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mr beemays jbr pt 2

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mr beemays jbr pt 2


wife says wake up, wake up, we have to go......thinking theres something wrong, i jumped up...open your present she says...so I open, its a rod an extending rod, what for? you'll see... just bring it with you!

In an out of shops, shes buying more and more.I said how am i going to carry all this...bang on the rod.....it extends....oookaay......its apparantly an improvement on the bamboo rod from last year,it holds more..........

and away we go..............

in and out of more shops, laybys, jackets to be made, doona cover to be made,paintings to be painted,photos to be printed....

wife hands me a bottle of water and asks me for my wallet.why? save you putting down the pole to get it out, much easier for you......and off she went.

so i struggle with the bags back up the laneways to the hotel, unload the pole, grab a bintang and jump in the pool.

wife says don't get too comfy, we have to go out for dinner.

so..Pizza hut it is .

I didn't want to move from the pool and pizza hut didn't sound enticing, but it is waaay different to pizza hut here and I enjoyed every morsel. I was waylaid in Jco donuts and Bread talk. the cakes are delicious here and worth going to........3 or 4 or 6 times.It's in Matahari(the new one) if you haven't been before.

day 3

booked kadek redata for a day trip as Honeybee hadn't seen any of Bali. went to Royal Palace, Ubud markets,ibuoka,tegalalan rice paddies,sukawati markets.

We'd been talking to Kadek for a few months prior by email, he sourced a carver for us to carve a nude cofee table that I could fit in a suitcase to bring home. Really pleased with Kadeks service and the carving is beautiful.

sukawati markets were like a maze, if I hadn't kept an eye on Mrs Beemay and honeybee I might never have found them again.

the only dissapointing thing there was the hawkers in the carpark,they were all over us even when we got into the car. One lady must have tied some string to me,she was everywhere I was ,everytime I turned around she was there, and it took some doing to undo the knots when I got in the car.

I saw Rick Stein rave on about Babi Guling at Ibu Oka, so decided to try it. We pull up out the front and theres cars, buses and people everywhere.I thought to myself,this is going to be terrific.We can see the pig on the counter,all ready to be carved.Honeybee has run a mile,she doesnt like the look of it at all,so she goes to find a drink and smoke while we eat. We go inside, everyone is sitting on the floor, and theres a pile of shoes on the steps. I turn to Mrs B,this is not good. we squeeze into a spot,and after some very loud creaking and cracking of knees and various joints, I manage to sit on the ground.As I sat, I accidentally sat on someones toes, I don't think she was too happy and Mrs B nearly set the table flying. Oh god we have to get back up. WE weren't as impressed as Mr Stein. the fat isn't removed so whatever the next slice is,thats whats on your plate and the spices are overwhelming,not hot,just spicy so you really cant taste the pork. i wanted to ask can i have some pork with my spice please?The crackling was nice though. I wouldn't go back again.I wanted to do it, did,it's done.

We drove through the "homewares ave" I think its tegallalang road. I wouldnt let Mrs B out of the car here,there is so much to look at and buy.I had a sore neck from looking left,looking right,looking left. great to look at even if you don't buy, got a sore shoulder restraining mrs B though.

Kadek was 400k rp for the day, well spent .

Taken home, more bintang and swimming, not bad for a guy who doesnt drink.

wife had organised to go down to franks bar, then dinner on waterfront strip then the beach shack for the show.....she was meeting up with a girl she went to school with many many many moons ago....BUT I started feeling like a furnace on fire, headache, spewy... enough,i think you have the picture,and this was my lot for three days. Luckily mrs b had got some you beaut new antibiotics esp for bali belly, only 5 tablets, but they worked quickly and well. I've put it down to Ibu oka, it was the only place I had eaten that wasn't a "proper" kitchen with food out in the open and that was only a few hours earlier.

more to come

beach shack

safari park

we meet balitassiegirl

the ghost in the bathroom




more food

holy vegemite grail

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1. Re: mr beemays jbr pt 2

love your report...we are going for the first time next April..have just told my husband about the fishing rod trick, and what a great idea your wife had for that...Husband not impressed...LOL.. look forward to your next instalment

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2. Re: mr beemays jbr pt 2

What a great husband you are, carrying all that shopping on a pole!

Sorry you were sick, we've eaten at ibu oka and enjoyed it, we didn't get sick, maybe its luck of the draw or maybe after many visits to Bai I have a much stronger stomach!!

Looking forward to part 3.

Brisbane, Australia
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3. Re: mr beemays jbr pt 2

The really hot spices tend to upset my tummy too, maybe it's wasn't an actual bug just your body flushing out the spices (well that's my story anyway, LOL).

I really can't see Hubby being co operative to use the pole like you do, he would tie me to the end of it so I couldn'e enter any more shops, LOL

Hurry up with the next part, I want to hear about the ghost in the bathroom...................hehe

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for Seminyak, Bali, Canggu, Kerobokan
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4. Re: mr beemays jbr pt 2

Hi Mr Beemay

Thanks once more for all the entertainment! I love your style of writing and am pleased that you solved the mystery of the long package you wife took for your birthday! I am sure you were thrilled to be able to go shopping with your shopping rod - beats fishing,doesn't it?

Looking forward to the next installment.


Perth, Australia
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5. Re: mr beemays jbr pt 2

Can't wait to read more! Keep 'em coming!

Eaton, Australia
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for Broome, Bunbury
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6. Re: mr beemays jbr pt 2

It's becoming a thrilling adventure, set at a frenetic pace....

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for Bali, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Tuban, Ubud
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7. Re: mr beemays jbr pt 2

thanks for another good read. looking forward to the rest of your trip report

Perth, WA
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8. Re: mr beemays jbr pt 2

Can't wait to read part 3. Love the humour in your writing. Keep it up as we enjoy reading about your Bali adventures. You are a brilliant husband - there is no way my hubbie would shop with me using a pole to carry all those purchases.

Melbourne, Australia
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9. Re: mr beemays jbr pt 2

Thanks Mr Beemay for a fun & entertaining read.

I know my husband would have put a hook at the end of the rod and used it to pull me out of shops to stop me buying too much!!

It will be my 1st time to Bali in 29 more sleeps and I am soaking up all reports on TripAdvisor so keep the next installments coming.

Also...I thought you were joking about buying the flaming wallet in your first report but you really did....LOL...was that to give to your wife next time you have your hands full carrying the rod??


Perth, Australia
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10. Re: mr beemays jbr pt 2

Lol, looking forward to the next installment too!

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