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New Orleans- worth a visit?

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New Orleans- worth a visit?


My wife and I have visited the US from the Uk many times but for various reasons missed a few years.Now we intend to visit early 08, probably to 2 centres .

On our list originally was NO but that was pre-Katrina. I don't mean to be heartless but as this would be a big thing for us can I ask opinion as to how much has been lost , and whether I might be disappointed compared to what I hope for a year or two ago?

At the same time, advice on alternatives such as Nashville or Memphis please?


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1. Re: New Orleans- worth a visit?

New Orleans is ready for your visit...Museums, restaurants, music venues, historic tours, plantations nearby, Bourbon St, Garden District, the French Quarter are all up and running. Review the posts on this board as well as the trip review section and you will see the wonderful reports by visitors from thruout the world and this country.

The devastated ninth ward remains so and progress has been slow but these areas are residential and had few tourist visitors pre K.

The tourist areas are all up and rebounding and would welcome your visit.

BTW I'll be leaving for my NINTH Post K visit tomorrow and have safely enjoyed my times in the Big Easy!

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2. Re: New Orleans- worth a visit?

Nothing against Nashville or Memphis, but there's so much more to see and do in New Orleans! As has been stated, the areas you would have visited pre-K are still the ones you'd visit post-K and they weren't really impacted by flooding.

Come on down and enjoy! I think the New Orleans trip reports and reviews I've seen over the past 12 months have been the best ever.

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3. Re: New Orleans- worth a visit?

"At the same time, advice on alternatives such as Nashville or Memphis please?"

Well, of course on a New Orleans forum everyone is going to recommend New Orleans! Including me...

But I honestly can't imagine seeing Memphis as an alternative. I was in Memphis for two weeks earlier this year and found it depressing. Sure, there's the Elvis thing, and Beale Street. So it's worth a day, maybe, if you're in the area. But I wouldn't go out of my way for it. No comparison to New Orleans.

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4. Re: New Orleans- worth a visit?

I agree with Irishfan. I was in Memphis for 3 nights last April and felt very uneasy/unsafe at night. Graceland is not to be missed (and I am not and Elvis fan) and the Martin Luther King Civil rights musuem but that is about it. Beale street is ok. We also spent 3days in New Orleans and we are going back in 6 days time. Need I say more Go and you will LOVE it. Get away from real heavy tourist areas and it is fantasic. The architecuture, the music, the food and the people are all very special.

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5. Re: New Orleans- worth a visit?

I just returned from my first visit to New Orleans and I would definitely recommend it. Besides the beautiful architecture and incredible food, this city is a very important part of American history, both from its founding and the incredible blend of cultures that came together here, and sadly from the hurrican devastation and the devotion of American individuals and charities to restore the neighborhoods. I loved the spirit of the people here.

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6. Re: New Orleans- worth a visit?

I have relatives in both Memphis and New Orlens. Sure, Graceland is worth a visit IF you are already in the area. Memphis has enough to do maybe in a day or two. There is so much more to see and do in New Orleans. If you are looking for history, culture and music, this is the place to be. Oops - almost forgot the food! :)

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7. Re: New Orleans- worth a visit?

Oh, and yes - we have been back twice since the storm. You will find the damage only if you go looking for it . . . . in the residential areas outside of the French Quarter. Remember - the French built the city near the port, but on the high ground! New Orleans needs your tourist dollars - so go have a good time, and at the same time, know that you are doing a good thing!

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8. Re: New Orleans- worth a visit?

We had the same concerns. Actually we ended up in New Orleans, because we needed to either use or loose a time-share week before the end of May and New Orleans was the only place that was available when we started looking.

I totally agree with other posters re: condition of the city. You actually see little damage unless you go out and look for it. We did, and I think everyone should. It is a great reminder of the terrible forces of nature and the poor response of government to the needs of people.

Everything in the French Quarter is up and running. We enjoyed free concerts at City Park, which really appeared almost untouched by flood waters (although we know it received lots of flooding). The zoo, aquarium, river boats,, casinos, sidewalk artists and entertainers are all back to pre-Katrina standards.

We did miss the produce section of the French Market, but frankly, that rennovation has been over-due for many years and it is good that they are taking care to replace it with something better.

We have spent time in Memphis and Nashville, and I certainly would go to New Orleans over either of these two cities. I did not even think Graceland was something great....just a peek at the really poor decore of someone who had more money than good taste. Beal St. is a poor imitation of the real thing in New Orleans. The only reason to go to Memphis is to eat good BBQ.

I have no idea what one does in Nashville now that Opryland is gone. I guess you might get tickets to watch the Grand Ole 'Opry, and visit the Country Music Hall of Fame. Again, there is some tasty BBQ in Nashville, but New Orleans offers far more options and is truly a destination location.

I would absolutely plan on visiting New Orleans. I imagine that by 2008 even the French Market will be fully operational.

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9. Re: New Orleans- worth a visit?

Tourism is alive and vibrant in New Orleans..all you would want to do pre storm or post storm is here.....all we did is add a few storm tours to the mix. I was disappointed in Nashville last year...not at all what I expected. NO is the best.

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10. Re: New Orleans- worth a visit?

New Orleans is a Must See! I've been there pre-katrina and post-katrina and Im heading back on Thursday! French Quarter was the same pre and post-kat. Incredible food and vivacious atmosphere.

I really don't know of a US city that could compare to NO.