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Filip R wrote a review Nov 2020
26 contributions28 helpful votes
Treće krstarenje po redu i rado nastavljam dalje...čim se pokrene posle korone.Sa msc meraviglia sam oduševljen.Brod je noviji ,ogroman....unutra je prelep sa stepenicama Swarovski,glavno setaliste u sredini sa prelepim video plafonom.unutrašnja kabina je standardna sa bračnim krevetom, friziderom,Tv...restorani standardno dobri sa izborom hrane.Teatro sa zanimljivim predstavama i muzičkim Kabare om.parfimerije sa popustima.bazeni i otbvoreni i zatvoreni.usluga vrhunska.moja tura je bila :djenova,Palermo,Malta,Barselona,Marsej,rim...brod za svaku preporuku
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Sail Date: December 2019
Cabin Type: Balcony
Type of Trip: Couple
Destination: Mediterranean
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
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MSC Meraviglia

186 reviews
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Itineraries for this ship
14 Night Cruise to the Western Caribbean
Departure date
Saturday, 10/23/21
Miami, Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, Costa Maya, Cozumel, Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, Miami, Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, Nassau, Ocho Rios, Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, Miami
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Passengers: 4,488   |   Crew: 1,536
Passengers to crew: 2.92:1
Passengers to space: 38.2:1
Launched: 2017   


  • Deck 5
  • Deck 6
  • Deck 7
  • Deck 8
  • Deck 9
  • Deck 10
Additional decks
Deck 5 layout
  Bella Oceanview Stateroom (O1)  
  Bella Inside Stateroom (I1)  
  Fantastica Oceanview Stateroom (O2)  
  Interior Studio Stateroom (I1S)  
Waves Restaurant
Infinity Bar
Infinity Atrium
Business Center
MSC Excursions
Broadway Theater


Cabin size: 205 - 205 sq. ft.
Connected rooms: 262
Accessible rooms: 26
Maximum passengers: 9
Number of cabins: 1306

Activities & entertainment

Activities (31)
  • Pool (5)
  • Arts Classes
  • Bowling*
  • Dance Classes
  • Deck Parties
  • Evening DJ
  • F1 Simulator*
  • Flight Simulator*
  • Game Shows
  • Hot Tubs (8)
  • Interactive XD Cinema*
  • Karaoke
  • Meraviglia Library
  • MSC Aurea Spa*
  • MSC Gym by Technogym
  • Polar Aquapark
  • Power Walking Track
  • Sportplex
  • Sports Tournaments
  • Trivia
  • TV Games
  • Virtual Games Arcade*
  • Waterslides (2)
  • Attic Club
  • Baby Club Chicco
  • Doremi Lab
  • Doremi Studio
  • Juniors Club Lego
  • Mini Club LEGO
  • Teen Club
  • Young Club
Entertainment (9)
  • Broadway Theater
  • Broadway Theater
  • Carousel Lounge
  • Casino Imperiale*
  • Comedy Performances
  • Horizon Amphitheatre
  • Live Music
  • Plaza Meraviglia
  • Sky Lounge
Dining (27)
  • Infinity Bar - Atrium Bar*
  • Marketplace Buffet - Casual
  • Champagne Bar - Champagne*
  • Jean-Philippe Chocolate & Coffee - Chocolate & Coffee*
  • Edge Cocktail Bar - Cocktail Bar*
  • Meraviglia Bar & Lounge - Cocktail Bar*
  • Atmosphere Ice Cream Bar - Gelato
  • Panorama Restaurant - International
  • Waves Restaurant - International
  • Food Market - italian*
  • Ristorante Italiano - italian*
  • Kaito Teppanyaki - Japanese*
  • Atmosphere Bar North - Pool Bar*
  • Atmosphere Bar South - Pool Bar*
  • Bamboo Bar - Pool Bar*
  • Horizon Bar - Pool Bar*
  • Polar Bar - Pool Bar*
  • Brass Anchor Pub - Pub*
  • Sports Bar - Sports Bar*
  • Butcher's Cut - Steakhouse*
  • MSC Yacht Club Grill - Suite Guests
  • MSC Yacht Club Restaurant - Suite Guests
  • MSC Yacht Club Sundeck & Bar - Suite Guests
  • Top Sail Lounge - Suite Guests
  • Kaito Sushi Bar - Sushi*
  • Jean-Philippe Crepes & Ice Cream - Sweets*
  • TV Studio & Bar - TV Bar*
* May require additional fees
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lesbrinkley wrote a review Oct 12
1 contribution
