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Any Aussie travel insurance that covers car hire in Hawaii?

Hervey Bay...
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Any Aussie travel insurance that covers car hire in Hawaii?

Im just wondering if there is any Australians that have taken out travel insurance that includes car hire insurance? I know in NZ we got one but i can't find one that covers USA.

Corona del Mar...
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1. Re: Any Aussie travel insurance that covers car hire in Hawaii?

If you pay for the car with a credit card like American Express, Visa or Mastercard, they generally include an auto insurance coverage. Check your cards terms.

Port Macquarie...
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2. Re: Any Aussie travel insurance that covers car hire in Hawaii?

Perhaps NRMA/GIO ? Maybe even your bank/credit card provider ? My visa provides it locally here in OZ (a recent addition).

Good Luck... Im sure many of us are keen to know this one.

Sydney, Australia
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3. Re: Any Aussie travel insurance that covers car hire in Hawaii?

Try Covermore but I would strongly advise that you get insurance from the car rental company when you hire the car because you're looking at risking yourself to liability that could run into the millions should you have an accident.

With car hire anywhere in the US, you're safer adding even a couple of hundred extra to your car rental bill, than risking exposing yourself to a multi million dollar damages claim should you have an accident.

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4. Re: Any Aussie travel insurance that covers car hire in Hawaii?

Hi there,

Have had dealings with Covermore.Not Cheap but are as genuine as you

find with Insurance companies..No harm to ask....Indalution

Sydney, Australia
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5. Re: Any Aussie travel insurance that covers car hire in Hawaii?

In my experience, the quoted price for car rental usually includes insurance but with a fairly substantial excess. All the travel insurance policies I have seen in Australia include rental car excess.

However, travel insurance is one area where comments from other countries are not helpful. Most Australian credit cards do not provide any insurance cover. However, an ANZ Platinum Visa (and probably the equivalent from other banks) provides full travel insurance for overseas travel if at least $250 of travel expenses is charged to the card before leaving Australia.

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Auckland, New...
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6. Re: Any Aussie travel insurance that covers car hire in Hawaii?

Skip it altogether, I tried to work it out, but found it all to complex, and you never get a straight answer - get a quote from this site http://www.carrentalhawaii.com/ which I found on here and gave a try as they person said good things .

They have a option for NZ/AUS drivers so they include all the insurance you need which is nice and simple .

In the end we got a car WITH all the insurances for less than Hertz were quoting without any, and they throw in a free tank of gas, I highly recommend them, they saved us a small fortune and were very easy to deal with .

Give it a try and get a quote, see what you think .

PS - i have nothing to do with this company, just a happy customer who saved probably 500 bucks thanks to someone else passing the information on .

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7. Re: Any Aussie travel insurance that covers car hire in Hawaii?


Sydney, Australia
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8. Re: Any Aussie travel insurance that covers car hire in Hawaii?

Hi - Just occasionally this question comes up so I've copied a response that I've advised before because it is so detailed. With the $ being as strong as it is, it isn't surprising. Just so you know - Oahu has a lot to offer - more than just shopping but I guess it is understandable just why the newbies are so wrapped. It IS good but try to look past the window dressing - it is a great place for many reasons. Hope not everyone thinks we only come for the shopping and don't have an appreciation for other things as well Getting back to the car -we're about to go for our 6 weeks and always hire a car when we are there. For that length of time, it is pretty vital that we get the best deal we can otherwise it would be ridiculous - more than our airfares (which are usually $1,600 each as they cross seasons). Best deal currently - Budget UK for the reasons stated below. Our booking has actually reduced in price because of the $ and that as the date got closer the prices have risen. Double win! Book as early as you can.

Sorry to disappoint but from what i've experienced, travel insurance companies like Covermore etc only offer an excess - this won't cover you in an accident (despite how much some agents try to sway you on this (I'm looking directly at you F-Centres). Unlike most lucky American folks, we don't have automatic vehicle insurances which are attached to credit cards or automobile club memberships. Generally speaking, you ought to really consider adding the insurance to the hire fee and this is where it starts to get exy.

The deals you see on line for $X don't include the CDW/SLI etc insurances. You might get some sort of 'excess insurance' with your travel insurance but this is insufficient to cover you fully if you were in an accident (heaven forbid). Even when you are quoted rates when surfing the net, rarely will you be told what the insurance rates currently are and will be asked to deal with those fees at the counter when you pick up. This is when you get hit with up to another huge amount to pay which usually ends up costing more than the rental of the car alone by far! I can only imagine that they would be substantial with the hire of a higher end vehicle. Also be aware that if you do collect from the airport there are usually specific fees as well for airport rentals. It may be a good idea to check out the rental co that another person recommended here. It didn't work for me.

If you are wanting to be assured of exactly what you will be paying when you get there, Australians galore have used driveawayholidays.com.au who quote for vehicles including all insurances (because they know we need 'em). An advantage or disadvantage depending how you feel is that you prepay in AU$ when you make the booking. I'm not aware of their cancellation fees or policy but it is worth further investigation.

Also try Budget UK who have fantastic rates, and who also add insurance fees to the total because the Brits don't have the card/AAA system of American insurances either. It allows for some flexibility because you can make your booking online (and without a credit card detail kind of commitment) and allows you to check periodically and cancel/renew your booking if they offer a better deal before you leave. The only disadvantage of this and any system when you book now and pay later at the counter is that you will be at the mercy of currency fluctuations - you need to consider the options of pay now or later and what you consider important although that isn't too much of an issue right now. Good luck!

Hervey Bay...
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9. Re: Any Aussie travel insurance that covers car hire in Hawaii?

Thank you everyone for your responses. I have received quotes from a few insurance companies and AAMI seems to be the cheapest but best coverage. They will cover the car rental excess, so i will just take out the basic car rental insurance with the car hire company....with a $4000 excess and let AAMI take care of the rest.

Adelaide, Australia
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10. Re: Any Aussie travel insurance that covers car hire in Hawaii?

It's http://www.driveaway.com.au/ not "driveawayholidays.com.au"

Covermore will not cover for 3rd party personal/property, I confirmed that with them.

Note that driveaway still does not cover personal injury;


* Insurance for personal injuries / damage to drivers and passengers, optional coverage may be offered locally for an additional fee.

And that whilst Covermore will cover medical bills for you&family, it will not cover for liability to passengers and other people who might get injured or killed in an accident (neither will RAA or AAMII travel insurance), ie. they all have this clause:

We Will Not Pay For:

3. liability arising from the conduct by You of any profession, trade

or business or the use or ownership by You of any firearm,

aircraft, water borne craft or __mechanically propelled vehicle__.

I confirmed with them that a car is considered a mechanically propelled vehicle.

Driveaway was $450 for the same hire as directly sans insurance $230, so the insurance cover is huge. That was just 1 weeks hire.

The result is as an Australian, because licenced drivers here are covered via their car registration for 3rd party personal, then when hiring you are going to need to buy that cover and it's very unlikely to be provided by most travel insurance.

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