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Using the Forum

The Destination Experts and posters on this Forum are here to assist you experiencing the best that New York has to offer. This guide will assist you in using the Forum, and help us to help you.

1. Do the initial research yourself. Buy a guidebook, use the internet, lurk on the Forum, ask friends who've been here. In other words get at least a working knowledge of the city. Find out about the different neighborhoods you would consider staying in, and the attractions you want to see.

2. Read the "Frequently Asked Questions" on this board. New York changes often, but these will give you a good start, and may even provide the answer that you need. The twelfth MetroCard question of the day does get stale.

3. Be specific. Questions such as "I need a hotel", or "does anyone know a good restaurant" are too open ended. We need to know about you. Things such as budget, length of days staying, the number of people in your party, ages, and interests are essential for a better answer.

4. Check back a few times and read all the answers that you get. Sometimes, a simple question can get a simple answer. Other times, there can be a wide variety of opinion. Take it all in.

5. Send a trip report. Tell us what you like, and what you didn't. If this Board helped you, you can help others.

6. If someone really helped you out, thank him or her. You can even a private message of thanks.

7. Finally, don't take advice that you received as the bible. An itinerary is just an outline of what you may wish to accomplish. Allow yourself flexability to add, subtract or change anything during your trip. It's your vacation. Have fun.

New York is a wonderful place to explore, and people posting here do really want to help. Let us help you.