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best shuttle bus jfk to manhattan

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best shuttle bus jfk to manhattan


Have been researching best way to get from JFK to Manhattan with bags and the shuttle bus seems the most stress free option. Some shuttle buses have terrible reviews however therefore which is the best shuttle bus to use from JFK?

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1. Re: best shuttle bus jfk to manhattan

none are any good :-)

Best options are train/subway, taxi or car service

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2. Re: best shuttle bus jfk to manhattan

It is more the basic concept of the shuttle buses that is the problem--- it is like a crap shoot--- because they are shared the worst case is that you are the first person picked up at the airport and then you must wait on board while others from other airlines and terminals board and then they follow a prescribed route for drop offs at various points-- SO if you are first on and last off it makes for a very long trip--- IF you get lucky and are last on and first off you win but you will never know until you get there-- for most of us not worth the few dollars savings from a direct either taxi or car service.

the latter will cost about $60 for all of you so if there are 3 people at $18 on the shuttle bus you save only $6 for presumably a much longer ride.

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3. Re: best shuttle bus jfk to manhattan

Really are they that bad & why? is a taxi only option so. Dragging bags on subway is a disaster from past experience n London Tokyo etc...there are two of us.

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4. Re: best shuttle bus jfk to manhattan

Yes - really, they are *that* bad.

The shared ride shuttle concept doesn't work in New York City but they keep trying.

It doesn't work because the operating costs are high and the demand elasticity is weak - what I mean is that they can't raise prices because they're already not much cheaper (for two people) than an on-demand taxi door to door (private transfer) and they're already significantly more expensive than our very fast, frequent, efficient, reliable, safe, and easy to navigate public transportation.

They're stuck in the middle with super high operating costs therefore the only way they can break even or make a razor thin profit is to fill every last seat in the van. Imagine how long that takes and what a hassle that is when there are 9 terminals at JFK and there are hotels scattered across such a large geography with heavy traffic.

They employ the lowest caliber workforce willing to work at the absolute bare bones minimum and you don't get well-maintained vehicles operated by happy cheerful safe drivers. You get filthy vans with safety issues operated by people who it may be questionable whether they should be driving at all. This after waiting forever for the van to fill up and then stopping at a lots of different hotels.

Plus, a lot of people complain about being cheated, over charged, all kinds of complaints about Super Shuttle and GO AirLink here in NYC.

Taking the JFK AirTrain with luggage is actually quite easy. If you don't want to take the subway (because of experiences in London and Tokyo where the trains are narrower), then simply transfer at Jamaica to the very easy and clearly marked Long Island Rail Road. The LIRR will take you right into Penn Station where you can get a taxi to your hotel for most likely under $10.00. The JFK AirTrain for two people is $10.00 ($5.00 per person). The LIRR is $6.25 on weekdays (except rush hour in the peak direction) and $3.75 on weekends (CityTicket). Two people can go from the terminal to most Manhattan hotels with the JFK AirTrain / LIRR / taxi from Penn to the hotel for between $25. and $33. (that's cheaper and faster than the shared ride shuttles, much cheaper than a taxi from JFK, *and* avoids the subway).

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5. Re: best shuttle bus jfk to manhattan

Thank you very much for the detailed reply we will avoid the bus now. We will decide between taxi and public transport. Our hotel is near grand central its the St. Giles court so public transport is prob good option.we are leaning towards taxi at present. Again tanks.

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6. Re: best shuttle bus jfk to manhattan

Taxi is $45.00 each way. We say figure $60. when you factor in the tip and toll however you can ask the taxi driver to take the 59th Street / Queensboro Bridge which doesn't have a toll and you can pretty much get away with $54.00 after tip.

It really sounds as though you've made up your mind about not wanting to use public transport so I won't try to convince you how easy and efficient it is.

Just do not accept rides from the touts who ask if you need a taxi or need a ride. Go only to the taxi rank where the uniformed dispatcher is positioned. Use only the licensed yellow cabs.

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7. Re: best shuttle bus jfk to manhattan

We have not made up our mind. If the subway is easy to navigate we may opt for that. It looks like we would need to get the airtrain to Jamaica then a couple of subways onward, I will look into it a bit more thanks.

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8. Re: best shuttle bus jfk to manhattan

You mentioned dragging bags is no fun on a subway. In this case take a taxi. I took the subway for my trip to NYC and in hindsight I wished I took a taxi, exactly because of the bags situation. Most subways have stairs, crowds and turnstiles to navigate.

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9. Re: best shuttle bus jfk to manhattan


Let me bring this back from the grave.

What if I'm arriving late 12:45 AM on a saturday at JFK and going to the upper west side. So with good luck We'll be out by 1:30 in the morning

Looks like a different ball game, most shuttles are not even running.

Would you still recommend taking the air train? just me and my sister, carrying light but large luggage... at 2 in the morning :/

I want to keep it cheap but also keep it smart.

This is what I have from google maps:

1- Airtrain to Jamaica

2- 3min walk to Sutphin Blvd and grab the "E"

3- Get off after the 5 Av/53 St

4- Take the "D" Subway towards Norwood

5-Get off at the next stop (59 St - Columbus Circle)

6- 3 min walk to 59 columbus (mmkay)

7- Take Sub "1" towards Van Cortlandt Park

8- Get off after the 79 St

9-0.2 mile walk to my destination on Amsterdam ave & 84th St

What do you think? should I go for it or suck it up and for an expensive taxi? should I take trains and then a taxi somewhere in between to avoid the short walk at the end?

If I take the train what do I need money wise? (I won't have a metro card at that point and I read they are not available at the airport)


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10. Re: best shuttle bus jfk to manhattan

"If I take the train what do I need money wise? (I won't have a metro card at that point and I read they are not available at the airport)"

Wherever you read that, stop reading it, because it's wrong. There are Metrocards available at the AirTrain station - how else woudl you pay for the AirTrain? The only issue with taking trains at that time of day is that they run less frequntly, so it might take you longer. Taxis now cost $52 flat rate plus tolls and tip, so figure $65-$70. It's your call which you prefer. I would take a taxi, but there's nothing unsafe or unsmart about the train.

The "3 minute walk" is the time to get up the stairs from the D platform to the 1 platform.

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