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Hi can anyone advise me about prescription meds taking them into cuba please. I'm diabetic and on tablet meds also blood pressure meds and painkillers. Do I need a doctors letter to cover me does anyone know. Thanks.

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Dartmouth, Canada
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1. Re: Medication

Just take your medications in original packaging in your carry on bag.

Consett, United...
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2. Re: Medication

Just in case take your prescription.

I say that as you never know if you need any more and dosage once there .

Toronto, Canada
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3. Re: Medication

Be sure to take it on your carry on luggage, where it is easily accessible both for your own use, and at Customs, should they wish to check it.

I once had to empty out my entire bag of medications.....only one prescription ( thyroid meds, in their original container), but lots of OTC stuff. ( allergy pills, pain pills, antibiotic cream, etc. etc.) they checked each one carefully, asked a couple of questions, and then put them back in the bag for me.

All quite easy and pleasant, actually.....think it was just a random check rather than them suspecting me of anything illegal.


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4. Re: Medication

You should bring a letter from your doctor stating your medical condition and your list of medications. Also, keep the medication in its original container. You should only bring enough for your vacation and perhaps a little more in case you're delayed in Cuba. If you bring a large supply for a one or two week vacation they become suspicious. There have medical personnel at the airport who sometimes come out to assist the official if he/she has a question. It doesn't happen often but it does happen especially if you are carrying a few medications.

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5. Re: Medication

I always carry a letter from my Doc best to be on the safe side.

North East England...
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6. Re: Medication

you need a letter your doctor esp for liquids and needles to take on-board a plane

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7. Re: Medication

A bit of an over reaction from people here methinks....

Yes take the normal precautions you would take going on holiday anywhere outside of your home country. No need to waste the GP's time & appointment slot to get a letter stating you are on such & such medication specially to visit Cuba... take a copy of your prescription as normal, it'll match the lable on your boxes etc (also useful if you need to get more from the International Pharmacy).

I have flown into Havana at least 75 times & never once been asked for a doctors letter or has anyone even questioned what I've got with me.....

So in summary.... Cuba is no different than anywhere else.... follow normal behaviour & don't be stupid like the girl from Hul in the news over Xmas who took a whole batch of painkillers to Egypt for her boyfriend !!!!

PS - for the Brits.... even taking unused & indate prescription medicine elsewhere is fraud i.e. fiddling the NHS

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8. Re: Medication

Never brought a letter from my doctor when going to another country and don,t see the reason why I should .

Just bring your medication in your original packaging and you will be fine .

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9. Re: Medication

To be honest i dont think it is an over reaction i was pulled up a few years ago when entering Bali and given a fair bit of hassle about my meds, not the best way to start a trip so since then i get a letter from my Doc no problem for him he doesnt write a bloody thing. The nurse at the surgery does it and he scribbles his signature on it but its a personal thing i feel more comfortable having the letter.

Windsor, Canada
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10. Re: Medication

Sandra - I also have diabetes and high blood pressure. I carry all my meds, in the original, labelled containers from the pharmacy in a large cosmetic bag in my carry on luggage. The bag is large enough to hold my glucometer as well. I usually put 5 - 6 lancets in the glucometer case, and carry the rest in a secure plastic container in my checked luggage. I use a second plastic container for used lancets, and transfer them to my sharps container when I get home. Both containers are kept in a safe place in my hotel room. Normally, when I travel I take about 50% more meds than required (i.e. for a 2 week trip I take enough for 3 weeks). This system has served me well for many years, including at least 15 trips to Cuba. Have a great trip, relax, enjoy the sun, and don't be surprised if your readings go down. Cuba can do that to you.

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