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Silverleaf Scam?

San Antonio, TX
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Silverleaf Scam?

Hello all! I have a question about the Silverleaf Hillcountry Resort at Canyon Lake.

My husband entered us into some contest that we apparently won. Obviously, I am extremely skeptical. It sounds like another scam I've read about. We're supposed to take a 90-minute tour of the Silverleaf Hillcountry Resort at Canyon Lake, then we scratch off some card and win a car, a trip, or money, and apparently we're guranteed a trip to Vegas or somewhere else.

This sounds like a huge scam to me, and I just wanted to know if anyone had any information on this.

Thanks in advance!

Houston, Texas
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1. Re: Silverleaf Scam?

The Silverleaf Resort is a time share. So you will spend most of the time getting the hard sell for a time share. Don't know about the prizes, but I'm pretty sure there will be some kind of catch with all of them....

San Antonio, Texas
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2. Re: Silverleaf Scam?

It is a timeshare with a hard pitch to buy. As you listen, it always sounds so good. I'll bet you will win a trip, because you have to pay a handling fee. You will probably have to give them 3 dates that you want to go, than they'll let you know later which one you get. I feel with the deposit and handling fee you have to put down is not a free trip, in my opinion. I would rather pay for my trip so I can go when I want to go. Let me know if you win something better!!??

San Antonio, Texas
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3. Re: Silverleaf Scam?

i did this one a few years ago as i was curious. it's less of a scam than global escapes...but it's still not worth your time or money! don't do it. you'll be sorry you wasted your time. the "prize" you get is crap with many hidden charges. don't be a sucker!!!!!

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4. Re: Silverleaf Scam?

Silverleaf a 'scam'? But.....of course. Watch them closely if you decide to go. Make sure they provide everything they say they will provide to you for showing up. If they don't contact the Texas Real Estate Commission and file a complaint.

San Antonio, Texas
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5. Re: Silverleaf Scam?

Got suckered in a number of years ago--want to buy a timeshare? Had I known, I would have been better off with the Armed Forces Vacation Club. Thus, military need to avoid them.

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6. Re: Silverleaf Scam?

i was wondering if you did win anything w/o any hidden charges or anything

cus i, too, "won"

but im not sure if its all a scam

or something

can you please reply to


houston, tx
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7. Re: Silverleaf Scam?

I went to one yesterday and walked away with the paperwork I needed for my Vegas trip, also a $40 gift card that I have already used. This is the 4th time I have gone to one of these, different companies, and we always get the prizes. If you take the cruise there are fees and taxes you have to pay, but they total $340.00 for two people for a 4 day cruise. Also on the vegas vacation you have to pay $100 unfront. After you take your trip you get it back. One I went on before was like that and I did get my money back. Just read the fine print. One of my prizes was supposed to be mailed back, certified mail and I did not do it and missed out. We never buy any thing, just go for the free stuff.

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8. Re: Silverleaf Scam?

yes, in fact my husband and I got the exact same deal, we went to the 90 minute tour, and there were some very intense high pitched sales men! We did buy part in the time share, this was on Oct 27,07.

Since then we have paid out nearly $2,000 and its barely been 30 days.We have recieved none of the free prizes but and constantly asked to keep investing money for tax purposes and so forth! We have called to cancel and we have been told that is absolutely not an option! The monthly payments can be made no problem, but some more important family issues have come up that will not enables us to take part in this vacxation free or not! There was misrepresentation having said in the event we decide to cancel they would buy back there own shares, not true. So now we are in a tuff spot and don't know what to do.

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9. Re: Silverleaf Scam?

DO NOT DO IT!!!! My husband and I have and are continuing to be scammed through Silverleaf Resorts! Unfortunantly we did buy into the program we are owners. However we have invested over $2,000 in 30 days and we are still being asked for money for tax purposes and what not, not including our payments over the next 7 years.Absolutely nothing is free!! Some unexpected family issues have come up where we by know means could take a so called free trip, a free trip, or even use the resorts available to us. During the sales pitches there was some misrepresentation that we now know. According to them we can not cancell but was given the option to sale.The catch to that is they wont buy back there own shares like they said during the 90 minute seminar. We have been nearly forced now to hire an attorney to solve this matter.

Tampa, Florida
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10. Re: Silverleaf Scam?



Avoid all timeshare sales. Especially the new ones where you don't receive actual title to a particular unit for a particular time period each year.

Ask yourself what kind of profit margin these people must be making to be able to offer these "free" deals to thousands of people each year.

Don't tie yourself down.

Travel where you want to go on your own schedule.

You will NOT save a significant amount of money by locking yourself into a timeshare OF ANY KIND.

This is based upon experience!

I HATE THE TIMESHARE HARD SELL PRESENTATIONS and would never subject myself to another one no matter what "free" offer I was given.

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