This is an in-depth review of a 7 nt Carribean cruise I just took (Oct 2nd) with my wife for our 33rd Anniversary on the MSC Mereviglia. We decided to sail with MSC for the 5th time back in January 2021. Unfortunately, the CDC's COVID restrictions caused the booking to be canceled in April, so we rebooked for Nov 2nd and received a complimentary Balcony upgrade by using our cancellation credits. I'd first like to say that my wife and I are avid cruisers. We're loyalty club members with 5 cruise lines, and we've sailed across the globe on over 60 cruises to date. There are times we cruise to experience a new ship, and times we sail to experience new ports. This cruise was definitely selected for the ship and not the ports. My goal is to highlight various discrepancies and to unbiasedly share the good and bad aspects of our cruise. I must start with the bad because there is far more than the good. INTERNET SERVICE---- Buy the full week package online before departure or you will pay dearly for not doing so!!! To have full streaming service for both phones and my laptop, we forked out $330!! Ouch!! This was the 1st time I've seen a cruise ship offer full streaming internet service, but my gosh....that's expensive by anyone's standard!! The pre-boarding online price was a supposed $77/pp, but that was most likely for 1 phone. Anyhow, I decided to take the hit because the ship's itinerary had us on their private cay for 2 full days. The internet package included wifi hotspots on their cay so I figured that our usage would justify their absorbent cost. WRONG!! The wifi hotspots on Ocean Cay were sketchy at best. We sunbathed on several beaches around the large Cay, but no matter where we settled, the wifi signal was weak. I must admit that the signal onboard was always solid. That was great because there were several huge MLB and NFL games that the ship's bars and lounges didn't broadcast?? I had to watch them on my laptop (SMH). Why does every cruise line struggle with this issue? They refuse to carry any other sports programming in their bars and lounges besides ESPN and ESPN2? Hundreds of sports-crazed men gathering around a bar or lounge for a big sporting event usually causes a ton of drinking...$$$ ching ching??? I don't get it. They're loosing out because most patrons don't buy into the crazy drink packages that cost upward of $400 pp. Sit a bunch of men at a bar for 3 hrs and you'll undoubtedly make a HUGE profit!! FOOD PACKAGES ---- This was by far the most troubling issue we experienced. The passenger capacity on the Mereviglia is 4500. We sailed with a passenger load of 1400. It honestly felt as though MSC was attempting to use clever schemes to make 1400 passengers spend what 4500 passengers normally would. Unfortunately, schemes like the food package weren't very clever. Basically, for an additional $230, a party of two could eat for 3 nights at 3 different specialty restaurants. A $75 additional cost per night for what we assumed would be FULL/BETTER meals sounded pretty reasonable. It ended up being a complete ripoff, and an insult to not only us but several passengers we spoke with. There's a steak restaurant (Butchers Cut), a seafood restaurant, and a sushi restaurant included in the package. Here's the catch. Specialty restaurants have been around for a good 15 yrs now and every cruise line uses them to not only provide more onboard eating options but more importantly, more onboard revenue options. It's a good formula and most cruise lines do it well. Historically, we'd spend an extra $50-$70 for a meal, but the meal would include big portions, anything on the menu, and great food quality. MSC COMPLETELY blew it on all three fronts. The portions were tiny. So tiny in fact that we had to go to the buffet afterward, and we're not big people or big eaters. Additionally, if you had the package, you were restricted to a very limited menu. If you choose to upgrade from a filet mignon to a T-bone for example, be prepared to pay an additional $60 pp!!! I complained about this issue on the 3rd day to the ship's asst guest relations manager Sheila Diamond. 3 days in, no shore excursion, spa, casino, or drinking charges yet, and our tab was already over $800!! Her customer service response was quite extraordinary!! It may have been the best we've ever seen on a cruise ship! She provided Champagne, chocolate strawberries, a huge seafood platter, wine, bathrobes, and over $200 in onboard credit!! In our eyes, Mrs. DiamonO redeemed the entire company with her amazing customer service. She single-handedly salvaged our 33rd Anniversary Cruise and we could not be more grateful OVERALL---- There were other minor issues that are worth mentioning before concluding. The sand on their Ocean Cay beaches has a very pungent odor of sulfur dioxide (rotten eggs). The Buffet pavilion on the Cay is the only major eatery beside the food trucks that serve burgers and dogs. If the ship docks in at 9am and departs at 11pm, you would think that they'd have the Buffet Pavillion open for lunch and dinner. It closed at approx. 