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Honolulu weather in November

Montreal, Canada
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Honolulu weather in November

I am a regular Honolulu holiday maker, and usually stay in and around Waikiki during the months of August, September or October. However, this year it looks like the first week in November is the only time I can get there - will I see the sunshine or will winter have set in by then?


Las Vegas
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1. Re: Honolulu weather in November

A chilly daytime high of only 84 and a freezing nighttime low of 71 awaits you in November. Save room in your suitcase for that parka and gloves.

Montreal, Canada
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2. Re: Honolulu weather in November

Thanks ArubaBound07 - I suppose what I really meant was, will it be raining more than usual? I am travelling with a friend who said that the last time she was in Waikiki in November it was dull and overcast, as well as rainy, every day.

Any thoughts?

Las Vegas
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3. Re: Honolulu weather in November

Only 3 months are rainier than November. But with an average monthly rainfall of just over 2.25" in November I don't think your vacation will be ruined by rain. Just check the forecasts just before you leave to be certain.

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4. Re: Honolulu weather in November

We've visited Oahu in October/November every year for the past 10 years and have experienced exceptionally rainy weather only twice during that time. I'd say go for it! It'll still be warm, and there are always plenty of things to see and do in Honolulu even if it rains. :)

Lancaster, Ohio
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5. Re: Honolulu weather in November

I visited Hawaii for the first time this past November and the week I was there was beautiful. The only rain I saw was the second night and it was at about 9:30pm and lasted about 10 minutes. The rest of the time, the sun was shining and the sky was blue with puffy white clouds. Hope it is like that again this November when I am there again.

dover, UK
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6. Re: Honolulu weather in November


I hope you have a great time, it sounds like the rain should not spoil your trip.

We will be in Waikiki in early December and are hoping the rain will not spoil the trip too much. I know no one can predict the weather but can any one tell me what is most common at this time of year. I have looked at weather sites and average rainfall charts so I know we can expect rain but does it rain all day every day or is it usually heavy down pours for short periods of time?

We will be on the island for a week and we are hoping that we get at least a couple of dry days.

Thank you for any advice,


West Chester, Ohio
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7. Re: Honolulu weather in November

The weather in Hawaii is a freezing 70 degrees during the morning hours with a cool tropical breeze flowing from the Windward side of the island. You may need to bring a t-shirt with you and a pair of shorts for those cold November mornings.

The day-time however gets to a balmy 85 degrees. Take the t-shirt off and enjoy the weather.

The weather is simply beautiful all year round. The only rain you may see would be mostly in the winter months and that is if it rains at all. The winter months believe it or not is considered their rainy season...if you can call it that.

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8. Re: Honolulu weather in November

Can anyone comment on the humidity at this time of year?

Puyallup, Washington
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9. Re: Honolulu weather in November

We've visited Oahu every November for the past 5 years. The weather has been generally good every time. If you look at my pictures here you'll see plenty of blue skies: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tafkar/sets/

There is no guarantee though. I think it was last year that we arrived just after a fairly severe storm with extensive flooding. As far as humidity, I didn't find it uncomfortably humid except on a few occassions. Of course, if you're swimming you won't notice the humidity.

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10. Re: Honolulu weather in November

I am planning to go to Oahu on the week of Thankgiving weekend. I'm not sure about how the weather will be like. Can someone help me on this? Been trying to google for answers before I purchase my November trip. Anyone know of a good website for flight & hotel from SFO to Oahu?