5 days with kids

Hi there!

My husband is going to be in Seattle for a buisness conference in July. Myself and our 2 kids (4.5 and 10 months) are tagging along. He's going to be tied up most of the days, but will be able to join us for dinners in the evening.

We're planning on staying downtown near the Convention Center. And ideally won't have a car. How easy is public transit to navigate? I'll bring a small stroller and will likely wear the baby most of the time so my son can ride to save from the complaining about walking.

I've just started looking into things to do with the kids but am unsure how long to plan for each attraction. Since I'll be alone with both kids most of the time easy is important.

In our list:

Children's Museum


Woodland Park zoo

Space Needle (will do this with my husband in the evening)

Pikes market

I would like to do something on the water, maybe a ferry ride (but to where?)

I'm sure there are lots of other things I'm missing..

Are there any must see parks or playgrounds?

What about places/areas to avoid as a female woth kids?

Vest family friendly places to eat for both lunches and dinners?