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New Jersey
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The Most Important Rule to Remember When Leaving a "Tip...

You can never tip TOO MUCH

But you can tip TOO LITTLE!!

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1. Re: The Most Important Rule to Remember When Leaving a "Tip...

Just out of curiousity....and be honest....what type of job do you have? :)

Surrey, England
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2. Re: The Most Important Rule to Remember When Leaving a "Tip...

When we were in Florida last year we went to a TGIF (I know, I know) and the waiter was pretty poor. He persuaded us to ordering starters and of course we then didn't come close to finishing our main meals. He needed to see ID to get us a drink (my wife was impressed as it's a long time since she was 21) and of course we didn't have any. He then gave us the bill after forgetting our daughters dessert, after along wait he brought the dessert and then came back with another bill/check this time with the dessert included.

When I left I gave him about a 5% tip (I didn't want to leave anything) he then gave us a hard time about it!

I don't think you should tip automatically especially if someone gives poor service.

North East, England
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3. Re: The Most Important Rule to Remember When Leaving a "Tip...

i couldnt agree more with the last post. if you get good service give a tip! if you dont then dont. i was in florida a few years back the waiter at planet hollywood was great. we where a party of 12 and he ran the table perfectly. so he got about a $40 tip. the same applied at the hard rock. but when i get bad service the get nothing zero ziltch! if they wanta tip they should earn it. asides from that the chanes of going back to the same place again on the same holiday are pretty low for me.

again good service = 15% bad service = next to nothing!

East Boldon, United...
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4. Re: The Most Important Rule to Remember When Leaving a "Tip...

Never heard anything so daft as You can never tip TOO MUCH

But you can tip TOO LITTLE!!

But I totally agree with Chris....at Mustang Sallys on 7th we had an awful meal served by the rudest waitress ever.

She got exactly zero by way of a tip.

Liverpool, United...
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5. Re: The Most Important Rule to Remember When Leaving a "Tip...

I don't believe in tipping people for poor service. If i am unhappy with certain standards or service, I make a complaint to the person in authority. That way they can try and correct where they have gone wrong!

I will always tip those that are friendly, polite and courteous. That's what service is all about! for example, If a restaurant is running more slowly due to busy periods, I will still leave a tip as long as i have been informed before i order and providing that the rest of the service is of a good standard.

A smile and a friendly manner goes a long way in my eyes and will always guarantee a tip from me!!

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6. Re: The Most Important Rule to Remember When Leaving a "Tip...

Servers (waiters, waitresses) here are paid a special less-than-minimum-wage hourly wage. It's along the lines of $2 an hour now. The rest of their income comes from tips.

Also, they must pay income tax on a percentage of their tickets-- a percentage of the bills their customers pay. In other words, the US government knows they're being tipped, and takes a piece of the action just as they would if they were normally salaried. There's no provision for writing off those tickets where the customers left without tipping; the income tax folks don't care.

Think about all this the next time you stiff a server and get snotty about tipping them. It's a really, really low thing to do.

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7. Re: The Most Important Rule to Remember When Leaving a "Tip...

I agree with you that tipping is an extremely important.

However, rude service is a reason to withhold. The server might just think about their attitude when they take care of the next table.

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8. Re: The Most Important Rule to Remember When Leaving a "Tip...

I had a basketball player tip me $120 on a twenty dollar fare. I was first insulted that here was a guy that could throw away money like it was so much lint in the bottom of his pocket. I have to work long hours to make $120 and here this guy was giving it away.

But, after the hurt came the thought that this guy was a real dope. If he conducts buisness like this every day, soon he will go through his fortune and be poor like me one day.

Also, I will hopefully never see this guy again. Maybe he might ask for the money back, or he might expect so kind of extra service, (wink wink).

A fair tip, (15- 20 %), is appretciated and shows class. Over tipping is a sign of a rube who is asking to be taken advantage of. No tipping is a sign of cheapness, no class and disrespect.

Lastly, a small tip says the service was not good. It gives me cause to reflect on what I did wrong and what I could do better in the future.

Ghent, Belgium
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9. Re: The Most Important Rule to Remember When Leaving a "Tip...

Enough with the subjects on tipping already, sheesh, how many posts do there need to be on this subject.

Move on for god's sake.

Bea, your post, makes the most sense of all of the advice so far.

It seems to me you are a person who loves her job and wants to make an effort to give good service and wants to learn from possible mistakes, good for you.

If the wait staff does make minimum salary and they are rude and get a small/no tip they only have themselves to blame and not the customers.

Those who have read my posts on this know I am not a big fan of tipping but a huge fan of employers paying their employees a decent salary which makes them less dependent on tips.

That being said, this is not going to happen anytime soon in the US it seems, so the tipping is here to stay.

washington DC
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10. Re: The Most Important Rule to Remember When Leaving a "Tip...


I understand what you are saying, however I have a different opinion than yours.

I understand that in restaurants servers make $2 an hour and they rely on tips for the rest of their salary. But, they prefer this over a traditional slary because they don't have to claim all of the tips. Tax-wise it works out better for them and (I think) they prefer it.

Now...this is why I hate tipping: because there is an obligation to tip 18-20% even if the service is borderline lame. The customer should feel comfortable tipping exactly how much he/she wants based on their feelings of the service.

Having said this: I rarely tip under 20%. The service would have to be ridiculous for me to leave nothing and I don't even remember the last time this happened. But, I do feel that there is too much tipping in large US cities. I wish that employers would pay their employees to work and customers could tip a little bit only for outstanding service.

But, everyone has their pet-peeves right?! Is that how you spell peeves??