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weekend in Texel and I loved it :)

I have just spent a weekend in Texel and it really is a lovely island.

The diversity in the landscape is unreal for such a small island .There are pine forests with some lovely walks to moorlands with wild horses leading to the dunes and stretches of long sandy beaches.plenty of places to hire bikes for endless cycle paths covering the the island so a car is not a necessity.

One of the highlights of the trip was a boat trip out to see the seals.

The seals have made a sandbank just off the Island a resting place. It was so beautiful to see them just lying on the sand.

We went from the small town of Oudeschild that is a really quaint little harbor town.

The boat was called Het Sop and at only 10 euro for an hour it was well worth it.

The crew on the boat where very informative about the seals, and we where very impressed as they went close enough to get some good photos but not too close as to disturb them.

Our boat was the only boat out there which was good, as some other trips I have been on to see whales and dolphins I thought there was too many boats chasing the poor creatures but that was not the case on this trip .

On the way back they opened up a big box of bread to feed the seagulls and turns that followed the boat, I don't know who had more fun me or the children on the boat :).

I fully recommend this trip the only thing was we had to climb down a ladder to get into the boat so I don't know how someone with a disability would get aboard the boat.

reservations can be made on +31(0)620920594