We loved this place. Check in was fast and efficient. We were greeted with warm towels to wipe our hands and face with. Then we were given a tasty cocktail. By the time we got done our beverage, we were being escorted to our rooms.
We didn't get a swim-up room because they are further down form the beach and beach front pool. Our room even had a great ocean view from the pool. loved the pillow menu and our room always had a nice vanilla aroma therapy candle in the room when we came back from diner.

The food was great. I loved having the gourmet and buffet child free. The other specialty restaurants has great food but, sometimes the amount of kids could get overwhelming.

The best beach chairs are located here! Padded and comfortable. Great close proximity to the water, not overcrowded and plenty of sun or shade. Very clean and the service was fast and the drinks were served cold. We have gone five times and this place was the BEST!!!

Room Tip: The swim up rooms are off the front side of the hotel and do not have ocean views. We stayed in a no...
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  • Stayed October 2012, traveled as a couple
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    • Rooms
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    • Service
5 Thank jerseygirl74
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ltajes, Manager at TRS Turquesa Hotel, responded to this review, August 13, 2013
Dear jerseygirl74,

From the staff of The Royal Suites Turquesa we want to thank you for dedicating your time to share your experiences concerning your stay.

We are proud that once again you chose The Royal Suites Turquesa, trusting that we will give you your well deserved vacations.

Once again thank you very much, we look forward for your return.

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Mississauga, Canada
Level 5 Contributor
4 reviews
4 hotel reviews
common_n_hotel_reviews_1bd8 60 helpful votes
Reviewed August 9, 2013

This is the first review that I have struggled to write because our experience was much more than an incredible room, beautiful beach, great food and good drinks. This last trip was about an overwhelming feeling of abundance, love and caring. There are vacations that are pleasant but forgettable, some that are very enjoyable, while others exceed expectations and then the very few that become trips of a lifetime. Our most recent trip falls into the trip of a lifetime category, an experience that still leaves us feeling overwhelmed and grateful for the generosity and kindness that was shown to us from the moment that we arrived to the time it was for us to leave. This time as we left the resort we once again found that we had tears in our eyes not because our trip was over but because of the overwhelming feeling of gratefulness for the experiences that we had during our stay.

Arrival in Punta Cana
The airport experience can not be describe as anything more that chaotic. Systems have changed since we first started going to Punta Cana and the introduction of immigration and scanning machines without any system of lines is a hair raising experience for two veteran travellers. However battling this frenzied free-for-all is worth it knowing what is on the other side. Depending on the number of planes arriving the whole experience can take approximately 45 to 60 minutes.

VIP Transfers
We had arranged VIP transfers this time rather than taking the provided packaged transfers. We are so glad that we did. The experience was quick and easy. We were at the resort in approximately 25 minutes.

Arrival at the Resort
It had been approximately 16 months since our last visit to RST and we were both like little kids staring out the transfer windows as it drove through the Palladium property at the lush gardens and both exclaiming "did you see", "oh look there is..." and "remember when we..". VIP transfers dropped us off at the entrance to RST lobby where we were greeted by head bellman Tomas. We felt like old friends returning home. Tomas quickly took our baggage from us and lead us to the desk to register. Registration began with a glass of champagne and warm welcomes from both Michalina the RST bartender who brought for us our champagne and the front desk staff. The paperwork was minimal and you are provided with two room keys and an information package including an updated map. Next our butler Andres arrived in the lobby, exclaiming "You must be Ken and Paul, we have been waiting for you.". As Andres brought us to our room he asked where we wanted to dine that evening and if there were any special dinner arrangements we would like for him to make for us. We explained to Andres that we only dine at the two RST restaurants and find that there is enough variety there for us. We were also thrilled to find out that we had been upgraded from our junior deluxe swim-out to our romance swim-out suite. Andres showed us around the room and drew our attention to the paperwork that could be filled out to request special requests for time to have the room made up, pillow requests etc. Within moments of Andres leaving our luggage arrived.

