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What would you NOT do again in NYC?

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What would you NOT do again in NYC?

I'm curious what sights, restaurants, shows, NYC experiences would you recommend skipping while in Manhattan? Thanks!

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31. Re: What would you NOT do again in NYC?

i think we all agree that this is a very worthy site my point is if you dont have an answer to the questions dont use other peoples posts to suck up to others.

whats the use in using space on someones post just to agree with an answer someone has posted.

e.g your so right nywhiz,great answer ruffian,wish i had said that bettina.

if you dont have an answer leave it to those who do.

and is it just me or do you get more feedback if you ask questions about the upper market side of new york than someone who hasnt got the bucks to frequent the rainbow room,river cafe,tao,etc,etc.etc????

daisygee,ange and co take note

Bristol Uk
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32. Re: What would you NOT do again in NYC?

Hi Plum,

What a lather people are getting into over a very reasonable question.

I would definately leave out the Intrepid unless you are big on aircraft carriers. Also The South St ferry port, very samey, there is so much more to see.Dont get off at the Statue of Liberty you get a much better view from the ferrry and your time is much better spent on Ellis Island.

I'd avoid the taxis and make best use of the subway and dont forget the busses you see more and the drivers are very helpful.

Best of luck!!

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33. Re: What would you NOT do again in NYC?


You are also using someone else's posts for your own rant, imo it is better to post in a thankyou than a rant about your own issues. If you think it is important, start your own post.

The original poster is plumeriatattoo, and she was asking about things you would not do in NY again, and that is not what you are talking about.

Most people on this site are caring and respectful individuals. I know I like to thank the people who give advice, because they are volunteers they are using their own time to help others out. I think it only polite and proper to thank them for the service they are providing for free.

Maybe the reason you get more feedback on the upper portions of ny is because the people answering the question are from their, so they can be more descriptive and point out more unique things to do.

PlumeriaTattoo, haven't been to ny yet but some things that I can already tell - madame tussaud's is not one of the must see's, also for many of the must go to restaurants don't get it into your head that you absolutely have to go to all of them, first off it is expensive and not everyone has an ever expanding budget. Despite the reccomendations, you can pick maybe one or two and you will still be alright.

Christine w

Middlesex County, MA
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34. Re: What would you NOT do again in NYC?

I'm only a casual and occasional visitor to NYC, but I have been there enough to be able to plan what I will and won't do when I get there, now. To the more knowledgeable, please feel free to correct me if any infomration I give is wrong or outdated.

I'd skip going to Liberty Island (as someone else said earlier), since chances are you won't get a pass to actually climb up to the top (Limited number of passes given daily, first come/first served, but their site says reservations are possible/available) . There is some interesting stuff to see in the Liberty museum - but there's a lot MORE to see at Ellis Island.

I thought Times Square was ugly and awful - who needs to see giant screen ads on the sides of buildings? I wouldn't bother with it, unless you're also going to one of the Broadway theatres, or it's important to you to say you've stood in Times Square. The sidewalks are always decked with people, with the occasional sidewalk performers. I found it claustrophobic to be in the throngs that muddle around gawking <grin>.

The Empire State Building is less fun, I think, since they limited sightseers to the lower observation deck on the 86th floor. I went all the way up to the top platform, 102nd floor - maybe 25 years ago- and was much more thrilled with the view (and the semi-scary factor of being up there where King Kong was hanging on). The lobby area of the building looked tired and sad when I was there 2 years ago, and the lines are long if you don't think to purchase your tickets online and reserve a tour time before you go. The beauty of the view will be limited by how hazy the air is or other weather concerns. I think it might be more fun to go up at night and see the city lit up, I haven't ever done that at ESB - I did it from the WTC once.

Central Park Zoo is great, beautiful place to stroll, see all sorts of tourists and residents. I saw Mia Farrow there with some of her brood, many years ago, and more recently returned with my kids - they loved it, too.

The carriage rides around the park are expensive, and seem far too short. But, there is a gentle romantic quality in riding with a horse and driver, and it would appeal to someone whose feet/legs are sore - it's chance to see a little of the park and city while resting. The drivers will chat you up and point out items of interest, or just leave you alone to snuggle with your honey, if that's what you want.

Don't try to drive, unless you absolutely MUST. Also, don't bother with cabs, unless you're feeling rich or late. Every cab I've been in either smelled awful, or ended up being a very expensive way to get where I was going. Take the subway to maneuver between uptown and downtown - it's still pretty cheap, and I always think it's sort of fun. I've been to NYC 6 times, travelled all over on the trains and buses, from North Manhatten to Broadway to the Battery, Soho, Little Italy, the Bowery, and on over to Brooklyn and never had any problems using the mass transit system in the city, never had a negative experience, other than sometimes the air conditioning didn't work in the cars.

Go to the main NYC Public Library, beautiful building, always interesting exhibits and collections.

Go to Soho and Greenwich village for sidewalk cafes, clubs/nightlife, street performers, funky boutiques, strange little shops. My husband and I had an absolutely hysterical visit to an antique shop in Greenwich Village, which was also the shop-owner's residence. I think she had at least 50 cats who were draped over the tops of bureaus and vanity tables, chairs and booshelves - the smell was unbelievable. We actually bought a gift there for my sister (she collects 1930's ceramic salt & Pepper shakers), but we didn't linger too long.

Have fun! If you are interested in history, art, and unusual collections, make sure you get some pointers towards the many museums and galleries on Manhatten.