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Trip Report: Surviving NYC with a 3yo

Brisbane, Australia
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Trip Report: Surviving NYC with a 3yo

*This may be long sorry*

After spending a couple of days in L.A then 11 days at Turks and Caicos as part of my 30th birthday holiday we were ready to hit NYC!

May 31: we arrived at JFK half an hour early and got through immigration in about 20min after expecting to be waiting for at least an hour I was very happy. We quickly collected all our bags and found our way to the Dial 7 pickup point and waited and waited and waited......... Dh ended up ringing them again to be told that the driver was there so we waited some more and eventually spotted him..... 40min after we first called, but at least we were finally on our way, all be it slightly irritated but at least we had the stroller for dd to sit in and I had some snacks for her to have. I did request a carseat but We didn't get one so luckily I had borrowed my neighbours booster seat.

We arrived at Hotel Newton at 8pm to a warm welcome from there lovely staff and all my irritation from earlier went as I was finally here!!

We had a lovely young guy from the hotel help us with our bags taking them up to our room we were about to tip him but he left our room so quickly we didn't get a chance, but I don't think he was the regular doorman so we were a bit confused and we didn't see him again to give him something.

We left our bags in the room had a bathroom break (as any parent knows you don't want to be stuck somewhere with a child that has to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW and not know where any are. ) and we were on our way to Times Square and our first attempt at using the subway.

I come from a small town 2hrs away from Brisbane so I barely even see a bus so I was slightly nervous using the subway but it was really easy. Especially when I knew that our hotel was classed as uptown and everywhere we wanted to visit was going to be downtown. It may sound silly to some but just remembering that helped me work out which train to catch.

We left the stroller at the hotel and carried dd who spent most of the time on her dads shoulders. With the plan that if it became too much for her (or me who hates crowds) we would just leave, but given that she thought turbulence on the flight over was fun I thought we would be ok. And she loved it all except the people dressed as the Statue of Liberty (but they even gave me the creeps)

We were amazed by it all and stayed there until 11.30 before going home. Although figuring out which subway entrance to go to confused us a bit but we just asked someone and finally found the right platform.

Off to bed ready for our first full day.

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1. Re: Trip Report: Surviving NYC with a 3yo

Nice report

Stavanger, Norway
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2. Re: Trip Report: Surviving NYC with a 3yo

Looking forward to hear about day 2 :-)

Dallas, Texas
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3. Re: Trip Report: Surviving NYC with a 3yo

Great start.

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4. Re: Trip Report: Surviving NYC with a 3yo

Ready for more--I feel like you are being 'mean" to write a cliff-hanger!!! -:)

Brisbane, Australia
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5. Re: Trip Report: Surviving NYC with a 3yo

June 1:

We were up at 8am and out the door by 9 to go the Central Park. We loved staying on the UWS sadly we didn't get a chance to have a good look around.

We stumbled upon the Wild West Playground and let dd run free for half hr then onto the subway to go see TOTR. We folded the stroller which Dh carried while I had dd and we were on our way.

If any time over the first weekend of June you saw an Aussie tourist clinging for dear life onto the pole on the train, well that was me. I have no balance on any moving vehicle so I looked on with jealousy at women in heels looking on their phones holding onto nothing. But thankfully I had so many lovely people offer me there seat.

Making it to TOTR (and slightly proud with myself for again getting us somewhere without getting lost) we got some great photos as it was a beautiful day.

After getting a sandwich for lunch I wanted to see where the Gershwin theatre was as I was seeing Wicked the next day and as I am an

anxious person this would just make me more at ease if I knew where it was.

So we walked all the way up to the theatre and then thought well we may as well go to Grand Central Terminal (clearly we didn't pay a lot of attention to our map that morning) by this time dd had fallen asleep so we popped into a few stores to do some clothes shopping as that was the main reason for our visit.

We were going to make our way down to 43rd st but we met a security guard who turned us around and walked us to the cnr of 44th and pointed us in the direction saying just walk to the building with the green roof, easy and on the way we did some more shopping. Once inside

grand central dd woke up and I showed her the clock where Melman got his head stuck in Madagascar which she replied "oh, did Gloria fix it?" I also pointed out the horse in Times Square the night before was the one Marty spoke to, this way she seemed to have an idea on where in the world we were and she seemed rather excited.