The Room
The Romance swim-out suite for us was just perfect. When we first walked into the suite we were greeted by flower arrangements, aromatherapy burning an incredible citrus scent, a beautiful fruit platter and other welcoming gifts. We were so overwhelmed by the beauty and generosity that went into welcoming us back home to the RST. The Romance Suite is decorated in a very spa like way with lots of white linens and decor. The room is furnished with a very comfortable and firm king size canopy bed, two bureaus, a lounging area with two chairs and table, a divan and table at the end of the bed. The room is supplied with a flat screen tv with a large selection of English and Spanish channels for those interested in watching television, along with a dvd player and an Ipod docking station. In the corner of the room you will find a round Jacuzzi tub big enough for two or more. The romance suite is also outfitted with romance lighting that is illuminated when the other lighting is turned off, giving the room a romantic glow. The Romance Suite does boost a separate bathroom with double sinks, a separate toilet and a shower system with numerous jets and steam features, not to mention radio and telephone. We joked that the only thing that the shower system did not offer was a spray dial with sunscreen! The Romance swim-up suite has two sets of sliding patio doors that open to a double sized patio. The patio contains a pair of loungers, chairs and small table. The piece that makes this room perfectly ideal for us is the pool area. We love being on the corner of the building and the expanse of pool this location provided. It really did feel like we had our own plunge pool.

The Staff
For us the staff are the individuals that truly makes this resort change from great to extraordinary. We want to highlight some of the incredible experiences that we had with the staff. However we do want to point out that these are mere examples and that each day from the moment we walked out the door to evening arriving back at our room we were overwhelmed by the generosity, kindness and friendliness of the Palladium staff.

Each member of the front desk staff were warm and welcoming and always very accommodating to any requests. They really made us feel like we were important and wanted to ensure that our holiday was perfect. There was never an issue exchanging larger American dollars into smaller bills for tipping. Even when passing by in the lobby Charlyne and other members were quick to wave and smile.

Each morning as were were leaving for breakfast or for our trip to the beach we were greeted by our maid. She was always quick with a smile and a good morning. We were thrilled with how thorough she was in keeping our room clean. When we checked in, we completed a form indicating the time that we would like our room made up in the morning and in the evening. Each day like clockwork that is when the room was made up. There was always an abundance of linens that felt like they had been recently upgrade. For those needing facecloths we always had three or four delivered each day. Every other day we could always count on a new towel art arrangement. Each evening while we were out for dinner housekeeping would replenish the towels and straighten the bedding.

Bar Staff are always friendly and happy to make for you your favourite concoction. Gabbi at the RST lobby bar made the most extraordinary Brandy Alexander's that make the perfect pre lunch and pre dinner drink. Hilaria the supervisor of the palace lobby bar and RST lobby bar was always quick with a smile and hug and before you knew it, she was ensuring your favourite drink arrived. To help us celebrate my birthday she ensured that champagne arrived at our room. She really helped to make our vacation extra special. We can not say enough thank yous to Hilaria for all of the kindness that she showed us.

Butlers were always more than willing to meet any of your needs or requests. They really wanted to ensure that your holiday was all that you hoped it would be. We were very fortunate to have Andres and Juan working as a team taking care of us. They always ensured that our needs were taken care of and went that extra mile, checking in with us regularly to see if we needed anything further. Whether it was securing dinner reservations to helping to locate a tea candle for your aromatherapy burner to helping you to have a light-bulb replaced--no request went unattended by our team. We also were so impressed that Melky who had been our butler several times before also checked in with us to ensure that we were having a great holiday --even though we were not in her building on this trip.

The Restaurant Staff --what an incredible group of people! These hardworking individuals truly touched our hearts, kept us laughing, and were a major component of what made this the trip of a life time. It is so hard to describe the great lengths that these individuals went to ensure our every need and desire was met and it was done with compassion and generosity, not simply because it is their job. It is the little things that they do that make you feel special, like going out of their way to say good morning, remembering your favourite table, decorating it with flowers or offering to bring your favourite drink. We really felt that these individuals got to know us to the point that after a few days at dinner we let our waitstaff recommend or choose for us what we would be having and allowing them to surprise us. They took great pleasure in this and were quite honoured to do so. It also helps that we have a broad palette and enjoy a variety of foods. While all of the individuals did an incredible job special mention must be made to Pedro, Micalia, Fedelciro Icantious, Berraso, Marta and Jose Carlos for all of your special attention. While there are many new faces at the Royal Gourmet with individuals like head m'aitre'd Juan and Fransico moving on to new ventures and new resorts, the two RST restaurants have not missed a beat ---in fact they are stronger, more attentive and more detailed orientated than ever. What an amazing team.

