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Pancake Pantry vs Log Cabin Pancake House...Yet again !

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Pancake Pantry vs Log Cabin Pancake House...Yet again !

I know the feud between The Pancake Pantry and The Log Cabin Pancake House for Gatlinburg Pancake dominance is an ongoing thing here on the forum. And I guess I am guilty to keep bringing it up but……….

I have always been a staunch supporter of The Pancake Pantry for many years. I know there are long lines, I know they don’t take Credit Cards, I know their prices are high.

Having said that, I have given The LCPH chances in the past and after they took over the #1 review spot here on the forum recently, I thought I would give them one more chance Memoral day weekend.

I know everyone has an opinion and I respect that, but I must say that anyone that thinks LCPH is better than the Pancake Pantry is respectfully NUTS!

LCPH is not a bad place to eat by any standards but the quality of food just does not come close to the PP, or several other houses for that matter.

Our experience on Saturday, Memoral weekend at the LCPH on Airport Rd:

1. got there about 9:30, quick seating, no wait

2. Large selection of menu items

3. Waitress started out good, but that changed

4. My wifes coffee was luke warm and strong. I nicely asked the waitress for a “fresh” cup. She proceeded to inform me that their coffee was “fresh” through out the day. You know, I was in the Fast Food business for many years and the old saying "“The customer is always right” is actually true...(even if they are not). When a customer asks for a fresh cup of coffee, the response should be something like….”of course” or “Yes, I will be right back”. You do not insinuate that the customer does not know what the coffee they just put in their mouth tastes like. You just nicely bring them another cup of friggen coffee ! Don’t you agree?

5. The waitress was fine after that, I assume she realized she may have just jeopardized her tip, little did she know it was too late. It is hard to get me back once you have alienated me, especially with attitude.

6. I had a pecan Belgian waffle which was excellent.

7. My DW had eggs over easy , hash browns, and bacon. Eggs and hash browns were VERY greasy, bacon had been setting for quite a while.

8. Our daughter had an omelet that was just average. She is not a pancake eater so I tried one of her buttermilk pancakes. It was good but nothing special. They just do not have that special taste the the PP’s regular buttermilk pancakes have. The syrup was warm which I love.

9. You cannot get real butter….If I am going to clog my arteries, I want the option to do it naturally, not with the chemicals in margarine.

10. And last but not least….they are nearly as expensive at the PP. Total was $32 for 3 of us, plus the well deserved $1 tip. Maybe a few bucks cheaper over all.

Well it was back to the PP yesterday, waited in line about 10 minutes. Had omelets, pancakes, the best French toast you will ever eat, delicous cinnamon cream syrup that you cannot get anywhere else, mounds of whipped real butter, steaming hot coffee with plenty of refills.

So there you have it, I hate to keep bringing it up and some may seem it is petty and I don't want to stop anyone from eating at LCPH,if that is their preference, but I hate to see a newbie to Gatlinburg actually not try the PP because of the reviews that say the LCPH is so much better.

I especially hate the reviews that totally condem the PP experience due to the fact that they do not accept Credit cards, yes it is an inconvenience and I think it is a bad business practice…..but read the sign, take cash and GET OVER IT. If you don't have any cash in your pocket, you should not be on vacation in the first place.

My Pancake house rankings are:

1. Pancake Pantry

2. Red Rooster Pancake House

3. Mountain Lodge

4. Any Cracker Barrel

5. Log Cabin Pancake House

Eat where you want, (but you will like the PP much better!)

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1. Re: Pancake Pantry vs Log Cabin Pancake House...Yet again !

Well, I'm no local but I've ate at both and I must say, I guess I'm nuts (respectfully according to you)because I MUCH prefer the LCPH.

I've had crappy service every single time I've ate at PP and never had a problem other than a long line at the LCPH.

I guess this is another "to each their own" kinda thing and everyone should try both and make their own decisions.

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2. Re: Pancake Pantry vs Log Cabin Pancake House...Yet again !

like I said...eat where you want.

Nashville, TN
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3. Re: Pancake Pantry vs Log Cabin Pancake House...Yet again !

One day on my way to The Biltmore I stopped at The Little House Of Pancakes on Hwy. 321. Very good. I really enjoyed it. Whether it's better than LCPH or PP, who knows. It's all in the eye (or mouth) of the beholder! http://littlehouseofpancakes.com/


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4. Re: Pancake Pantry vs Log Cabin Pancake House...Yet again !

isn't that funny....i tried the little house of pancakes on my last visit too (on the recommendation of the guy at our rental office) and found it good too...in fact i wrote the first review of the place which should be on soon

that said I too prefer PP but would never give a waitress only a $1 tip on a a $32 tab unless she scalded me with hot coffee or dumped my breakfast on me

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5. Re: Pancake Pantry vs Log Cabin Pancake House...Yet again !

I like one better over the other but isn't it nice to know there are great places to eat in G'burg for any meal ! Try them all!

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6. Re: Pancake Pantry vs Log Cabin Pancake House...Yet again !

Well said, frankieb!

Raleigh, NC
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7. Re: Pancake Pantry vs Log Cabin Pancake House...Yet again !

Well a trip to GB would not be complete for me until I eat at Pancake Pantry. It is tradition.

I also love there wild berry blinz (leftovers are great). When I first went there with my nose in the air about not real maple syrup, I changed my way. Service is great and love the china coffee cups.

That said, I also plan on eating at LCPH to try them. I will also return to PP which is part of my GB experience.


North Carolina
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8. Re: Pancake Pantry vs Log Cabin Pancake House...Yet again !

I was a diehard PP fan until I had the French Toast Royale at LCPH. There is not a weekend that goes by that dh doesn't ask me wouldn't I rather be sitting at LCPH having it! Nothing beats that breakfast in my opinion, but thank goodness there are so many different opinions and places to eat? Can you imagine if there was only 1 place to eat breakfast or dinner in Gatlinburg and EVERYONE that visited ate there?

Our waitress the first day we went to LCPH was the best waitress we have ever had anywhere we have ever traveled. The second time that week the waitress was not nearly as good.

We have never been able to take our time at PP (although it never stopped us from going). We would only catch our waitress as she rushed by and they always wanted us to hurry so they could sit one of the other dozens waiting.

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9. Re: Pancake Pantry vs Log Cabin Pancake House...Yet again !

Diehard LCPH fan here!! But I agree, thank goodness we don't all like the same place. I have to get up early enough now to get to the LCPH before they line up way off the porch. I don't see why it bothers anybody that someone likes something they don't. I thought Best Italian was OK but did not live up to the massive hype. I also really liked Bubba Gump's but several people did not. To each their own I say!

Clinton, MS
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10. Re: Pancake Pantry vs Log Cabin Pancake House...Yet again !

To each is own...........

Have you ever thought of that!

I love LCPH 4 life!