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Bargain shopping for Aussies in Waikiki

Gosford, Australia
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Bargain shopping for Aussies in Waikiki

Aloha fellow Aussie travellers,

Me & my 2 daughters aged 16 & 18 will be visiting Waikiki late August/Sept this year & wanted to get some advice as to what we can expect when we head to the shops for some retail therapy.

What sort of things can we get that are cheaper than in Oz & where do we go to get them?

Thinking of maybe getting designer handbags/wallets,shoes/joggers,sunglasses & clothing.

Any info as where is the best place to get them & about how much they would cost.

I know the Aussie dollar has dropped significantly in the last couple of weeks but hopefully will rise by the time we go.

I would like to know if the Ala Moana shopping centre or the Waikele Outlets is better. Have also read on this forum about Blue Ginger being a favourite shop, where is this shop?


Vancouver, BC
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1. Re: Bargain shopping for Aussies in Waikiki

I'm not an Aussie traveller but my 15 yr old daughter and I just returned from our first time in Waikiki a week ago and we did lots of shopping. We didn't go to the outlet mall because I heard that it was much smaller than the one we have in nearby Seattle and some other posters on here said that it was not worth the trip. I can comment on the Ala Moana Shopping Centre though. My daughter loved it. It is massive....290 shops I believe. Forever 21 was her favourite but there were many deals to be had. Don't know anything about the prices in Oz but I did talk to a few Aussies while there and they said that they found Hawaii cheap...if that helps!

The main hotel zone in Waikiki is loaded with designer shops for all of the items you mentioned.

Have a great time!

Noosa, Australia
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2. Re: Bargain shopping for Aussies in Waikiki

Hi Blondie!

As an Aussie Shopper myself, hopefully I can help you a little on this...

We went to Ala Moana first, and loved Macy's, kind of like Myer here I suppose, but with designer and very reasonably priced stuff. The makeup there is EXTREMELY cheap so make sure you stock up. Also definately stock up at Victoria's Secret as we don't have one here in Australia and it is reeeeeealy cheap! They also have an even CHEAPER brand called Pink which is an adjoining shop.

Designer stuff like Chanel, Gucci etc, still extremely expensive (imo) but if that's the kind of thing you buy at home then it'll be cheaper in Hawaii.

Ala Moana was great for clothes, (way too many shops to mention) but a lot of the shops down Kalakaua Ave also have great clothing that is cheaper then compared to here.

My best bargains imo were bought at the Waikele Outlets at the Guess shop - here it is kind of like a 'budget' designer brand I suppose, but I think over there it's mainly a jeans brand so everything was very cheap! I bought a bag, a 'sweater', sunnies, and a watch all for a GREAT price, cheaper than I paid for one bag here! Also bought some cheap shoes at Nine West; and the Armani Exchange has some really cheap shirts.

They have quite a few shoe outlets there so it may be worth it if you are looking for joggers.

Jeans and stuff are also really cheap.

Waikele is probably worth the drive if you have time but if you aren't there for long Ala Moana will be fine. There is a Guess shop on Kalakaua Ave that you could go to if you can't get to Waikele.

If I've forgotten anything, or if you have any questions, let me know and I'm happy to answer :)


Sydney, Australia
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3. Re: Bargain shopping for Aussies in Waikiki


aussie here LOL

Yes makeup is really cheap.

We loved the ala moana,, was there oct last year and most shops had stuff on sale.The guess shop in the main drag had really good specials

Macys is good,,and yeah just like myer/david jones,,they had lots of stuff on sale,get the local paper and check for shops that have sales.

I got a watch,,ralph lauren etc

Great shop called claires? i think its like equip but so so much better,your 16 year old would like it,,so much cool stuff

we went to a shop not sure what is(spears?) was though its at the ala moana we got some nice stuff from there,,t shirts,,watch,shoes

Its a department store,

Nike shoes from footlocker were half the price as home(i checked)

Converse is half the price as home

,,walmart had stuff we didnt have at home,taylor swift,,miley cyrus clothing lines etc,fantastic halloween stuff.They just have different stuff to us,,daughter brought some nice t shirts all around $10

I didnt find billabong,,roxy,ripcurl cheap, its just the same price as home,what was cheap(just one rack) was crap I wouldnt buy for $2

we didnt do the outlets as we brought enough from the normal shops.

You will love the shops,,and buy heaps

we are going again this sep Oct as well and cant wait to hit the shops again

As was around halloween time,,we brought back home heaps of chocies,,and lollies from wallmart ,,cheap in huge packets

I also brought 10 packets of headache tablets,,we dont get them here and they work really good(i get bad headaches)not sure if allowed LOl but i did.

We shopped every night ,,shops open late,,so we didnt waste any sunshine time LOL

The ala moana closed at 9,,then we went down the streets till 11 LOL

Lake Macquarie...
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4. Re: Bargain shopping for Aussies in Waikiki

Okay, blokes observation here...

Being opposite to our seasons, you'll usually bag bargains for the coming Oz summer months.