This is a team that cares and truly wants you to have the experience of a lifetime. A special note must be mention about Octavio. The Palladium Brand is fortunate to have such a hardworking and dedicated representative. He is service oriented and connects with individuals in a way that makes them feel that they are the most important clients at the resort. Octavio listens attentively and is always eager to hear how your vacation is going. We were so pleased to be able to connect with him on this trip and spend some quality time. What a gem!

The Beach
Pure white sand and turquoise waters --perfection. The Punta Cana beach is great for those who love to stroll. There is also a small flea market to the right where you can barter for jewelry and trinkets. For us beach time though is spent bobbing in the ocean for hours or lying basking in the sun. There were always plenty of beach chairs to be had and for the most part shade was available, though sometimes only under a palm and not always one of those coveted papalas. For us shade is not an issue and we enjoyed having full sun spots along the waters edge. The RST does offer beach drink service and morning bottle water delivery. For those eager to have their drink order filled the pool bar is in short walking distance to the beach.

A highlight for us when on vacation is the dining experience and RST exceeds our expectations. To be clear we eat exclusively at The Royal Gourmet and Chantrelles and over two weeks we did not become bored or disenchanted. These two restaurants are dedicated exclusively to the RST which is adults only. We understand that buffet restaurants offer a potential faster dining options or the opportunity to pick and choose your food directly from the chafing dishes for the more finicky. Similarly others feel the need to venture to the other alacarte restaurants located throughout the Palladium properties to satisfy a more limited palette. As mentioned before there is enough variance on the two menus at the RST restaurants for us that we did not feel the need to venture to the other restaurants ---plus we did prefer to remain adults only. Dining for us is an event, with a typical lunch lasting two hours and dinner lasting three and The Royal Gourmet and Chantrelle provided this intimate and attentive dining experience. It is important to remember that these two restaurants are Gourmet restaurants and are not your typical American chain or roadhouse type restaurants ---the food is different, it is gourmet. Many of our meals were comparable, if not exceeding the quality that we have experienced when vacationing in Paris, France or while dining out in Toronto or Montreal.

For breakfast and lunch we dined in the Royal Gourmet. Mornings provide alacarte menu options and a buffet offering hot and cold items. We loved the Eggs Benedict, French toast and pancakes. Ken had a great cheese omelet several mornings. Most mornings with did opt to select only items from the buffet for breakfast, keeping it light and saving room for incredible alacarte lunches and dinners.

Each lunch the menu changes at the Royal Gourmet ---offering incredible duck dishes, delicious steaks, amazing ribs and shrimp. No lunch would be complete however without a visit from the dessert trolley, offering a different flans, cakes and mouses each day. During our lunches wine, water, champagne (cava) and Baileys flowed liberally.

Then there were the dinners at Chantrelle, what an incredible experience! You read about the cheese fondues and Chateaubriand and it is true these are all incredible but one must also mention the incredible salmon, the great rack of lamb and the delicious duck, to name just a few of the other incredible options. Our favourite dessert does still remain the crepe Suzette but we did try and enjoyed many of the other desserts. Our only miss step was trying the creme brulle which is not what we understand creme brulle to be. This is not how we have experienced it in either Canada or France. It was more of a pudding ---not to our taste. This however in 14 nights was the only stumble and it was quickly rectified with a different dessert. Here as at lunch the red wine, water, cava and baileys or other liqueurs flowed very liberally.

Evening Entertainment
Pre-dinner drinks were taken at the RST lobby bar, dinner was an event, then occasionally we would go for drinks in the palace lobby. The resort does offer a popular cocktail bar called Hemmingways with piano music being played, as well as resort shows and live music being played in several lobbies. But for us a nightcap in the RST lobby was taken if desired and then a late night swim in our section of the swim-up pool. That made for us perfect a perfect evening.

Threat of Hurricane!
While on this trip we were in direct line for the arrival of Hurricane Chantel. We were thoroughly impressed with the way in which the resort managed this threat. We were kept posted of the situation via frequent written updates. Some services were altered to ensure the safety of guests and staff. Fortunately for us Chantel changed her path and the sun continued to shine for us. It was so nice to see however a resort that is pro-active rather than re-active. Great Work!

