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Oberhofen Castle on Lake Thoune

To take a picture of the whole castle from outside, I think you should take a boattrip.

The castle always was used to live in and for centuries it was adapted, enlarged, alterd completed, renovated and modernized.…

The rooms are representing different styles ( not all originally from the castle)

On the top floor of the Keep houses you find a Turkish Smoking Room (Selamik) who was made by wood carvers from Brienz after 1850. It's under renovation and it's reopening will be held on 9 of june.

"Orient at Oberhofen"

Re-opening of the restaured oriental smoking room : Bazar, arabic calligraphy, dance and music, Tavla (Backgammon)...

There is also a Special Exhibition:

"The greatest day. Wedding photography, 19th till 21st century"

The park, landscaped in English style, offers a breathtaking view of the Bernese Alps. It is one of the most beautiful gardens of the alpine region due to the mild climate. There is no entrance fee to visit the park.

Openingtimes of castle and park…visitors-information

As backpacks etc. are not allowed in the castle, there are free lockers near the cashier (you put a 1 or 2 franc coin in , do not fotget to take it out when you take back your bags!)

There are many many stairs to climb, not practicable by wheelchairs

Have fun