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Nice Places to Eat & Drink Near Waikiki Beach & HH Village

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Nice Places to Eat & Drink Near Waikiki Beach & HH Village

Hello Everyone,

We were just wondering does anybody know of any fairly inexpensive good places to eat & Drink around Waikiki Beach & The Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel as were staying there & have heard its really expensive to eat & drink on site. Also is there anywhere that does Entertainment for the Evening/Nightime? Any help will be greatly aprreciated. Thanks.

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1. Re: Nice Places to Eat & Drink Near Waikiki Beach & HH Village

The restaurants which are a part of the Hilton Hawaiian Village are not the only restaurants on site at HHV - but they are as follows

Tropics Bar and Grill - hiltonhawaiianvillage.com/dining/tropics_bar…

Tropics is probably the most reasonably priced HHV restaurant one on site and there are links on the above page to menus and pricing

Bali Steak and Grill - hiltonhawaiianvillage.com/pdf/Bali_menu.pdf - This is the more expensive on site dining option.

Rainbow Lani - hiltonhawaiianvillage.com/pdf/Rainbow_Breakf… - offers buffet breakfast - there is no price on the menu sadly.

There are also 3 bars -


When I was there these bars sometimes had entertainment - especially the Tapa Tower bar. If you check at guest services you should be able to find out info about entertainment on site and what is happening around the place. :)

So there are not quite so expensive options with the official HHV restaurants. However there are other restaurants on site and I'll return in a minute with a list of these and links to menus for you. In a post after that I'll put in some nearby places to eat as well, with links.

Hope this is useful!

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2. Re: Nice Places to Eat & Drink Near Waikiki Beach & HH Village

So, the other on site eating places are -

Benihana - Sushi and Teppanyaki - I wanted to go here desperately but my parents were not sushi fans at the time. They are now, so fingers crossed for the next trip!

Hatsuhana - Another Japanese style restaurant but oddly had awesome spaghetti marinara (I ate there, see my trip report for info)

Round Table Pizza - Great pizza, great sandwiches and salads. We ate there a few times and really enjoyed it.

Lapperts - Ice cream and coffee, both awesome. They had other stuff too but I couldn't get past the icecream and coffee!

Starbucks - x2 - offering the usual starbucks offerings, though I think they had some pre-packaged food items which I hadn't seen in Starbucks before. I don't get to see a lot of them being Aussie, though.

Pronto Pickle - I got some sushi from here, it was so-so especially after the Alaskan Crab sushi at Hatsuhana, but I was craving the stuff. Quite cheap, though. They had salads and sandwiches and stuff

CJs New York Deli - We had breakfast there and it was quite nice and not too pricey. I see a lot of bad reviews for this place around the place but every time I went past the food looked great and people seemed to be enjoying it.

Sergios Italian Table - Italian - never got to eat there.

Hanajuban - Never found this place.

Onolicious Dogs - No idea where this is. Not a hot dog fan myself except for the Puka Dog.

Some links for those places on site - note some of these are not official sites but review sites, where I couldn't find the official one or a menu






Next up, some places nearby to eat at.

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3. Re: Nice Places to Eat & Drink Near Waikiki Beach & HH Village

First up - Wailana Coffee House. This one is directly across from the statues that make up the front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village. A very short walk from the Tapa or Ali towers, a bit further from the other towers.


That link above does have links to photos of the menus. While on the subject, meet Urban Spoon which is a great site for diners.


It has quite a lot of detail on restaurants including photos and sometimes menus.

So now you have a couple of directions you could head in if you are walking from HHV. The two more common choices would be towards Ala Moana or towards the heart of Waikiki itself.

Ala Moana is about a 10-15 minute walk from the hotel and contains a large food court with many options as well as a lot of restaurants. There are also some restaurants on the way to Ala Moana - Red Lobster and The Outback Steakhouse are two chain type restaurants (both of which you may enjoy as it is not likely you have them in the UK?) right next to each other a quite short walk from HHV - I have eaten at both and enjoyed them and they are quite reasonably priced and you get quite large meals.



At the outback the cheese fries and another starter to share are more than enough for two, for a meal, we find. :) Depending on what you picked if you chose to have the fries and another starter and share, you could get out of there for less than $25

For a less chain type restaurant and more local food, you could try Chart House -


That is also a fairly short walk and has good reviews, I've also heard good things about it here on the forums. The menu can be seen on that link.

I have been reading today about buffets -


The first two on the list are quite close to HHV - the Hakone and the Prince Court.



If you continue on your way and end up at Ala Moana, can I suggest two, not to miss, things.

1. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co - Yes, as in the movie Forrest Gump. The food is excellent but the whole experience overall if you are a fan of the movie just makes this place great. I had the best salad I have ever eaten anywhere at this place, the pear and berry salad.


2. The Pacific Place Tea Garden -

The Kona Coffee Float is perfection itself on a warm day. This place is not - as my Mother thought when I first suggested it - just about tea.


I am sure others will chime in with thoughts and suggestions, but these are some of the lower end of the price spectrum choices near the HHV.

If I get time I'll write about some of the cheaper finds towards Waikiki, almost my bed time for now, but I hope that is useful info for you..

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4. Re: Nice Places to Eat & Drink Near Waikiki Beach & HH Village

I'm not sure of your definition of inexpensive so I will give you an idea of what I do when I want a fast meal for a good price. Since you are from Birmingham you may find Honolulu a little more pricy, but since I have lived in Chicago and New York I find the island prices about the same as a mainland city.

It is a shame that there aren't more local, economical places right in the Waikiki area. I prefer to stay away from chains when I travel and it is relatively hard in Waikiki. Remember, however, that you can get a bus to most anywhere you want to go on the island for a moderate price.

A short walk from the Hilton Hawaiian Village is a diverse food court at the Ala Moana Mall. Amazingly, there are numerous places in this food court that are local and offer a variety of cuisine from Thai to Korean. Prices are reasonable and you can eat and run quickly.

Macy's and Niemen Marcus have restaurants at the mall which are often overlooked by tourists, but frequented by locals. Macy's (second floor) has a moderately priced menu in a nice setting. Niemen’s, on the other hand, is more pricey as you would expect, but the view from the restaurant of Ala Moana Park and the ocean is one of the best in all of Waikiki area.

The second floor food court at the mall area by the Sheraton and the Royal Hawaiian is also good for moderately priced food when you aren't looking for a dining experience to remember.

If you want good local food and drinks for an economical price, consider one of the two Side Street Inn's. One is located near the Ala Moana Mall and the other a far distance beyond the Marriott. But, both will give you a lot of food and drink for a good price.


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5. Re: Nice Places to Eat & Drink Near Waikiki Beach & HH Village

shorebird is a great deal with the coupon , second meal half off. It is in the reef which is about a 5 minute walk down the beach.

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6. Re: Nice Places to Eat & Drink Near Waikiki Beach & HH Village

I must add more information now that I see you are from the beautiful United Kingdom. Sorry about confusing you with Alabama earlier.

I'm not sure of your economic standing, but since you are coming from the UK you will think everything in Hawaii is economical once you change your pounds for USDs. Having just been in England less than two weeks ago I know that my English friends love traveling to the United States because they think restaurants, hotels, merchandise and other stuff is relatively economical. You may find that you are happy eating at the HHV because your actual cost is better than ours.


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7. Re: Nice Places to Eat & Drink Near Waikiki Beach & HH Village

Hiya Guys Thanks again for all your help & for all your time spent helping me out, it really is appreciated. Dont worry about confusing Birmingham with your alabama one i imagine not many of us brits come on this forum. Thanks again.

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8. Re: Nice Places to Eat & Drink Near Waikiki Beach & HH Village

Check out the "Amberloo and Food" topic and also the "Cheap eats on Oahu" topic in the "Top questions about HONOLULU" in the right hand side of this page.

There are lots of good inexpensive places in Waikiki, which is a relative small area.

For breakfast you have Wailana Coffee House, Eggs 'n Things, Moose McGuilacuddy's, Denny's, and Lulu's on the opposite end of Waikiki to name a few.

For lunch there are great ramen places, good food courts in the Royal Hawaiian Center, Waikiki Shopping Plaza and International Market Place, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Duke's Barefoot Bar and all the above mentioned breakfast places.

For dinner you have everyplace mentioned so far plus a slew of nice sit down restaurants in the Royal Hawaiian Center, on the Beach Walk, Ala Moana Center and the Cheesecake Factory that so many foreign visitors seem to love.

If you like specific kinds of food, let us know and we can be more specific. Also if you have a top dollar budget in mind.

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9. Re: Nice Places to Eat & Drink Near Waikiki Beach & HH Village

Food is expensive at the HHV, and they want you as a captive audience, so put on your walking shoes/sandals and get out of the resort. You will be surrounded by an array of different options on Waikiki. If you scroll down, you'll see trip reports that talk about restaurants, and other questions ... as well as the links given to you above.

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10. Re: Nice Places to Eat & Drink Near Waikiki Beach & HH Village

We also stay at HHV and found The Tropics Bar to have reasonable prices, fantastic location on the water and the best live music ever. We ended up going there 4 or 5 times because of the music and prices. It is also very easy to get back to your place after a long day and enjoyable evening!