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First time visit too New York!!

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First time visit too New York!!

Hey guys,

Me and my boyfriend will be travelling to New York for 5 nights at the start of March, staying in the New Yorker hotel.

We are looking to do obvious things like go to Central Park, Times Square, the statue of liberty ferry trip, a broadway show and also hopefully see a Yankees baseball game or a ice hockey game if there are some on, shopping..

Just wondering if you could give is some ideas on what else to do? The best things to see and do etc.

Where would we be able to reserve a place to see the 9/11 memorial and pay our respects, also is Central Park zoo worth a visit?

And had anyone stayed at the New Yorker hotel before, how was it?

Sorry for all the questions but this is a once in a lifetime trip for us so want to fit as much in as possible!!

Any help would be much appreciated :)

Thanks x

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1. Re: First time visit too New York!!

You can get tickets in advance for the 9/11 memorial. Be mindful that the memorial is not finished yet and the waits can be long

The Central Park Zoo is cute but is not a must do. Spend your time at the Met Museum, The Guggenheim or the Moma instead.

Top of the Rock is a less crowded but just as pretty observation tower as the Empire State Building

You can get Broadway show tickets in advamce or the day of you can go to TKTS in Times Sq for discounted shows that evening. They usually have decent shows and the wait is about 45 minutes

As for the New Yorker -it's not in the greatest area of town (not dangerous just not oretty) so unless you have a fabulous rate you might want to look elsewhere. There are some smaller hotels with better service

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2. Re: First time visit too New York!!

I went to NYC this Oct. visited so many places around NYC no matter tourist sports or where only for the locals.

For the Ground Zero ticket, there was a guy just giving out the reservation ticket when I was lining up for the Statue of Liberty Ferry. With the ticket, you can go to pay ur respect without on-line booking. And it didn't take long to wait to enter the Memorial Spot, b/c the line moved fast, only about 10-15 mins. before I was in there.

Besides all those must-to-go tourist spots, I recommend sea port which is near Mahattan's Chinatown with NYC's three grand old bridges spanning acorss. A place where NYers go jogging or just sit on shore wondering around. U can get a full view of just how magnificent the picture is composed of these bridges, skyline and Hudson River (btw, if I'm right. Always mix up with Hudson River and East River) .

Frankly, there are not many places that is not famous in travelers' eyes for NYC. So just go there, see those places and feel the way NYC is.


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3. Re: First time visit too New York!!

Your choice of New Yorker hotel is very good, they are very best at their service.

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4. Re: First time visit too New York!!

So what is your decision , in which hotel you want to stay in NYC..

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5. Re: First time visit too New York!!

Book the World Trade Center Memorial tickets. They are free and there's no saying how exotichina got so lucky as to have sombody hand her a ticket. Also, since the statue of liberty is closed becuase of storm damage to the island, you won't be standing in line waiting for the ferry,

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6. Re: First time visit too New York!!


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7. Re: First time visit too New York!!

You won't be able to get tickets to see the Yankees in New York City in March, as Spring Training takes place in Florida.


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8. Re: First time visit too New York!!

This is a little long, but maybe it will help some.


First of all, congratulations on planning a trip to NYC! It is truly a magical place, and should prove to be an experience you won’t ever forget…and will most likely repeat!

I can’t stress enough the benefit of doing your “homework”, and planning a trip itinerary, weeks, if not several months, in advance of your trip. There are literally A MILLION things to do in NYC, and without some pre-determined idea of what you want to do once your feet hit the pavement here, I promise you will wind up wasting more time just trying to figure out WHAT to do, than actually DOING something! So, get a good Guidebook or City Guide (check out the TA website) and a good STREET MAP. Study them and sort of lay out a plan and “route” for the things you think you “must do” (in other words, PRIORITIZE!) But even with the best itinerary, you will discover so much to see and do, you will wind up having to flex your itinerary in my opinion. You can spend DAYS just on walking tours of this magnificent city!

There is a good chance that a number of the items on your itinerary can be PRE-BOOKED. I recommend doing so when possible, again to save time, and possibly find discounts. You may find a package such as those offered at newyorkpass.com or citypass.com/new-york can save you time and money.

It sounds like you have already made your hotel/lodging accommodations booking for this trip. Probably the 2 biggest considerations are price you can afford, and what part of town you wish to stay in. You will find various opinions concerning whether to stay in the highly popular (and congested) Times Square area, for example. There are pros and cons to each. Others will recommend locations out of Manhattan proper for various reasons.

