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Trip Report July 19- 22

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niagara falls canada
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Trip Report July 19- 22

Let me start by expressing my thanks to the people who dedicate so much time to this forum, answering questions and giving great advice.

This was another fantastic trip to NYC!!!

My husband and I arrived early Friday morning after an easy and quick flight. Subway was fast and simple. Arrived at Rennasaince 57, our room was ready. Dropped off the bags and we were off to explore. First stop, Central Park to sit, breath in the atmosphere and realize we were about to embark on 4 days without kids, without worries, without timetables and with smiles so big my face hurt. I was in love once again with everything NYC is.

I will continue this report after my sons birthday party......

just let me just add.... thank you New York City for all that you are.

Dallas, Texas
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1. Re: Trip Report July 19- 22

Looking forward to your fantastic NYC TR.

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2. Re: Trip Report July 19- 22

Looking forward to your report! :)

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3. Re: Trip Report July 19- 22

Ready to read!!!

niagara falls canada
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4. Re: Trip Report July 19- 22

Okay, sorry for the delay.....

Friday, July 19. As stated above, this is the day I had been waiting for ... and dreaming of... for a couple of months. It had been such a long time since we had visited and I was more than ready.

... after checking into the hotel we happened by ( we do that a lot, as I am not a food planner ) the Pane E Vino Eastside located on 791 Lexington Ave. Hubby had salmon that he said melted on his tongue. I had chicken and salad ~ moist, yummy! I would recommend this eatery.

We then meandered toward Central Park, taking our time and drinking in the atmosphere. We were like kids in a candy store ~ with a pocket full of allowance money. * grins *. We spent an hour or so sitting on a bench in some much appreciated shade, just people watching and voicing our dreams of one day ~ when the kids are off to college to live in this city for a month or two. We got up, held hands like youngsters and found our way over to explore around The Julliard School. Remembering long ago aspiration and bringing ourselves back to the moment we left to head down to Columbus Circle, stopped for a Coffee Frappaccino at Starbucks, then grabbed the subway to head off down to Manhattan Saddlery to see if we could find a gift for our equestrian daughter.

I loved the store, saw some young riders trying on new riding clothes and was curious as to where and how far they had to travel to ride or board their horses. We are fortunate where we live, that our horses are within 10 minutes of our home.

We walked from there to Madison Square Park, stumbled upon the Shake Shack and took full advantage of no line up. :) Gobbled up the burger and fries and a shake. Yep, gobbled. Oh my God, we just ate lunch a few hours ago and I ate like a starving kid. Loved that I could eat in the park and enjoy the sounds and sights and smells.

Speaking of smells.... it was really hot out and we needed showers, lol. So off to grab the subway back to our hotel and shower. Quick.. quick was my motto at this point, as we had tickets to see Pippen, and I didn't want to waste a minute inside a hotel ( even as nice as it is ). I was in NYC , and I was going to drink in every millisecond.

Freshened up and feeling clean, we headed over to the theatre and enjoyed an incredible show. I adore the theatre and was not disappointed. Loved the show, and all it offered in its visual display, and the story behind it.

Day 2 knocked off a bucket list item..... more to follow. Thanks for reading so far and allowing me to visit the city once again in my writing.. see you tomorrow.

Melbourne, Australia
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5. Re: Trip Report July 19- 22

Great start to the TR ! enjoying the read..

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6. Re: Trip Report July 19- 22

Can't wait to read the rest! My husband and I will also be going to NY alone! Our girls are headed back to college! They want to go but I am so excited to take my husband to see NY as he has never been! I took my girls for their 16th b-day...so they had their turn! :)

Any Beach
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7. Re: Trip Report July 19- 22

Loved your first installment! I too would love to live in NYC for a month or two. Wouldn't that be great! Sounds like you are loving it as much as I do!

Looking forward to more!

niagara falls canada
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8. Re: Trip Report July 19- 22

Day 2 : Waking up after a great night sleep I was ready to embrace the day. We had breakfast at The Palace on 57th St and Lexington Ave. Fast, easy and the food and service were great. Leaving here feeling full, we hopped across the street for Starbucks, sat out front the office building ~ I don't remember what it was, but there was a circular seating area where we enjoyed the coffee and watched people go by.

We made our way down the street to the subway station and found ourselves getting off on Canal Street. Once we got our bearings ( as I tend to get miscombobulated (sp) every time I come out from under the ground), we made our way into Soho. Stores were not open yet and the streets were pretty much empty. Perfect for us as we were able to go wherever our feet took us.

My goal today was to stop in at Wooster Street Social Club. Yes, I am a tattoo addict. I got my first one at the age of 45. One of my 'bucket list' items was to get a tattoo at this establishment. We arrived at their front stoop about 11:10 am. We took some photos outside the shop as it opened at noon we felt comfortable doing so. While we were there, a couple of guys came up to the shop to open. We spoke with them for a bit, laughed lots as they were very entertaining. Their personalities were the deciding factor for me, I was returning when they opened.

We found ourselves with almost 30 minutes to fill, so of course coffee was the plan. :)

Heading back to Wooster Street Social Club, my palms were sweating, my heart was racing. I was going to do this!! I messaged my son back home in Canada and told him where I was and what I was about to embark on. While doing so, my hubby took my picture and when I saw it I laughed so hard that tears were running down my cheeks. I had the biggest grin on my face in the photo, I wasn't even aware. Hubby told me I have had a perma grin on my face since we arrived the day before. What can I say, I was just so happy to be in NYC.

In I go ~ I was doing this!! Why I was surprised that the shop looked just like it did on TV, I don't know. The staff were very friendly, very nice and an interesting combination of professionalism and kidding around that I was immediately at ease. The work Rod did on my tattoo cannot be compared to any other one I have. He did an amazing job. I had a butterfly done in beautiful blues with the body being done in the image of my most favourite cat that passed on a couple of years ago. I am ecstatic with the finished product.

When we were done there, we walked ( although I don't remember my feet ever touching the ground ) over to Lombardi's Coal Oven Pizza and enjoyed lunch. Loved the place, the atmosphere was great as was the pizza.

We spent the rest of the afternoon lazily going through shops in Soho. My favourite always being All Saints, Free People and YRB for the kids at home.

Easily finding the subway, we headed back toward the hotel to freshen up go see Kinky Boots.

Two of my favourite things in NYC are riding the subway (lol ) and attending Broadway Shows. I was lucky enough to see a great one ( Pippen ) last night and was excited about seeing Kinky Boots.

The production was everything I had hoped for. I was asked which show I liked better, and I could not decide. I loved them both! Grabbing another coffee at Starbucks, we found a place near the TKTS booth to sit and people watch for a while. As much as I enjoyed that, I prefer not to be in Times Square if given a choice.

We grabbed the subway back to a very comfortable bed..... till tomorrow.

niagara falls canada
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9. Re: Trip Report July 19- 22

Quick add on.... I am more of a turn left or right kind of person. I need to practice thinking direction in terms of north, south , east and west to make coming out of the subway easier for me. :)

And why is it when you come home from vacation, you are busier than ever and keep wishing you were back where you were... I am coming back again in September so I will hold onto that thought! lol. Have a great day everyone, hopefully I can finish off the rest of the trip report later today.

San Frantastic
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10. Re: Trip Report July 19- 22

Lucky you! We always stay in the Ren 57 when we visit NYC, but my boyfriend makes me WALK to and from the Broadway shows we see. He tries to sweeten the deal by stopping at the Monkey Bar for drinks on the way back, but I really think he does this just to get me off the main drag where I always beg him to let us hop in a pedi-cab. (<---don't worry, I would get a firm price beforehand)