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Weather in Puerto Lopez and area from November to May

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Weather in Puerto Lopez and area from November to May


We plan to buy a property in Mirador San Jose, this would be around Puerto Lopez 45 min. drive south of Manta. It s a Canadian project on the Pacific Beach. Would anybody know about this project ? it s on the ruta Del Sol etc etc . We don t know Ecuador too well. We plan to spend 6 months there from November to May, we are seniors. I wonder how the weather is during that period. Is there a lot of rain ? How about health care I read that for seniors it is half price, how much would that be in Canadian Dollars, how is the crime situation there. Any information at all would be greatly appreciated . Would you recommend living in that area , and do you have any information about that Canadian project Mirador San Jose

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1. Re: Weather in Puerto Lopez and area from November to May

Most of your questions are beyond the realm of Trip Advisor's scope as a travel forum. You would do well to join Yahoo's ex-pat forum http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ecuador_expats/

Weather-wise, the hottest months are December-April. May and November are shoulder seasons between the hot rainy season and the dry but overcast and chillier "garua" season. You can type the word garua in the Search box above for more info.

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2. Re: Weather in Puerto Lopez and area from November to May

I think I would recommend actually going there. I am always surprised at the number of posts on here from people planning to retire in EC asking very basic questions. While some people haven't been to the particular place they are thinking about, a lot have never even been to the country! You are talking about spending the rest of your life there. Don't you think you'd want to check it out yourself?

A lot people like Puerto Lopez, but a lot don't. The beaches are nice, but the town may not have what you need. The crime situation is about the same as most of the coastal towns - not great, but not terrible. Major healthcare would not be available locally.

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3. Re: Weather in Puerto Lopez and area from November to May


Thanks for your reply. We don t intend to spend the rest of our life there .But

only during the winter, for a period of 4 to 6 months from November to May.We will definitely check it ourselves, but I also wanted the opinion of

people who have actually lived there. I want to get all the information I can.

We intend to use Ecuador to travel to other destinations all around. When

we are not there we would rent it out. Like I mentioned a Canadian project

is been built at Mirador San Jose close to Puerto Lopez . I don t know if you

have any information about that project I am just checking it out. That

project is about a 45 min. drive south of Manta on the Pacific. The project is

a gated community, there will be 1600 properties with business on the

premises and so on. Security 24/7 . It actually will be almost the same as

a Canadian city transported in Ecuador over there. Puerto Lopez is close

that s all we know about it . I was just trying to get an idea of what the area is all about. There is also many other places that are quite attractive Panama,

Costa Rica, Belize, Honduras. We read that the cost of living in Ecuador is 4 times lower than Canada. It sounds interesting we are trying to be careful.

Thank you

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4. Re: Weather in Puerto Lopez and area from November to May

Okay - sorry if i came across a little strongly. I just want people to be sure they know what they are getting into! There is a lot of hype about retiring in Ecuador these days.

From what I could find out about Mirador San Jose, it sounds like it will be pretty tightly spaced. The development is only 53 hectares (130 acres), which means not even taking into account roads and the numerous public spaces like parks, each lot is going to be way less than even 1/10 of an acre, and when looking at the map some are as small as 0.03 acres. That means the whole lot is only 1300 square feet. Being that tightly spaced and fairly flat, you won't likely have any sort of an ocean view. Also, I have a hard time with their claim of the "Infrastructure made in regards to harmony with nature" when it is a 50 hectare clear cut!

Again, sorry if i seem negative, but I am kind of going through this same thing with my elderly parents and i can't believe all the misleading advertising out there.

Ecuador is a wonderful wonderful country! Just be sure to do your homework, which it sounds like you are doing.

Benson, Arizona
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5. Re: Weather in Puerto Lopez and area from November to May

I would also look at the visa situation for what you want to do....it does not look that easy...

