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Best Shopping: Honolulu or Las Vegas

Moe Australia
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Best Shopping: Honolulu or Las Vegas

My wife and I, (we are Australians), are going to Honolulu for 5 nights, then to Las Vegas for 5, and returning back to Honolulu for 4 days before returning back home to Melbourne in March 2013.

Is the shopping better, (variety, price and quality) in Honolulu or Las Vegas.

We have read some of the very informative reports posted on this forum, regarding the shopping in Honolulu, written by some Aussies and I believe that her hunger to shop, will be more than satisfied in Honolulu.

Constructive comments would be much appreciated.


Perth, Australia
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1. Re: Best Shopping: Honolulu or Las Vegas

Your wife is a lucky lady that you write on TA about her shopping.. my favorute pastime in the US...!

The people who shop in Hawaii are usually those who don't continue onto the mainland .. altho the prices for us Aussies are just a dream everywhere in the states.

In Las Vegas there are a couple of factory outlets which will please not just "she who should be obeyed" ... but your lovely self.

There is a big outlet just south of the city, on the strip. Here's the website.


Plus there's the Miracle Mile Shopping Centre, opposite the Bellagio Hotel.


And the Fashion Show Mall ... looks like a huge flying saucer at the front, and is located near the Mirage Hotel...


And the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace as well.

You could do most of your shopping in Las Vegas and just do the tourist bit in Hawaii... although Hawaii has all the major stores, ie Macys etc ... so if you forget anything, you can always buy it there.

In Honolulu, the Ala Moana Shopping Center is huge ... plus Waikiki is full of shopping and restaurants.


If you go to any Macys store in the US, show your passport at the information centre and receive a discount card, which lasts a month at any Macys store. It is usually 10%, but a friend of mine who has just returned home says she got 11% ... it all helps.

I will send you a private message.

Burr Ridge, Illinois
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2. Re: Best Shopping: Honolulu or Las Vegas

Vegas and Honolulu are both wonderful locations for shopping. It all depends on what you have in mind to buy.

The Fashion Show Mall, Forum Shops, and others make Vegas a popular shopping destination.

Ala Moana Mall and some shops in Waikiki make Hawaii a great international shopping experience.

My guess is that you will load up two suitcases in Vegas and then two more when you stop in Hawaii on your return.

Have fun!

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3. Re: Best Shopping: Honolulu or Las Vegas

I agree with EpicureanFun Traveler.. Shopping in Las Vegas is great (both outlets and normal stores). Given that there are some brands that are not available in the outlet in Oahu, you may want to do a comparison between both outlets, plan your route and timing ie: if your wife is like me -- shoes shoes shoes - then it makes sense to shop for shoes last cos you dun want to be carrying around bulky items. (trust me, you will be thankful you did some planning). It is also always helpful to print out the map of the outlet from the website, mark clearly which are the shops you would be keen to head for..and just shop away! If you are not satisfied with Las Vegas shopping, come back to Oahu and continue with Round 2.

For more discounts, log into the premium outlet websites and print out their coupons for web only discounts. You will need to sign up as a VIP to access that and it costs nothing to be a VIP.

Have fun!!

Northern California...
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4. Re: Best Shopping: Honolulu or Las Vegas

Lost Wages... sorry, I meant to say Las Vegas :)

Definitely has more shopping opportunities. Although, it all depends on what you are looking for - you'll have better luck finding a swimsuit in January in Hawaii.

If you do end up shopping in the outlet malls in Las Vegas and end up with more items than bag space, there are several places that sell luggage within the outlet mall as well.

Laguna Niguel...
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5. Re: Best Shopping: Honolulu or Las Vegas

Really not a lot of difference, Vegas has more but they are pretty much the same stores

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6. Re: Best Shopping: Honolulu or Las Vegas

Hmmm ... if the alternative in Las Vegas is gambling, then I think it would be cheaper to go shopping. And although I love the desert area around las Vegas ... it's HOT ... so shopping may be a more comfortable alternative. In Hawaii - you'll relish being outdoors.

Very roughly, it looks like Nevada's sales tax is about 1.5% higher than Hawaii's. (If others would like to refine that number, go for it!)

And I agree - it depends on what you are shopping for. And I would rather shop in Hawaii because I prefer the ambiance.

A very good point is made about hauling your treasures around. For those items you can find in Hawaii and Nevada ... I'd buy them in Hawaii.

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7. Re: Best Shopping: Honolulu or Las Vegas

Both places have much more to offer shopping-wise than you could possibly take in in one trip. The biggest difference is that Vegas shopping has greater extremes: It's *the* place to shop if you want a $40,000 fountain pen (no foolin', one really sold there the first week the Wynn was open), a $3,400 handbag or a new Ferrari. On the other end of the extreme, as has been said, Vegas has outlets where you can get deals.

So I think the real question is: In which location do you want to dedicate a chunk of your precious travel time to being indoors, filing through clothes racks, and hustling through fitting rooms? For me, it's no contest: My time in Hawaii is much, much more valuable to me than my time in Vegas - especially in the daytime.

Hawaii is a natural wonder. Vegas is a manmade wonder composed mostly of glass and concrete. I wouldn't want to waste a second of Hawaii time in the fitting room at Macy's.

If I were you, I'd do most of my shopping in Vegas, barring, perhaps, one short trip to the Ala Moana Center, which is a beautfiul open-air shopping mall that's fun just to visit.

Corona del Mar...
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8. Re: Best Shopping: Honolulu or Las Vegas

Las Vegas will certainly have more variety and larger centers, but Macy's Hawaii, Sears, Shirokyia and Walmart will have some uniquely Hawaiian items.

Bayonne, France
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9. Re: Best Shopping: Honolulu or Las Vegas

Kalakaua Ave is one of the top shopping strands on the planet....

By sales levels and quality of stores.

And, Ala Moana is the world's largest open-air center, with among the highest number of shoppers for any mall, anywhere.


Lots of Hawaii folks go to Vegas primarily to shop.

No Vegas folks come to Hawaii primarily to shop.

Sydney, Australia
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10. Re: Best Shopping: Honolulu or Las Vegas

Ive done a few trips that involved a week in Vegas followed by a few days or more in Waikiki.

As far as Vegas goes, for myself, I find the north Premium outlets much better than the outlets to the south side. North has a much better range of shops. The fashion show mall on the strip has your big stores. Miracle mile shops are worth a wander. Great ceiling in there complete with a rain storm.

I've done the outlets 'near' Waikiki. I'd probably not go again unless hubby wants to do the tommy bahama store.

Really I don't find the prices there a lot different to what we find in Macy's since we always seem to be there at sale time!

If I see something I really like in vegas I get it. What i try to bear in mind tho is luggage weight. I'm usually going from Vegas to Hawaii solo so how much can I lug with me without pulling a muscle ! What's my luggage allowance ? I try to not overshop in Vegas for those reasons. I did find one time, flying on Hawaiian air from Vegas to Hnl, they made me exempt from baggage fees because I was on my way home even though I was stopping in Hnl for a few nights & was flying jetstar home. They don't always do it. But it may be worth asking if u fly with them out of Vegas. Have your home bound itinerary to hand.

Enjoy !