Depending in which airport you arrive, one of your first decisions will be which transportation to use to get to your lodging accommodations. There are Taxi Cabs, Shuttle Services, Buses, Limos, Car Services, and Subways. Generally, I have found some of the Shuttle services to be very UNSATISFACTORY. However, I have found the Yellow Cabs to generally be very satisfactory, and the NYC Destination Experts in this website have other great suggestions as well. (Check them out in the NYC Forums.)

So here is a list of some DO’s and DON’Ts I have found to be helpful, based on my own journeys to NYC. Of course, the duration of your stay will govern how much you can actually accomplish!

* DO wear the most comfortable shoes you own, as you can walk for MILES easily in this city, and walking is one of the very best ways to see all that NYC has to offer.

* DO remember that your cell phone probably has GPS in it, and it can be quite useful for finding your way to various sites if you lose your map.

* DO leave room in your suitcase for gifts!

* DO take your camera EVERYWHERE you go. In 5 days I could take 1000's of pics!

* DO take a double decker bus tour, and I recommend the” Hop On/Hop Off” option. It's a great way for a 1st timer to get the lay of the land and sightsee. THIS CAN BE PRE-BOOKED. (A number of folks don’t recommend this, but I greatly enjoyed my tour and found it very informative.)

* DO go to Central Park! - Free! (There is a lot of free stuff in NYC!) But it's HUGE and can take a whole a day or 2 to see the whole thing if you take pics like I do. See Belvedere Castle, Bethesda Terrace, the lakes, skaters, rowers, bridges, fountains, arches, the flora and fauna, and all it offers.

* DO go to Top of the Rock in Rockefeller Center. The views are spectacular and it offers a great shot of Empire State Building.

* DO see the Empire State Building. It also offers great aerial views of the city.

* DO pre-plan some restaurants, but be flexible to changing that plan....there are over 18,000 places to eat in NYC! I can’t begin to list where all to try. DO take a look at the “pre-fixe” priced meal options. There are many, and some delicious meals can be had very reasonably in fine restaurants.

* DON’T be lured into spending all your time in Times Square. While fun to be part of the “buzz”, prices are considerably higher for nearly everything there, and the food choices are not necessarily as high quality as in other areas. There are obviously many chain restaurants in Times Square.

* DO consider a tour from the NYC Water Taxi, again with the Hop On/Hop Off option. You can get a ticket to the World Trade Center Memorial with that ticket. The Staten Island Ferry is also a recommended alternative, and it’s free.

* DON’T forget to tip your tour guides!

* DO check out the Christmas Window displays at night down 5th Ave and elsewhere if you're going to be there in Dec-Jan, especially the Bergdorf-Goodman windows.

* DON'T be afraid of taking the Subway. It's fun, cheap, and a great way to get across town. You can get passes for the day or for the week, called Metrocards.

* DO check out some of the churches/cathedrals... St. Patrick's is gorgeous.

* DO check out the souvenir shops- there are SO MANY!!! BUT- Shop wisely and compare prices...prices vary quite a bit for the same items.

* DO check out Grand Central Terminal, both inside and out. It’s a very scenic place.

* DO check out the Market in Grand Central Station. It's awesome. (If you can take dry ice home, get some of their goodies!!)

* DO go to Bryant Park. Ice skating there is free in winter! You may have to pay for skate rental. There are numerous vendors and scenic areas there to check out.

* DO go walk the Brooklyn Bridge. (One of my favorite attractions, and also FREE!) It offers a fantastic view of the Manhattan skyline. You can also walk the other bridges in town for different vantage points.

* DO check out at least ONE of the numerous museums.

* DO check out the NY Public Library on 42nd St.

* DO explore a neighborhood, such a Greenwich Village, Little Italy, or Chinatown.

* DON’T stop in crosswalks or the middle of sidewalks to take pictures or gawk at the sites. Step to the side and always be aware of your surroundings and the MANY people that will be trying to walk past you.

* DO check out the “other” parks and squares such as Greely, Union, Herald, Washington, and Madison. Take the walk up Broadway from the Flatiron Building and see several of these. These are also great places to “people watch”.

* DO check your City Guide for information on seasonal activities such as Farmers Markets, Workshops, Street Fairs, Exhibitions, Parades, Festivities, and other events.

* DO, by all means, WALK around to truly see everything this magnificent city has to offer.

I'm sure I've left out A LOT, but I hope this helps. I've only been a few times, but this is what I've discovered on my own. Have a great time in NYC!!!

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9. Re: First time visit too New York!!

Very nice and in detail description by tbosco55 for the new visitor of new york.

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10. Re: First time visit too New York!!

tbosco55 - I am off to NEw York for the first time in a couple of weeks. No time to plan, but your review/comments are excellent.. Thank you!