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Another "" LONG"""" Aussie trip tip (shopping report)

Sydney, Australia
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Another "" LONG"""" Aussie trip tip (shopping report)

Ok It was in march Im so late,,but here it is,hope some people get something from it..


My trip report

leave for hawaii with my 15 yearold daughter and 75 year old mother

flew jetstar for the first time,nice plane clean toilets,liked the ipads better than hawaiinn airlines digi player,

didnt like having to pull out the credit card for each drink etc.

Sitting on the end of isle and had the next 3 seats to myself,has to be the best flight iv ever had lol

Would i go with jetstar again,,well yes if i cant get cheap fares with hawaiian.

And im glad I didnt pay the extra $349 for bussiness class.



Found march is not as good as shopping in sept,still got some good things but

not like last time,last time we got stacks of stuff from macys clearence racks,,not so this time

no $10 bargins there..I brought luggage though,delsey 4 wheel spinner bags,were like 40% off.

macys had good sales in other stuff,,but not in the clothing we liked.

Loved so much in the homewears dept,but as if im bring home towels,bath mats and kitchen wear LOL

Ok first the van shop at ala moana

van are $45 for the latest stye,so still cheap as they are $89 here.

They do have some clearenece shoes but not many nothing in our size

daughter got a bag,wallet etc,,just so much more than here.

we also went to pearlridge shops on the bus lol

well thats an adventure ,took ages,the bus went to the airport first

seemed to take forever,,got the right bus back though,and express city A

A bus or something..

the pearlridge vans shop did have a few more things than ala moana.

The vans waikele outlet


- store was good,just have to be lucky to get your size in the $20 shoes.

so many dam aussies going crazy there buying everything,

I even got a purple sequin pair for $20 lol

guy was telling me the best aussie single sale was $800 go you aussie shopper lol..



Dont right this shop off,,the shops smells?/ it smelt last time even?

They had a sale on,,and had half price again on sale items

I got 5 pairs of shoes,some as low as $7,,I love them

I saw so many good shoes,,kids shoes that light up etc,real cheap

They had 40% off the Kardashian collection(clothes)

I brought a new kk wallet which was 20% off

I brought a few nice tops in their youth section 30% off(under $20)very nice bongo brand?

They always have perfume sets on sale.

I like sears and always have found something,,,YES worth going in

Rossdress for less


we only went into the new one downtown

It wasnt messy like the one near wallmart

we liked it

again so many shoes

brought the best paair of clarks shoes,$30,such soft leather

a wedge heel shoes that is so comfortable,i could walk from syd to brisbane in them

so that my my best buy,,also so guess platform thongs leopard print $10

I had 7 pairs of shoes in my hands,,I had to cull down,,so many good shoes...

daughter got lots of tops all around 10-$15 lacey tops..



Why the fuss with eggs and things I dont get it,?so much better places no way would I wait for this place


dont go to i hop and get all you can eat popcorn shrimp for 9.99,,its crap crap waste of money that night was.

Blazin steaks which is a little place next to a surf hire place on corner uluniu av under a mexican place

is very good,,i really liked the food there,,garlic prawns,steak,a cheap good place to eat

The japanese place under the pacific monarch is really good loved it,go for lunch when

they have the $10 lunch special,,,really yum..and good value

Love the orange chicken at pandas lol

love the cocount pie at food pantry

Love the self serve yogurt places were you add the topping then weight it

had one of them everyday lol-thankgod I dont have one of them near me LOL(ok now still 4 months on I crave that yogurtplace)

Love the desserts at bubba gump- really love it there

peed off at my small bit of cheesecake at the cheesecake factory,give me huge meals and small damn cheesecake.

Did it twice ,not happy.Cheesecake factory you have gone downhill with the food and service,I didnt want to give anybody a tip there

must of got the worst staff.,,still that choc/peanutbutter cheecake is to die for

Pearl harbour


- finally went there on my 4th visist to hawaii,,

Very moving I cryed in the movie,really did suprize me how it did move me..



Go check out the supermarkets for the specials

I brought a 1.75 eristoft vodak for $12 came in plastic bottle cheap vodak yeah i know but my son 22 who dont care loved it,some would say a waste buying a cheap thing but?? anyway


I looked everywhere for a large bottle of madori but i only saw a small one which was $12


I brought pinnacle cotton candy vodka,kinky liqeur,,parrot bay coconut vodka.all around $10


Longs drug store


how amazing is this shop,you have to go there

revlon nail polish $3 $4,revlon plumping mascara $6

slab of 24 waters $4 !!

gran legacy vodka 1.75 litre $10.99

smirnoff vodka 750 ml $12

johnny walker 80% proof $26

corona beer 12 pack $13

Took an island tour with hawaii tour and travels(expore hawaii) $28

not a bad tour for the price,did the same one last time,different driver and just a litttle different as in the stops on the north shore

his name was donny and he was a very good host/driver

the outlet


charlotte russe,local fever my teen loved

So worth a visit your sure to get some great bargin,,again found quess and calvin klein tops very small fitting,,im a 12

and found even the xlarge to be tight ?