The Experience
As I started out, this trip was a trip of a lifetime and no review can begin to describe for you the experience that we had at the RST. It was so much more than an incredible room, a great pool, an amazing beach and food that makes your mouth-water. It was about a connection with people ---reconnecting with each other, amazing connection with staff that we think of as dear friends and family, plus the opportunity to meet new friends from around the world. We did see individuals and have read reviews written that focused on a couple of 1 inch by 1 inch tiles missing in the pool, an encounter with a staff member who had limited English or a stain on a bedroom chair where someone clearly has sat with or left a wet bathingsuit or sat to apply sunscreen, we too ran into these situations but the difference for us this is not what made our experience. For us it was the experience and attention that the RST staff have shown. When we think of what we are looking for in a holiday --great service, attention to detail, amazing beach, swim up suites, outstanding dining options and did I mention great staff , why would we go anywhere else. We are now planning for our return trip to the RST.

Room Tip: The swim ups are our favourites and if you are going to celebrate a special occasion why not splurge...
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  • Stayed July 2013, traveled as a couple
    • Value
    • Location
    • Sleep Quality
    • Rooms
    • Cleanliness
    • Service
15 Thank PaulandKen
This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
ltajes, Manager at TRS Turquesa Hotel, responded to this review, August 13, 2013
Dear PaulandKen,

Received a warm greeting from the staff of The Royal Suites Turquesa, we wants to thank you for dedicating your time to share your experiences concerning your stay.

Comments like yours are the best motivation; thank you very much.

Once again thank you for choosing The Royal Suites Turquesa and for trusting that we will give you your well deserved vacations.

We look forward for your return.

Best Regards.
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Level 1 Contributor
3 reviews
common_n_hotel_reviews_1bd8 18 helpful votes
Reviewed August 7, 2013 via mobile

Had we not been upgraded, we would have been very disappointed!! The RS are great, bit tired but comfortable, there can be an issue with room key cards not working, DVD players don't work but other than that- fine. We tipped our maid at the beginning and the room was always clean but nothing spectacular (no towel animals!!)

Food is to a good standard but hate to think what it would have been like if we had not stayed in the RS, booking at the restaurants made it a lot easier.

Grounds are beautiful and well maintained. I agree with an earlier review - swim up rooms are too remote, better to be near the pool, you cannot hear anything from your rooms which is great.

Main issues - lack of service, attitude of some staff (so rude at times which really annoys me), if I order a diet coke, that's what I expect, not a full fat one!! I expect the water to be cold, not given to me from the side because they have run out of cold water!! Not enough ice machines. I emailed Ronnie Avalo, the reception manager on numerous occasions and have never received a reply. I waited 5 hours at reception to get a room change as the AC wasn't working in our room (to be told I should be grateful that I had been upgraded from Bavaro to RS!!). AC in restaurants, lobby and bars was non-existent. Staff allowed non RS holiday makers in the RS area. Smoking was not permitted in the swim up pool area but staff allowed it!!

I compared this holiday to my holiday in Mexico last year, we stayed at the Grand Palladium Colonial and had the best time!! Everything including the staff was brilliant!! Such a shame the Fiesta Group who own this hotel chain do not follow up on complaints/issues!

I would not return to DR but would go back to Mexico!!!

Such a shame!!

  • Stayed August 2013
    • Value
    • Location
    • Rooms
    • Cleanliness
    • Service
2 Thank Andrea C
This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
ltajes, Manager at TRS Turquesa Hotel, responded to this review, August 13, 2013
Dear Andrea R,

On behalf of The Royal Suites Turquesa by Palladium we want to thank you for the dedicated time you spent to share your suggestions.

Politely we would like to apologize for the inconvenience, thanks to you and other customers suggestions we are working to improve our service.

One more time thank you very much,

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The Royal Suites Turquesa is an exclusive VIP area of 372 luxurious rooms located within the Grand Palladium Resort in Punta Cana. Featuring private facilities and personalised service, the area includes an exclusive restaurant, concierge service and free Internet in the private lobby, air conditioned bar serving premium International beverages, exclusive pool with built-in Jacuzzis and bar service to the sun beds by the pool and at the beach, and much more. For adults only. ... more   less 
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