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Macau Casino Trip Report

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Macau Casino Trip Report

OK, my first trip report, but I thought I would report back on my impressions of gambling in Macau. For the record, I am American and have gambled in many cities around the world. I had a good time in Macau. I walked around most of the casinos (Venetian, COD, Hard Rock, MGM, Wynn, Starworld, Sands, Sands Cotai). We only played in the Sands Cotai (which is in the Sheraton hotel complex), COD and some poker at Starworld. We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel, which was awesome, I highly recommend it. Restaurants in there are good too. The little casino there at the Sheraton was nice, if it had a craps table we probably would have just played there.

Alcohol: I got beer in every casino I went to (and I asked at the ones I visited). No place said no (including the Venetian). Now, just be aware that they will look at you strangely, but they will bring you a beer in a little 10 ounce glass, as long as you are playing. The drink service is slow, but I found dropping them $5 HKD each time they brought me a beer kept it coming faster (I never saw anyone else ever tip, either the waitress or the dealers). Can't say about wine or liquor, I didn't ask. It would be helpful to learn to say Beer in Cantonese, since the waitresses and many dealers speak zero English.

We looked at the blackjack tables, and usually they were 300 and up. Most of the casinos did have at least one or two 200 HKD tables available. We were there on a Wed, so weekends will probably be higher stakes. 200 was still too rich for our blood, so we opted to play Roulette and Craps. Most places had two or four Roulette tables. The minimums varied between 25-100HKD. Most every place had at least one 50HKD table. Sands Cotai had the lowest limits with 25HKD. Word of warning, these are the slowest Roulette tables I have ever seen. It would take them 4-5 minutes per roll, twice as slow as the states. There was one craps table at COD, MGM and Wynn. None at Sands or Starworld, however all casinos had a weird little electronic game that had giant dice which would roll and you would bet on machines around it. Craps minimum at COD was 50HKD, everywhere else was 100HKD. So we spent most of our time at the COD craps table.

As people have said, gambling in Macau is very different, however not as bad as I expected. People at the craps table were having fun and clapping and such. The dealers were decent, although slower than you will find in the states. The most frustrating thing was that so few people in the casinos speak English. Trying to find things was impossible. People would act like they understood what you were asking for, and then just point somewhere, which would end up being the opposite direction. Also, as a non-Asian we really stuck out. It was funny, some people would give us a double-take.

We stayed two nights in Macau and played one night. Shuttle service is easy between all casinos, you just have to learn what shuttles go where, they have different routes. Taxis are fairly cheap too. Hope that is helpful and let me know if you have any questions.

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11. Re: Macau Casino Trip Report

I don't think it is a coincidence. The Cantonese name or word for beer that sounds just like "beer" because beer was introduced to China from somewhere else from way back. I don't think beer is a classical Chinese alcoholic drink, which is more based on rice.

In Cantonese, the word for beer sounds like, as TSS indicated:

Bear. But suppress the "R" sound. So it is just BEAaaaaaa.

But to be complete, you should follow that with the word for "alcohol", which is "Jou" (like "out" but suppress the "T" sound.).


"Bea Jou"

Let us know if you want to pronounce specific brand.

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12. Re: Macau Casino Trip Report

How would you aske for Captain Morgan and diet coke?

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13. Re: Macau Casino Trip Report

Bartenders all speak perfectly good english, unless you are going to a smaller casino or local bar.

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14. Re: Macau Casino Trip Report

Wynn has removed their craps tables so you'll need to look elsewhere. I plan to try the MGM on Monday.

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15. Re: Macau Casino Trip Report

Did any of you get a air junket from Canada? Is there any available from North America?

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16. Re: Macau Casino Trip Report

It is always not easy to represent Cantonese with English spelling, it always tend to be doubtful. However, if you are familiar with European languages which have clear sound-to-letter correspondence, it would be easier.

If you will read "ngo s-öng ju jat zi be z-hao" like Herman Müller or Ingrid Karlsson, everybody will understand that you would like to have beer. When you like to have Coke, you need to replace "be z-hao" with "kou ke ko lag"

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17. Re: Macau Casino Trip Report

I think I read China is the biggest beer drinking country in the world. As a non-gambler who visited Las Vegas 50 times on business, I played penny slot machines on one trip, took me hours to lose US$20, there are easier way to make or lose money.

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18. Re: Macau Casino Trip Report


The easiest way to get beer is by showing him/her the google translate result (traditional characters), if you have internet connection on your smartphone.

I used this method to buy a bowl of delicious pork porridge for breakfast in HK.

<<<Trying to find things was impossible. People would act like they understood what you were asking for, and then just point somewhere, which would end up being the opposite direction.>>

ah...ha, I see, that's why I spent 15minutes to find the restroom & another 20 minutes to find EXIT sign (to take the free shuttle bus) in Venetian Casino. I think I was walking around in a very big labyrinth that time. We forgot to activate international roaming/internet connection during our visit in Macau.

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19. Re: Macau Casino Trip Report

Wynn no longer had craps table.

Qinhuangdao, China
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20. Re: Macau Casino Trip Report

that's sad no craps at Wynn. Is MGM the only one on the peninsula with a craps table now?