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6. Re: Weather in Puerto Lopez and area from November to May


Thanks for your response. Yes indeed 130 acres seems a bit small

you are not negative , you are realistic and that s the way it should be. It is tightly spaced, but I would probably buy 3 lots side by side. Some of those lots are only $ 12,000.00. They are still working on this it be will completed in 2015/16 IF!! Everything goes as planned. I have read horror stories about

land development in Ecuador. Some company develop land, sell lots as

they go, but when it s not selling well, they abandon the project and the investors. I am very very careful, I have met the planners in person actually

but I don t take anybody s word for it. I check and I double check and triple

check. They are working on the infrastructure right now, it will be a state of

the art sewage system, for instance. All used water will be recycled and used on the project. All electric lines facilities will be underground. There will be 12 condos also with pool, condo fees will be $ 50.00 a month. The roof of the houses are used as patio Utilities are not that cheap actually,

I live in Canada in the province of Ontario, and we can very easily pay

$ 400.00 a month and more here just for electricity , .taxes are high,

everything is high very high !! By comparison Ecuador is very cheap, They

have a landscaping company that will plant 10,000 trees to start with. They

will have business opportunities on the site .I am watching all this to see

what is happening. There are other places Panama, Costa Rica , Belize,

Honduras. Mirador San Jose will be owned by Canadians. But right now I

notice that they don t update their data concerning lots being sold.

They advertise 450 lots sold , but that actually does not mean anything,

they should update their data to show their results as they go along.

They have a newsletter and they don t provide any news so far. I cannot

get in touch with any of the investors that bought land for further references,

They won t give me their e mail address. Their excuse is that they don t

want to bother those people. They still have 2 or 3 years to go to make all

this work. And I really believe that they are struggling. I am absolutely

covering all the angles. I have checked everything about Ecuador. I am still

at it, I have checked the price of gas, consumer goods, political system,

crime data. For instance they like to stress the fact that the price of gas

there is 0.35 a liter my research indicates that it s around 0.45 to 0.96 a liter

and rising like anywhere else. Cars are very expensive to buy and

Ecuadorians have a very bad habit of stealing cars. I could go on and on

with the results of my research. I have done the same for Panama,

Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Belize. I am comparing them all against

each other. The weather is important to us, we are fed up with winter.

Mexico has incredible weather but the crime situation is quite bad. On the

criminal scale they are in 6 th place !! Canada is in the 40s , Ecuador is in

50s. We have 3 properties here in Canada , our house is worth $ 600,000

and our cottage $ 300,000 our guest house $ 150,000 so we can afford to

look all over with no problems. We are no fools, we never make any

irrational decisions we check and check . I was mentioning Puerto Lopez

because it is somewhat close to the Mirador San Jose project. I am

checking everything all around. I need more data, more references a lot

more proof that this will be a viable project.

Thanks for your input I really appreciated your opinion, it s by checking out

all the positive and negative points, that you can arrive at a reasonable and

acceptable conclusion.

Best regards and the best of luck to your father.

Robert Filiou

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7. Re: Weather in Puerto Lopez and area from November to May

Last week the prices at the pump were $1.50 per gallon for the low grade gas and $2.00 for high grade. Diesel was only $1.03! Our driver would only use the high grade because he said the low grade was often pretty poor quality and any savings were lost in fuel filters and poor mileage.

8. Re: Weather in Puerto Lopez and area from November to May

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9. Re: Weather in Puerto Lopez and area from November to May

yes it is a clear cut but property owners must pay for a native tree to be planted on their property (1 for every 50 M2 @ $50 each) and is planted and maintained by the Mirador, we are located in a very dry area on the coast so we have also planted hundreds of cultivated palms as well

Robert Dupuis

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10. Re: Weather in Puerto Lopez and area from November to May

the one thing i can advise you on buying in Ecuador is that there is a difference between ''lotisation'' and Urbanisation'' i bought my first properties in a Lotisation from an ecuadorian promoter and allthough cheaper residents must take care of all services on their own, the properties i bought in 2008 are just sitting there and owners must form their own association and take care of water, electric, sewage, maintenance, security etc etc

In a Urbanisation like the Mirador all these services are taken care of by the promoters and responsabilty will be handed over to the owners association one all properties sold, very low yearly fees and municipal taxes

i invite you to have a look at the 1996 Canada/Ecuador treaty accord that is a hudge plus for Canadians buying in Ecuador (Canada Gov website)

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