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Hotel Adler Bagno Vignoni

I have been trying to post my review of the Hotel but the editors have put a hold on so am posting it here. I know it's not the right place, but will continue doing so 'till I see it published in the right place.

I’m a mature and experienced traveler so by now I know what can be expect from a***** hotel. I realize that I belong to the minority of unsatisfied guests but feel that what I have experienced deserves to be brought to the attention of other TAs.

The location is great, the SPA personnel experienced and the various grottos are worth a try.

A few facts:

I would compare the Adler to a Valtur village. It’s big and noisy. One can’t expect to relax around a pool crowded with screaming children, with no surveillance to ensure that the minimum of good manners is adhered to – both from children and adults. The 11 a.m. and 3.30 p.m. sessions of acqua-gym are other highly disappointing factors.

The access road which leads to the entrance is through an underground tunnel serving as a parking.

The check-in and check-out process is long and tedious as can be expected by the teutonic rules – arrival not before 15.30, departure not later than 12.00, and only on Sundays and

Thursdays. The reception staff has obviously been trained to be cool&professional but in actual fact is cool&let’s get on with it, but it always makes sure to add “volentieri” which apparently is the height of good manners.

I had to go three times from hotel to spa receptions to sort out what exactly I was entitled to with my 70 euro bonus.

The room decoration is very simple almost spartan with no amenities. The heating system might be new and innovative but it certainly doesn’t allow to lower the temperature and it can get stifling hot. The sound proofing is non-existant. One evening I had to call recerption four times because my neighbour’s television was on full blast and “volentieri” reception took action only after I asked to be put through to the duty manager which, incidentally, doesn’t exist.

The bathroom is ok and if one has a room close enough to the main boiler one gets hot water throughout the day but as our room was far away, hot water in peak hours was an optional.

The restaurant is noisy and overheated, both at breakfast and dinner. Dinner is mediocre, certainly more nouvelle cuisine than genuine Italian. Breakfast is common with masses of waiters hanging around, coming and going, creating more confusion than anything else – it’s all self service, only coffee and cappuccino gets served at the table.

And in closing, two things which I find the height of pettiness:

Free internet is for 15 minutes per stay, after which it is at a cost. With only one internet point throughout the hotel

Daily newspaper can be obtained at a cost – 0.30 euro.