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Shopping, I miss you.

South Coast NSW
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Shopping, I miss you.

For all those Aussies heading over to Honolulu soon, some special notes from someone still regretting not buying things she saw even though she came home with 80kg of luggage. :)

1. A lot of US companies will not accept an Australian credit card for purchases online EVEN IF you have a very good friend in the US willing to have the purchases shipped to them which they will then ship on to you.

A couple of current examples - Bath and Body Works, Skechers, Macys.

I am having to transfer the money to my US friend via paypal and he is buying them on his credit card and having them shipped to him.

2. It is a lot cheaper to buy stuff in Hawaii and ship it back to yourself than to get home and try to source it here.

3. Things like the awesomely scented body lotions from Island Soap and Candle Works (found in the ABC stores) smell *a lot* better when you arrive back in Australia. So buy a bunch of them and ship them to yourself, you will not regret it. Especially the pineapple flavoured shea butter body cream.

4. If in doubt, buy it and ship it home.

5. There is no such thing as too much underwear when you can buy it so cheap over there. Because when you arrive home and find the same thing for 4 times the price, you will firmly kick yourself and anyone else within kicking distance.

6. This applies equally to men, who I am currently organising a shipment of underwear for, because they did not buy enough of them when they were there!!

I have not bought one item of clothing since returning home in December because I did buy plenty of what I saw and liked, but I still wish I'd bought more pairs of Skechers, they are the awesome and so comfortable and light, and retailing there for $69 when a two year old model retails in the shops here for $150. :(

So save up before you go, buy it there, save money in the long run even if you have to ship it back here it will be cheaper!

(for those wondering, Dad is doing great but I will know he is fully healed when he starts talking about booking the next trip! :) I estimate this will be in approx 2 months time)

Burr Ridge, Illinois
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1. Re: Shopping, I miss you.

That is interesting and good advice. When the prices are economical take advantage.

I'm curious: How much can you bring back before paying duty or tax in Australia?

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2. Re: Shopping, I miss you.

The shopping tips are great, but it's totally awesome to hear that Dad is doing so much better! We're planning our first trip for this June and have been following your story with bated breath. Can't wait until you and he get to start planning the next trip!

God bless and take care, k

Arroyo Grande...
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3. Re: Shopping, I miss you.

Somebody needs to kick Macy's in the pants. Maybe I should do it. I love them and they love me but ... they don't even have a customer service center in the Ala Moana store.

Perth, Australia
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4. Re: Shopping, I miss you.

That's unusual ... I've purchased items online with Macys, Graceland and Victoria Secret with my Aussie credit card and had no problems. VS and Graceland was quick delivery, within a week, Macy's about 10 days.

There's no taxes on the items either .. so with our dollar so good, it's a bargain. Sure, I had to pay postage, but what the heck.

As for duty on items coming home, nothing ... although there is alcohol limits. There's limits on gifts but its very generous .. for clothing etc, nothing, that's why we stock up. We go over with an empty case and come home chockers! Makeup is a great bargain for the girls. I stocked up well and haven't bought any for 18 months.

Lake Macquarie...
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5. Re: Shopping, I miss you.

Sounds like you need the guidance of a retail therapy group, Beedoo. A support group like Shoppers Anonymous may be of help. In the meantime, stay away from internet shopping sites and catalogues. You know you just can't stop at one…

On another note, we're so relieved to hear that your Dad has picked up and is well on the road to recovery.

You better start planning another trip, for it's the carrot on the string that makes the hamster wheel of life bearable :-)

Sydney, Australia
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6. Re: Shopping, I miss you.

thanks for the tip on the candle works,,

gee some of you guys must think us aussies are crazy lol

well im not buying too many clothes this time,,will be other stuff,,and my 10 tubes of crest 3d toothpaste,,im hoping to buy lots of oils.(hope they are cheaper)

I live in the dusk shop here,,love the orange/lavender,geranium aromatherapy oil,i go through one bottle a fornight,i swear its better than taking a serapax,,very calming i reckon..

happy shoppinng everybody lol

Santa Monica...
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7. Re: Shopping, I miss you.

"Things like the awesomely scented body lotions from Island Soap and Candle Works (found in the ABC stores) smell *a lot* better when you arrive back in Australia." True! They smell a lot better here on the mainland US, too; I'm a fool for the coconut body lotion. Glad your dad is better, too.

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8. Re: Shopping, I miss you.

Thanks for the tips Bedoo. Have been saving extra hard so I dont let us Aussies down on the shopping front. We are lucky enough to be cruising back to Aus and there are no luggage limits - the rule is if you can carry it then its on. Thats a huge green light for me :)

So Glad to hear your Dad is on the mend.

Perth, Australia
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9. Re: Shopping, I miss you.

And the smell will roam through the house and make you feel like you're back in Hawaii. What a great idea.

And cruising back ... that's even better..!

Sydney, Australia
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10. Re: Shopping, I miss you.

Thanks for the shopping update beedoo! We leave next Monday and I am just starting to pull out the suitcases and think about what to pack. I am going to try and take minimal clothes with me and buy lots over there.

I was interested to hear about the undies being cheaper.

Will definitely stock up.

We have just upgraded to Business class for our return flight to Sydney so we'll have about 80kg. Yah!!

Does anyone know if the linen e.g. sheets, towels are a good deal to buy in Hawaii? I've heard that the quality is great but don't know of anyone who has bought any back.