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Bolt Bus

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Bolt Bus

On a recent round trip, the bus was 30 minutes late going and 90 minutes late returning. No one was there to give information and calls, for that return trip, resulted in false information, always promising it would arrive in 10 minutes no matter who called or when.

I ended up missing an important meeting, wrote to complain and ask for an explanation and redress, but got no reply.

Inexcusable. Unacceptable.

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21. Re: Bolt Bus

Maybe they were not traveling solo... haha. To bad their "business" couldn't splurge for a train ticket or a rental car.

Either way, buses suck, they will always suck and anyone who expects otherwise is having a dream. That is why trains are across Europe and Asia and expanding throughout the USA.

Delaware, USA
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22. Re: Bolt Bus

It does go to Cherry Hill...sometimes. Manhattan-Cherry Hill-Philly is one route, but there's also an express from Manhattan to Philly. I know this because I got on a Bolt Bus in Cherry Hill to go to Manhattan.

In case anyone doubts what I'm about to say, I am a REAL TA reviewer!!

Generic review: Buses were clean, quiet, and on time. It was an easy, inexpensive way to get from the Philly suburbs to Manhattan.

Specific review: My family of 5 had a bad experience with a Bolt driver on an evening trip from New York to Cherry Hill, NJ. He neglected to tell us that his bus was an express to Philly, and he flew by Cherry Hill (where our car was waiting for us). I could go on and on about how unpleasant/unprofessional he was, and what we had to go through in the cold, dark night with a sick child to get back to NJ. HOWEVER, Bolt Customer Service has been so amazing in dealing with our complaint that I can't even speak against them. They have redeemed themselves in our eyes and we're willing to try Bolt again. I would give the Customer Service Department 5 out of 5 stars, which is saying something in this age of poor service.

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23. Re: Bolt Bus

Any given day and any given situation - you're going to have good and bad in any type of service industry - some folks are more tolerable than others and will accept some small inconveniences and others are strict that everyone should rn the straight and narrow and follow guideline exactly.

HOWEVER, any savvy traveler/business person should realize that transport by bus is affected by many variables, traffic being one of the major. If in fact what happened, actually happened, it does all boil down to what GWB offered, uou get what you pay for.

I have had a couple of delays on MetroNorth in the past 35/40 years, count them on one hand and never any that interrupted my business dealings. And another thing, one always should allow sufficient travel time to make sure you don't come off as being a "nudnick" business person/traveler.


new hampshire
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24. Re: Bolt Bus

My sister and I used the Bolt Bus from Boston to NYC in October 2010,for $15 each, and had no complaints.It was clean,safe,and on time.I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Brooklyn, NY
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25. Re: Bolt Bus

Okay so there's delays ..... comfort issues ..... cost ..... well also add to that list ..... safety concerns. Yesterday I heard a Bolt Bus driver on his NYC to Balitmore route was just pulled over on the NJ Turnpike after a passanger called 9-1-1 because of his erratic driving ..... and the driver was given a sobriety test ...... and then charged with DUI.


So how would you like to be standed on the the side of the NJ Turnipke in the middle of nowhere while your driver is handcuffed and driven off by State Troppers ..... and you're left counting the cars on the NJ Turnpike?


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Staten Island
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26. Re: Bolt Bus

I just used Bolt Bus for my NYC --> D.C. trip. I was very pleased. For $36 round-trip, I think it was a great deal. The NYC departure is chaotic because you are assembling on a busy sidewalk. The D.C departure is far smoother because it is in Union Station with a designated area for buses. We pretty much left on time both ways. The ride was safe and the air conditioning was comfortable - cool. My only complaint is the seats - they are not contoured and my neck couldn't adjust. So, the seats are somewhat uncomfortable. But, you get what you pay for. I would definitely use Bolt again.

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27. Re: Bolt Bus

I travelled today by bolt bus and yes there are pros and cons..

The seats are comfy , the departure was haphazard but it was worth the convenience of having a seat to myself and no stops.

Easy to use - I don't think price is an excuse for poor service so the OP doesn't deserve some of the comments.

Gambrills, MD
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28. Re: Bolt Bus

We took the Bolt bus from the Greenbelt (DC) metro station to NYC last week and were very pleased. The departure was within five minutes of the scheduled time, both ways. Arrival /departure in NYC (for the bus from Greenbelt, at least) is now at the Port Authority bus terminal, inside at a scheduled gate, so there's no disorganized milling around outside. The bathrooms were clean and the free wifi worked well. We paid $38 each round trip. I'd definitely do it again.

We have previously gone to NYC on the Megabus from Baltimore. Departure from Greenbelt (DC) and arrival at the Port Authority terminal in NYC were much better organized.

Bowie, Maryland
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29. Re: Bolt Bus

Thanks for this post. It has convinced me not to take Bolt again, based on my own experience and now this.

I'm very happy for the people who have had few or no problems. Based on the reviews it's a crap shoot. I sincerely hope their luck continues.

new york city
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30. Re: Bolt Bus

Hey Kinch-- Life is a crap shoot all the time.....how do you think I ended up in NYC ?