What to do now??? More shopping!!!! This is the only time since having dd that I have just spent money on myself so I wasn't going to waste it. We walked over to 5th avenue ALL the way up to Central Park.

Stopped in Barnes and Noble for a bathroom break with dd refusing to go so off we went doing more shopping. Dd got to build a bear and I got to go into Guess where I was in heaven. This is where dd decides to yell at the top of her lungs "I need to go to the TOILET!!!!"

So I paid for my things and we came across PJ Morans perfect she could use the bath room and Dh and I could sit down with a cold drink.

Off we went again down 5th ave where we came across Tiffany and I got myself some nice pearl earrings for my birthday. They also gave dd a colouring in pack while I searched for my gift to myself.

A bit more walking and bags hanging off the stroller and me also carrying some we made it to Central Park where we watched some street performers and sat down to take in the atmosphere. One thing that made us laugh was the amount of people that honked their horns. I could count on one hand the amount of times I have used my car horn it just made us laugh as it's so different of what we have at home.

Wandered through Central Park and got stalked by three ducks much to the amusement of dd. finding our way to Columbus Circle we caught the subway back to W96th and back to our hotel.

We were lucky today to get so much shopping done because dd slept in her stroller otherwise our plans would have been different. It wasn't until we sat down that night that we saw how much we walked when looking at the map but we had a great day!!

Up next is our day with the Big Apple Greeter

Toronto, Canada
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6. Re: Trip Report: Surviving NYC with a 3yo

<< This is where dd decides to yell at the top of her lungs "I need to go to the TOILET!!!!">>

Enjoy this age while you can. For your 50th birthday she will probably yell at the top of her lungs, in the midst of shopping, "do YOU need to go to the toilet AGAIN????"

Looking forward to hearing more....

And Happy 30th Birthday :)

Leicester, United...
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7. Re: Trip Report: Surviving NYC with a 3yo

I'm enjoying your TR, having a little one along with you will make it different to many I have read.She sounds like she goes with the flow, 3 is a lovely age.

Looking forward to more.

Brisbane, Australia
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8. Re: Trip Report: Surviving NYC with a 3yo

June 2:

Today we got to meet our Big Apple Greeter who also bought along her child. Originally I was not going to do this as we had dd but I thought why not and I am so glad I did.

As our greeter had her daughter with her we based today around the kids and went to Brooklyn to a playground under the Brooklyn Bridge where the kids played and I got to take some photos. Then it was off to another playground with. Big pirate ship under the Manhattan Bridge, we also got some sandwiches for lunch then went to Jane's Carousel we also went to another playground in Brooklyn but I can't remember the name.

If we get to come back I would love to have more of a look at Brooklyn.

I had a ticket to see Wicked at 3pm so our greeter bundled us on the subway again and I got off at 49th and walked to the theatre again proud of myself for not getting lost!

This was the first time I had ever seen a show and I loved it. I sat at the top mezzanine row b in the centre. Fantastic seats, while We were waiting I got chatting to two ladies one who had already seen the show and one who hadn't, this is also something I loved about NYC I could just chat to any one and I met some lovely people. I loved the show and want to see it again.

While I was at the show Dh and Dd went to Central Park (our Big Apple Greeter showed him which stop to get off) and they had a look at Central Park Zoo but neither were impressed and dd ended up falling asleep in the stroller after her big day.

After the show I walked down 51st to 5th ave and down to Central Park where I met Dh. As I hadn't shopped today we went to the shops at Columbus Circle and H&M where I got dd some outfits, I was amazed that hair clips that would cost $5 at home were only $2 here and nail polish which would be at least $40 at home was only $20.

We finally made it back to the hotel but not before dd decided to turn into a crazy child as we are trying to work out where we needed to go to get the train while carrying more bags and just feeling tired so again, if you heard a crazy Aussie yelling out at her child to "get over here now!" And stop playing over there well that was me............