2pm and forced you to wait in long lines at a few scattered food trucks, or go back on board to eat. Minor, but I'm sure that will change as capacity increases. The ship is beautiful, and the sanitary protocols they've put in place are very thorough. Temp checks every day, hand washing before entering the buffet, etc. As of October 2021, masks are still required in public places when you weren't eating or drinking, but the staff didn't over enforce the mask mandates. MSC usually kills it with their Italian pizza, but the Meraviglia didn't hit their usual mark on this stapled item. Lastly, our ports were Ocho Rios, and Nassau. Ocho Rios has always been a dangerous port and Nassau has always been a safe one. That hasn't changed. I would say this. With the desperation the pandemic has caused everywhere, don't go onshore in Jamaica unless you're booking an excursion provided by the cruise line itself. Nassau is totally safe. Can't go wrong with a pleasent 15 minute walk to Junkanoo Beach CONCLUSION------ We recognize the enormous financial challenges that all cruise lines are facing. They'll need to cut corners, adapt, and find new ways to operate if they're going to remain solvent. The problem is that they'll need to find ways to do this without appearing to operate in an underhanded or deceptive way. If someone's recovering from a devastating injury, you can't expect them to be in full form as soon as they come back. They have to work through some obvious kinks, but We'll continue to sail with MSC and we're confident that as they come back into full service, they'll find their sea legs.
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marianacomcast wrote a review Sep 2021
Lowell, Massachusetts4 contributions1 helpful vote
Went on my first cruise and got body shamed by waitress. I can’t believe in 2021 years things like that stills happen. But yep was inside one of the bars and the waitress came to me and suggested that I was overweight in front of my friends and family. Contact costumer service and they didn’t even bother to respond my email. So If you not a model just remember that staff are not trained to properly treat their guess and will make you feel uncomfortable and make jokes about your weight.
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Rochelle H wrote a review Sep 2021
3 contributions
First I have to complain about the lack of accomodation for a person with a CPAP. Both myself and traveling companion were ASSURED we would have adequate outlets for our CPAP machines. There's were two outlets for the entire cabin, and none near the beds. I would have given the cruise 1 star if it were not for our excellent cabin steward and some great customer service here and there. Each of our excursions started late. None of the excursions held close to a meal period had any food available during the excursions and staff did nothing to help us with our mealtime arrangements. Covid was the excuse for everything! When we originally booked there was no mask mandate, then there was! Which was miserable. Activities that could have been mask less required them when the cruise line invited unvaccinated to join the fun. Thanks a lot. My traveling companion and I both purchased the thermal spa package which allowed us some mask free time and was very relaxing. The food was hit and miss. Most meals had something that was inedible. My eggs Benedict fir example had weird spices added; day 1 tarragon, day 3 onion powder. Most wait staff did not understand English which made placing orders difficult. Big push to scan QR codes using the ships App which was weird since the app was iffy at best and WIFi was not free. I didn't appreciate having my cell service jammed for the entire cruise. Pestering, annoying hard cell of extras. No port talks. Very pretty, but inept cruise director. Disorganized. Unprofessional. I think they owe ME money for helping them train their staff.
