Marriott Son Antem & Marriott Club Son Antem

The Marriott Son Antem hotel has recently changed to Iberostar Son Antem, resulting in a number of changes for guests at the Marriott Club Son Antem, which is an MVCI property. The information I received from the resort may be of benefit for other people planing on visiting MVCI Club Son Antem.

Please let me give you a summary of our FAQ below:

¤ Since the Hotel is now managed by Iberostar, can I still use its facilities such as pool, restaurant, etc…?

» At this time, all Club Son Antem Owner’s and guests will also continue enjoying use of the Hotel’s pool and publicly accessible amenities, including food and beverage areas.

¤ Can I charge something to my Villa if I’m at the Hotel restaurant?

» Now, the payment method is cash or credit card.

¤ What belongs to Marriott’s Vacation Club?

» Your use and enjoyment of the amenities at Son Antem including the Spa, golf courses, golf Restaurant, fitness center, tennis courts, playground and Marketplace will not change and continue to be owned and/or operated by Marriott Vacation Club International.

¤ How do I collect Marriott Reward Points?

» You can collect Marriott Reward points using our ancillaries outlet like Golf, Golf ProShop, Spa, La Vista Verde Restaurant and the convenience store “The Marketplace” by charging to your villa account.

¤ Are the phone numbers and e- mail changed?

» The new contact details are the following: Telephone +34.971.705.200, Email and fax +34.971.705.201.

¤ Would have these changes an impact on the maintenance fee for next year?

» Yes it will, however in this stage of the process we don’t have a complete overview of all costs involve of this change, where we cannot give a firm number what this impact would be in euros, MVCI. Management S.L. will discuss with the ABOD in the October meeting

La Vista Verde would be the only restaurant in which you can charge your bill to the villa. The check desk is now located in the building in front of the 4 tennis courts together with the Sales & Owner services department.