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Going to Malia June2011 for the first time, help needed!

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Going to Malia June2011 for the first time, help needed!

Myself and six other friends (17-18) will all be going to Malia on the 21st of June.

We sort of have a rough idea of what to expect from there (booze, booze and more booze) which is partially why we're going, but I was wondering if anyone who has already been could tell me anything about it such as best beaches, places to go during the day, average drink/club prices etc?

We're staying at Hotel Frixos and if anyone has any reviews on that they would be more than appreciated.

Thankyou! x

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1. Re: Going to Malia June2011 for the first time, help needed!

Hi there

June should see Malia pretty busy. The resort has a huge sandy beach, there are others all along that stretch of coastline as well. When you ask about "places to go during the day" do you mean trips to other towns/sights. and so on?

If so, you'll have to rely on the buses but Malia is served by a very good bus route that goes east to Agios Nikolaos and west to the capital, Iraklion, and all points between.

The other alternative is to book excursions but these work out expensive compared to using the buses.

Malia, Greece
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2. Re: Going to Malia June2011 for the first time, help needed!

hey i work in malia in malibu night club 5 years so can tell, u gonna have fun, the most busy is ussually pleasure beach, where u have beach party and most of the staff from clubs right next is bikini beach, busy as well, club entrance is free, usually get a free shot as well and price is mostly 2 for 5, or 3 for 5, if u get more what u will in some places u should know that alcohol is not gonna be the best quality, u will find out yourself, in the day u can also visit star beach in chersonisos, is about 5 min on bus, is like a free water park with water sports, bungee , foam party, dj and fun all day, u will love it here, enjoy it

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3. Re: Going to Malia June2011 for the first time, help needed!

I am going June 22nd! Staying at Happy Days Studio!

Me and my friend (both gonna be 18) are going!

Cannot wait! First time properly on holiday too! Hope to make new friends! x

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4. Re: Going to Malia June2011 for the first time, help needed!

I went to Malia in June 2009 and posted the following thoughts when I got back. Hope they prove to be of some use


There is a very large supermarket in the Old Town part of Malia. Head up the strip, passing the over priced Spar on your right and cross the main road at Mike's Bar. Head up the road with the church on your right hand side. Up ahead the road will kind of fork. Take the right fork and after a minute or so you'll see the supermarket. It's got a good selection of everything you need and is where the locals shop.


San Giorgio, up in the Old Town is definitely the best restaurant if you want a quiet, classy, quality meal. Head up the strip as if following the instructions above for the supermarket but carry straight on as opposed to forking right. You'll be glad you did. The setting is peaceful, the waiters are really friendly and you'll be dining with couples and families.

Gringos on the strip offered some great Mexican food and really friendly service. We ate there twice and their chimichangas were stuffed full of succulent chicken. My friend thought their ribs were excellent.

Sticky Fingers was good and the manager even brought out a shot and a small plate of food for Perry (the 6ft inflatable palm tree) that we took out on Hawaiian night. It's simple TGI Fridays fare but it does the job.

Loft Bar offered the worst food on the strip. Cold chips, a burger that tasted peppery and served on square black plates that looked like they'd stepped out of the 80's.

Brasserie was good if you like simple food in big portions. It was nice but I'd always take Gringos or San Giorgio over it. Their roast dinner looked huge but I would never order a roast from a pub or restaurant (you'll either get where I'm coming from or not)

McDonalds. Cheeseburgers, fries and shakes all tasted as good as they do back home. Never had the courage to try the McToast.


Union Jack Bar offered the best amount of drink deals. There were six of us and we ended up getting 6 pints of drinks (V&O, V&RB etc), 3 shots each so a total of 18 and 2 fishbowls. Drink them on the terrace overlooking the strip while you watch people be mugged off on the rodeo bull and the penalty shoot out with the weighted football. Also has the lovely Kim as the female bar tout.

Mango Cocktail bar, just opposite Camelot was the best Cocktail bar. Wonderful selection of drinks (red kiss was a fabulous cocktail), friendly staff and a great place to watch the strip go by. They also need to be applauded and respected for having no goddam touts constantly in your face.

Zoo Bar. Great bar, good size. Like Mango it isn't in your face with touts and occupies a postion further down the strip on the left before you get to McDonalds. Friendly and refreshingly 'real' as opposed to false bar staff. They really embraced our wrestler night so defo go there if you are in decent fancy dress.

