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Verrazano Bridge

Halifax, Canada
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Verrazano Bridge

I may be coming to NYC for a day this fall, and want to go nuts with my camera, getting some pics of my favourite skyscrapers and bridges.

Now, I know Verrazano Narrows Bridge has no footpaths:(

But is there anywhere where I can get to on foot (and public transit) where I can snap some good pics of that gorgeous bridge?

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1. Re: Verrazano Bridge

Fantastic views from the park along Shore Road in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

New York City
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2. Re: Verrazano Bridge

Hi LadyAmanita,

Here's a photo from Brooklyn. Enjoy !!


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3. Re: Verrazano Bridge

You have to go to the Ft. Hamilton Pkwy and 101th st in Bayridge Brooklyn. There is a Park. You can find what you are looking for there.

Queens, NY
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4. Re: Verrazano Bridge

The subway stop you require is the 95th Street stop at the end of the R line. Take the R train to the very end.

You can also take the X27 express bus from Manhattan - here's the schedule for that: mta.info/nyct/bus/schedule/xpress/x025cur.pdf

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5. Re: Verrazano Bridge

Start practicing - you can run on the Verrazano on Marathon Sunday - You missed your chance to bike over it last week.

You might want to go to SI and visit the Alice Austin House while you are here.


New York City, New...
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6. Re: Verrazano Bridge

You can get good views of the bridge from the Staten Island ferry, which is free. Just stand on the opposite side of the boat from the Statue of Liberty. You can also take an express bus from Manhattan to Staten Island. The 6x or 7x would take you from Manhattan over the Verrazano bridge. mta.info/nyct/bus/schedule/xpress/x001cur.pdf

If you got off at the first stop after the bridge there's a little park there that actually extends under the bridge. These would be very close up pictures. The express bus currently costs $5 each way, so this is a more expensive option. Fort Wadsworth also connects to that park if you're interested in touring historical sites.

Halifax, Canada
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7. Re: Verrazano Bridge

Thanks guys:)

Unfortunately I'll be in San Francisco on Marathon day..This year it's nov 1, which is also the Verrazano Narrows Bridge's 45th birthday:)

(opened nov 1, 1964)

However I am hoping to be in town a few days afterward.

I've recently read Gay Talese's book "The Bridge" all about the Verrazano- it explains why to this day, some people harbour hostility towards that bridge and how it got a rather insulting nickname.(Not sure if I am allowed to post it here)

new york city
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8. Re: Verrazano Bridge

Most of us probably know the story and the majority of visitors probably don't care. I read the book too.

Halifax, Canada
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9. Re: Verrazano Bridge

I've got so many bridge books it ain't funny any more:)

In addition to the Verrazano one, I also have "Poetry in Steel", about the GWB, "6 bridges", about all six of Othmarr Ammann's bridges, and "The Great Bridge" about Brooklyn. Oh yeah, and "Manhattan Bridge: The troubled story of a New York Monument".

That's not including my collection on the Golden Gate and San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge:)

For a tourist-to-be, I'm pretty well read on many of your lovely bridges. No wonder, they're hella cool!

Verrazano is a gorgeous brute- Seen it live from the plane window, wanna get closer. Brooklyn- do I even have to say anything?

Manhattan Bridge doesn't get anywhere near the love she deserves- she's gorgeous. Shame about what the wear and tear from subways does to her:_(. I've even got a soft spot for Bronx-Whitestone and Throg's Neck- Cute is a funny word for a bridge, but it seems to fit the Throg:)

Yorkshire, England
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10. Re: Verrazano Bridge

We were lucky enough to sail under it 10 days ago on the way back to the UK from New York on the Queen Mary.

We sailed out of the Brooklyn Cruise terminal at 5:30pm and within half an hour the Commodore announced that we would be sailing under the bridge with only 4 metre's clearance above the funnel. WOW! awesome!! as the youngsters would say. The funnel was so close to the bridge span that we all wanted to duck down just in case there was a high tide.

A brilliant start to a wonderful transatlantic crossing.