I went with explore $16 return,took forever to get there,so many stops,but without a car you have to put up with that

you picked a time comming back,,but 2 girls who had picked the later pickup,decided to take the early pick up time

the bus was full,and we had to pick up 3 more people at peral harbour on the way back.

we were delayed for ages as guy was trying to sort things out etc

so we picked up the people at pearl harbour,,would so not be legal in australia

we were jammed in like sardines it was terrible.

Id go back to the $5 each way bus,seemed to have less pick up points which was better

Swarovski crystal shop


go check them out ,so much cheaper,i priced a few things before i went

and like half the price there,phone cover i brought was $60 its $110 at home

braclet i brought for $115 is $180 at home

Victoria secret


well you cant go in there without spending a few hundred,god i love the changroom

nothing that cheap,,but you just have to buy stuff lol

Ala moana


Love it there ,,jeans warhouse was aagin my daughters fav shop

Forever 21 didnt have anything much on sale at all this time,,disapointing..


I always look at the calender to see when the jellyfish are at peak,,and make those days my shopping or tour days...as i dont want to take the risk and swim on thise peak jellyfish days

I love hawaii so much,and cant wait to go back again next year,,this time with some hot man,,, lol enjoy everybody,you so can shop like crazy and still see the beach etc,thanks to everybodys tips/advice ive got from here over the years ,,its been such a help,and love it so many take the time to post,,and share,,


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1. Re: Another "" LONG"""" Aussie trip tip (shopping report)

Thanks so much Camdenmum - some great information and tips you have given, I wont let us Aussies down on the shopping front :-) and I love the sound of the yoghurt place.

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2. Re: Another "" LONG"""" Aussie trip tip (shopping report)

Hi camdenmum,

Great report.

Did you book your tour overhere in OZ or when you got there, or on the internet?

How long was the tour and where did he go?

Cant wait to shop till we drop in December, waiting to shop at TJMAXX, loved it in LA.

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3. Re: Another "" LONG"""" Aussie trip tip (shopping report)

Sounds like another wonderful trip!! Great advice and tips....

We are returning to Hawaii in December. Originally we were going to go for 6 nights, but we couldn't resist adding a Vegas stopover. (we went to Vegas last year and fell in love with the place)

Perth, Australia
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4. Re: Another "" LONG"""" Aussie trip tip (shopping report)

End of November is sales time .. Thanksgiving sales are amazing.

Sydney, Australia
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5. Re: Another "" LONG"""" Aussie trip tip (shopping report)

allymal ,,thats the way keep the aussie shopping spirit going

jules the tour went all day so 8 hours?? or so,,no I booked when i was there,i reckon its cheaper to wait untill you get there,,id only pre book a tour if i had limited time there,much cheaper than the tours in our books we get from travel agents here,

js- enjoy vegas

Hi eagle--yes one day i want to go to thanksgiving sales,,vegas is in the bucket list for that,so the flight attendents keep telling me

Calgary, Canada
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6. Re: Another "" LONG"""" Aussie trip tip (shopping report)

I'm confused. Why do Aussies go to Hawaii to shop for things that they can get at home or can they not buy these at home?

Just wondering.

Toronto, Canada
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7. Re: Another "" LONG"""" Aussie trip tip (shopping report)

Alphonse7, I think it's due to the favourable exchange rate between the US and AU dollar. And prices in AU seem to be inflated just like Canadian retail prices compared to the US.

Lenexa, Kansas
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8. Re: Another "" LONG"""" Aussie trip tip (shopping report)

Where did you find a calendar that says when the jellyfist are at their peak?

Perth, Australia
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9. Re: Another "" LONG"""" Aussie trip tip (shopping report)

Yes not only the exchange rate but the prices are way lower than ours. It's a bargain paradise for us.

Perth, Australia
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10. Re: Another "" LONG"""" Aussie trip tip (shopping report)

Thank you for all the great tips. We are heading there in early sept and its our first trip so can't wait. Your tips are so informative. Aussies love to shop because it's ssooooo much cheaper in the states compared to here. Make up, perfume, shoes etc etc etc.