The better half hit the Guess store and was extremely happy with her purchases. She said she saved about 70% on a comparable Guess products available in Oz.

She enjoyed Macys at the Ala Moana centre and also did some damage to the card at a shop called Ross, which is behind the Ala Moana centre, across the road from Walmart. I accompanied her there and stayed for about 10mins, until she got sick of me (some plans DO come together). The Ross store is an absolute jumble of stuff, which I'd describe as a resembling a Salvo's sorting warehouse. Se did buy heaps of frilly bits, tops & pants there. Apparently it's super cheap.

I take no personal responsibility for this information. as I had to make an urgent trip to the Ala Moana Maitai Bar to undertake a personal monetary rescue of the bar staff. Gotta look after the locals...

sydney australia
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5. Re: Bargain shopping for Aussies in Waikiki

Hi Blondie59

Aussie here, we have been to USA & Hawaii 4 times this coming dec 10, both my husband & I love the shopping especially as we have the different season we get better discounts.

Ala Mona awesome shopping from top end to budget shops all under one roof the pink trolley will take you there for a small price but depending on where you are staying it maybe free.

Designer shopping is much cheaper than in AUS i have brought several piece eg louis vuitton bags & tiffany & co jewellery and much cheaper than home Esp T & Co I found 1/2 price than Australia

I personal love macys its like DJ/Myer but has more designer stuff for much much less.

Also NOTE take your passport/ Aussie Drivers License to the information desk at any Macys Store USA wide and they will give you a 10% discount card which is valid for 30 days to use anywhere in USA. Its awesome it is 10% on top of all item full price or discount.

When we went last time, I brought what should have cost me full price $900 US worth of cloths $250 after all the discounts that included designer cloths as well and also make up cheap as chips. Clinque foundation at home costs me $67 AUS in Macys $19 and they are forever having gift time with purchased in cosmetics but you dont have to spend any whether near to get it as what we do back in AUS.

I hope this helps abit. Mel

Gosford, Australia
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6. Re: Bargain shopping for Aussies in Waikiki

Thanks guys for all your help,

It sounds like we are going to have a ball, just hope the aussie dollar improves.

Will have enough time to go to the outlets & will definately check out the Guess shop there.

Victoria's Secret sounds like a shop we'll love as well.

Where's the best place to buy the makeup?

I'm going to make a note of all the shops you mentioned & take it with me.

Shopping at night sounds the way to go.

Thanks again,


Gosford, Australia
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7. Re: Bargain shopping for Aussies in Waikiki

Hi Mel,

Thanks for the tip about the Macy's discount card.

Will definately check Macy's out.


Gosford, Australia
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8. Re: Bargain shopping for Aussies in Waikiki


You crack me up! Glad you found a bar in the Ala Moana shopping centre to spend some of your hard earned money while your wife was busy spending the rest of it!!

Perth, Australia
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9. Re: Bargain shopping for Aussies in Waikiki

You've got no idea what a great holiday you are going to have - with all that shopping!

Take very little with you -- because you will be spending up big time! Most airlines will allow 2 cases at 23kgs each .. plus hand luggage. But check with the airline before you go. The second case can be purchased in Hawaii -- and yes, you will need it.

Macy's has a department store in the main street of Waikiki - as well as one at Ala Moana. Various makeup brands there, some that CVS don't stock.

CVS Pharmacy has cheap make up - and lots of it. Our Revlon lippy here is $29 -- at CVS it's $9. They have a large store at Ala Moana - which used to be Longs Drugs.

There is also a couple of other department stores at Ala Moana - Nordstrum and Sears, as well as a couple of hundred others. Ala Moana also has a large food hall.

And, there's Nordstrum Rack, another store behind the cinemas near the Ward Center. Ward Center is just past Ala Moana along the beach.

A really good bargainstore is Ross' Dress for Less. This is in Ward Avenue, behind the Ward Center - just past Sports Authority (another great store) and next door to McDonalds.

Ross' is very cheap -- with terrific bargains, from tops, slacks, skirts, lingere etc.

We got the bus to the corner of Ward Avenue, and walked through the stores back to Ala Moana ...

Check out these websites and spend a couple of hours browsing to see their prices. You will be gobsmacked.







and the factory outlets ...

www.premiumoutlets.com - and click for the location of the one in Hawaii - which will give you a list of the stores there.

As for eating out, you must go to the Cheesecake Factory in the main street of Waikiki, opposite Macy's . Check their website before you go, just to read the menu -- its amazing! The cheesecakes aren't bad either. If you can't fit the cakes in, take one back to your hotel for supper!


If you like seafood - go to Red Lobster, between the Hilton and Ala Moana. Meals here are to die for ....


No need to say have fun -- because you will. Happy shopping!

Laguna Niguel...
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10. Re: Bargain shopping for Aussies in Waikiki

They just announed they will be putting a Ross in waikiki, but I doubt it would be open by August. Concur on Forever21, the ladies in the house would agree they have the best deals