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Mrbucketlist wrote a review Sep 2021
Clearwater, Florida435 contributions206 helpful votes
This cruise was amazing! First off for a cruise ship that holds around 7-8k passengers and we only had about 800 it was amazing!! I travel all the time and I legitimately wanted a true relaxing vacation and this is what I got. I loved every moment of it. The food was unique at first until I realized, this is an Italian line maybe I should just order Italian food. This was also the easiest and quickest embark/disembark process i've ever seen out of 4 cruises. I just can't say enough this ship and cruise. The price being 300 bucks after everything for a balcony cabin out of Miami??? Try it out is all I can say- MrBucketlist
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Sean F wrote a review Sep 2021
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina18 contributions6 helpful votes
Couple of things to know that no one tells you. Just got back from a 4 day cruise with MSC and I am hoping these are kinks they are working out in the new world of covid cruising because if this is normal for them I would avoid this line. #1 - if you are not vaccinated the rapid test you need within 72 hours of sailing costs a lot of money. I heard people quote from $65-$200 depending on where you get it and how fast you get the results. #2. They do mark vaxed guests with white bands and almost everyone is vaxed but I saw no issues with unvaxed guests #3. If your unvaxed you cannot go into the specialty restaurants after 5:30 (except for sushi) #4. No one can sit at a bar #5. There is no wait service on Ocean Cay. You have to walk up and order everything. #6. BOOK A CABANA on Ocean Cay and get there early for the best pick. There is zero shade on the island unless you rent an umbrella.. They do not assign them and it is on a first come first serve basis. We got there at 9:30 and got the closest Cabana to the bar food and bathrooms. By 11:30 they were putting people in cabanas that were minimum 10 minute walk to the facilities. Trust me, if you pay what you pay for a cabana and get put in one of the outrer ones you will not be happy at all nor is it worth it. #7. The food is bad... The service is fantastic. The product is not. If you have been on any other major cruise line, your going to be let down by the food. The buffet is very limited and the late night options are horrible. The main dining room was a disaster. Servers were literally tripping over each other, arguing, and chasing their tails. It was a mess. Again I hope this is just working off the rust because the staff is awesome and as friendly as can be, but man they need an overhaul of the whole F&B department from menu design to training.. #8. The steakhouse serves CAB not Prime beef but charges Prime prices. Be prepared to pay Ruth Chris prices for grocery store steaks. #9. The sushi restaurant is the best. We ate at them all and here is the ranking 1. Sushi 2. Taco place 3. Ocean Cay 4. Butchers Cut 5. Buffet.. actually just use the buffet for breakfast and snacks... #10. The ship is HUGE and also gorgeous. Things you don't want to miss - the evening show on the ceiling of the main promenade. The jazz band in the lobby below the champagne bar every night starting around 6. The chocolate shop. Karaoke is fantastic but get there early. Seating is limited and by the second night word is out and there will be a wait to get in. The pub is never crowded and the music is great if you want a few drinks in a peaceful atmosphere. #11. Don't waste your money on the arcade pass. The arcade has a out 8 games. Do the bowling and simulators per use and you need to reserve your time. Overall I would give them a 7 on a 1-10 and most of that is the absolute fantastic staff, the cleanliness and beauty of the ship. The food kills the deal for me but I am a food guy so I weigh that pretty heavy. If you are looking for a quiet affordable get away and don't care that much about food as long as you eat, you will love this cruise. If you are expecting and RC or Carnival type experience don't book this... Again, I am hoping this is just a temporary situation while they figure out the new world of cruising. They are no doubt trying their best but some things you just can't short on. One of the biggest disappointments is the lack of communication before you get on the ship. The website absolutely sucks. No chat features, no one answers your emails and if you call be prepared to be on hold forever only to be told they don't know or can't answer your questions. It's very frustrating when you are trying to plan for your trip... Patience is a virtue with this line. I have done 6 Carnival, 4RCs, 2 Celebrity, and 2 Princess sailings and now 1 with MSC. Not sure if I will go again on them but that is a wait and see game... If you do go I hope you enjoy it and have fun. It's just a different experience than the big 3 so keep that in mind... Happy sailing!!!
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14 Night Cruise to the Western Caribbean
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Saturday, 10/23/21
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