Lush Bar. Had the prettiest tout, Sophie with her blond hair and delightful freckles, but felt their drinks were watered down. Well they were on the first time we went there. Two of my crew took their drinks back and we just left the fishbowl as it was nothing more than cordial juice. Worth stopping at just for Sophie.


Candy Bar. Was a good size with a nice smattering of podiums. A good chance to get yourself a little space and area if that makes sense. Owned the podium at the back on both Hawaiian night when Perry was getting waved around and also on Wrestler night when the blue & white caped/masked Hurricane took control!

Banana Bar. One of my favourite. Nice outside area that I rarely used but inside the club smelt new and was a good size. Dance floors in front and behind the bar, 4 podiums/poles and regular setting the bar on fire routines. Good music and atmosphere.

Popworld. Played some great cheesy music to serve as a good appetiser for the beginning of a night out. You can't start a good night without Never Forget by Take That. Not big in size so need to only stay for a max of 30 mins.

Safari Club. Another good club but only worth hitting once they closed the doors to enclose it. Good music and size.

Apollo Club. Although one of our crew managed to 'pull' in here I felt it too busy, cramped and hemmed in. Lots of sweaty people and straying feet swinging out from the podiums close to main walk thru channels. Woeful toilets.

Worst area for touts

In the narrow strip in between the strip club, Candy and Zig Zags. The touts here do not understand 'No thank you' or the notion that when I'm physically trying to take your hand off my arm, it means I'm not interested.


I thought them awful. Hard enough attempting to ensure you don't get sand absolutely everywhere without fending off a multitude of touts promising VIP sun loungers next to the 'nice girls'.

Most ridiculous tout lines

On Hawaiian night whilst wearing Hawaiian shirts, garlands and carrying Perry we were told - "You're never going to pull, you look gay, lose the banana"

We also received an opening welcome of - "Hey [--]"

My fave though was a tout who was desperate to tell me his fantastic offer

"Free drinks, all night for 20 minutes".

Best ways to avoid touts

Hand in the face, no eye contact, have a police car slowly crawl along behind you or the best one is to start pointing at them as they approach and shout out "tout, tout"


I thought the mini golf down past McDonalds on the right was a great way to waste 40 or so minutes if you were either feeling a little dizzy from the alcohol and needed some brief respite or if you'd gone out a little earlier and wanted to kill some time for the strip to warm up.


Keep your After Sun (Banana Boat Aloe Vera is the best) in the fridge during the day to aid your cool down when you slap it on in the evening.

Take some fragranced nappy bags for your toilet exploits. You can't flush paper down the toilet in Crete so a way to keep your maid happy and prevent the toilet rag bin seriously kicking up is just to pop your 'debris' in a couple of these.

Take plenty of empty carrier bags. Okay, they might destroy the world but by the end of the holiday you'll have a whole load of crap to fill them up.

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5. Re: Going to Malia June2011 for the first time, help needed!

its amazing!! went last year and going back this year 22nd june to 3rd of july..just make your way through the strip you'll soon find where you like and dont like :) enjoyyy xxx

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6. Re: Going to Malia June2011 for the first time, help needed!

Hi.... me and my friend are going Aug 2011. We are staying at Hotel Frixos in the self catering block.... are they okay accomodation? the reviews on here seem pretty good.

Oh can you also tell me if you need to pay to get on to some of the good beaches? I've heard its like 25 euro?


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7. Re: Going to Malia June2011 for the first time, help needed!

malia is great goin in august rent a quad and go where u want watch out for the twats that come out from the resterants askin if u have eaten every couple of ones u walk past so anoyin and some pubs clubs water the drinks down so watch out there but other than that best holiday ever

Folkestone, United...
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8. Re: Going to Malia June2011 for the first time, help needed!

Oh my god you sound like your going to have such a good time Dubska_7. Im so jealous you're going to Malia, with your friend, she sounds like so much fun and so amazing, because she probably is anyway. Like I guartunee you will have the best time because THATS HOW AMAZING SHE IS

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9. Re: Going to Malia June2011 for the first time, help needed!


me and my mate are going to malia the first week in june, staying in happy days, how is the hotel? and can anyone tell me if it will be busy the 1st week in june?

thanks :)

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10. Re: Going to Malia June2011 for the first time, help needed!

Im staying at Frixos in June aswell. i want to know if theres any gigs / DJs on while were there. does anyone know of any? xxx

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