While travelling dd tends to go off her food and this time she was mainly living off fruit and the odd bit of pizza and milk and water. Even in the Caribbean should would hardly eat. So we didn't try any restaurants while there just basic quick and easy food.

Brisbane, Australia
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9. Re: Trip Report: Surviving NYC with a 3yo

Thank you for your comments.

Morefam, you made me laugh as I have found myself saying that to my mum!! Just not too loud..

Luckily dd is happy to go with the flow and is great while travelling, but I always make sure we have snacks for her and let her have a play somewhere before I subject her to "boring" adult stuff. I also made sure that all our flights where during the night so she would sleep.

Brisbane, Australia
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10. Re: Trip Report: Surviving NYC with a 3yo

June 3:

Up early to go downtown to the 9/11 memorial. Today started off rather wet and cold but I remembered to pack an umbrella at least. While on the train some girls sat opposite us acting all tough and showing off. One started swearing and I was surprised to see her friend tell her to not swear in front of a little kid.

Much to dd's horror they started throwing lollies at each other and she kept saying they were naughty for throwing their food, lollies are sacred to a 3yo.

At 42nd st the girls got off and the one that was swearing stood up with her pants around her bum showing off her elmo boxers thankfully dd did not see this as I know she would have yelled out that she could see Elmo!

We made our way to the memorial which I can't even describe, but I did get choked up just thinking about that day. And I explained to dd that this was where something very sad happened and many people had to go to heaven so people come here to remember them.

After this we had a one hour cruise on the Zephyr this was a good amount of time with little miss and it wasn't until I saw the Statue of Liberty that I thought wow I am in America! From the memorial we also walked down Wall Street and stopped off at subway to get something to eat, where we were confusing the poor guy working there as he had no idea what we were talking about when we kept saying we wanted capsicum then it clicked and I said the red pepper.

Once the cruise was over it was time for more shopping so we walked back to Century 21.where I was in heaven again.

I might also note that while in America I suddenly became an expert in geography and being able to get us from one point to the next easily. Put me in brisbane and I have no clue where I am.

After spending another small fortune there I wanted to go to Victoria Secret so off we went expertly using the subway (I also got to help someone with which train to catch I was very proud with myself)

Unfortunately at Victoria Secret I had a "Pretty Woman" moment and no one would serve me, I don.t know if it was because I looked like a complete dag in my t shirt and shorts and sensible walking shoes but I couldn't get any help so thought stuff them, I will spend my money elsewhere.

As today was our last full day we wanted to my BIL something from the NBA store we were on our way to the one at 5th ave as I wanted to go somewhere else nearby. When we got back up to street level it was raining so out came the umbrellas I asked someone if we were going the right way for 5th ave and we weren't so we turned around, by the time we got to the corner it was just too heavy so we thought we would just make our way to the hotel and get rid of these bags. We were about to go down the stairs when we realised it was the wrong one we had to go across the road at this stage our umbrellas were down, stroller collapsed and I was carrying dd in the rain and with shopping bags running across the street soaking wet when a man comes running toward me offering me his umbrella. At that moment I was ready to move here! I have never had someone offer to help me out like that. But I didn't take it.

So we made it down I think we were at Grand Central, and in my expert knowledge I was trying to tell Dh we needed to catch the S train to Times Square and then we can get on the regular one back "home" but no of course not, until a lovely man could tell the two drowned rats had no idea what they were doing and walked us to where we needed to go....... Which happened to be the S train.

But as we are on holidays we didn't care what the time was.... Except when we realised it was 5.15pm madhouse is one word you could describe it, people running from stop 2 to 3 then down to 1. As each train came and went, we just stood at one platform and waited for the train to arrive instead of running back and forth.

Again I was the unco person that can't stand on a moving train.

But one word of advice whether you have kids or not don't catch the subway at 5pm.

With bags braking due to the rain and three wet and tired people we made our way back to the hotel to dump the bags and go out again.

Another bonus staying at Hotel Newton there is and ice cream shop next door, so it was also handy for the odd bribery that needed to be done.

Tomorrow is sadly our last day in NYC

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